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The lightning flashed in the poorly lit room, illuminating the face of the prisoner she held chained before her. He was beautiful, but by far not as beautiful as herself. Her long hair floated with a certain flair this eve, as she felt invincible, no, she was invincible! She was an Ashford, and Alexia at that.

The man before her was weak, and pathetic. His face was pale and lifeless, except his eyes, which were an intense blue that nothing could compare to. He'd given up struggling which made Alexia unhappy, at least with his struggling she wouldn't have to hurt him to make him whimper...not that she minded hurting him.

He'd come here to find a woman that was long since dead, Ada Wong. She'd died in Raccoon city long ago, by saving this pathetic fool. What a waste of good training. The man's eyes were faltering, and that strength he held in them was beginning to diminish like a fire that couldn't last forever, as much as she wanted it too. "Tell her, I'm not done with her yet. No one escapes an Ashford," she said in an insane voice, barely comprehendible, especially in Leon's condition. He nodded weakly, knowing she was talking about Claire. Perhaps if he wasn't in such a bad jam right now, he might remark how both Claire and Chris had escaped her and that she was nothing they were worried about, but he knew that was a bad idea...at the moment.

"I grow tired of you. You have seven days to relay the message, understood?" Leon nodded again, to weak to even grunt. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a syringe. The serum was very diluted so it would take longer to fully effect him, she wanted the man to suffer.

She pushed the needle through his skin and ejected him with all of it, making sure not a drop was spared. The man's hoarse voiced yelled in pain, but he wouldn't giver her any more pleasure than that. She bent down. releasing his rusted shackles that had dug into his wrists, and he fell to the ground.

She laughed, picking him up, and placing him on the plane. It had been set on autopilot to where Leon needed to go. There is only one catch, my fly...You won't remember any of what happened, so how oh how are you suppose to remind them? She whispered madly in his ear. What a waste, I hate waste, she thought looking him over one last time. She kissed him roughly on the lips, after all, she was still human...if only a little bit, right?

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