A/N: As you're probably aware, this is a Harry Potter/Tomb Raider crossover. It will follow the approximate events of the Tomb Raider 2013 reboot game but will probably depart significantly from the game's story. This is not a fix-it fic and Harry is not all powerful. He's a normal(ish) wizard without the powers of Dumbledore/Merlin/God, his strengths are much the same as canon. He is determined, good under pressure and able to puzzle out problems to find a solution. Much like Lara really. One thing missing from the canon Harry is needless angst. I can't stand needless angst.

I'm trying to keep Lara as close to her game personality as possible, though it's a little difficult with the utterly contrasting tones of the cut-scenes and game-play. I'll be pushing her more towards cut-scene Lara, as she seems more relate-able.

At the moment there is the possibility of a relationship between Harry and Lara, but given their situation I wouldn't hold out for any fluff.

Also, I own nothing. Not even my kidneys. Blame it on a wild night out in Glasgow.

This was amazing. No. Better than amazing. Utterly brilliant. He was completely stuck. Harry Potter, he of the many hyphenated titles, was completely stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific. That shouldn't even be possible.

But he was, and what an island!

Over the last few years Harry had taken up the hobby of a wandering adventurer to fill his copious free time. He had been curse breaking in Egypt, Nundu stalking in the Saharan Magical Reserve, Dragon wrangling in Bulgaria and had even spent a brief time running for his life from swarms of Hairy MacBoons in the Outer Hebrides. Earlier that year, he had turned his attentions towards Japan, home of the mysterious and extinct Eastern Magical Kingdom. Very few stories were retained from that time -roughly contemporaneous with Merlin-, but a few ancient tomes told of a kingdom ruled by a powerful caste of mages. Most believed it to be a myth, much like Atlantis. Some even suggested that it was the inspiration for Atlantis. Of course most of those people published in the Quibbler so it wasn't exactly a mainstream opinion.

But then Harry had found references to the Kingdom of Yamatai in a muggle periodical. A mysterious kingdom, ruled by the Sun Queen Himiko that rose and fell at roughly the same time as the mythical Eastern Magical Kingdom. It wasn't much, but it suggested to Harry that there was something to be found.

He was not going to pass an opportunity like that up.

So he had loaded up his survival gear and hopped on a carpet, intent on exploring the Triangle for any signs of the elusive island kingdom.

He certainly did find some signs. In a relatively small area near the middle of the triangle he ran into a powerful and extremely localised storm, one that apparently didn't show up on muggle weather charts. The huge wall of wind and water positively screamed magic to his now experienced senses. Just as Harry had been congratulating himself on his daring and sense of adventure the magic of the carpet had packed in completely.

He'd decided on magical transportation after doing the reading and finding that almost all boats and planes that passed through or over the area suffered catastrophic failures, a trademark of a powerfully magical location. He suspected that their electronics were being fried by the powerful protective magics still in place over the island Kingdom. That said, he'd been confident that magical means should be fine, after all they all worked at Hogwarts.

He'd been wrong. Being wrong was something he'd had to become rather accustomed to over the years. Really anyone who was friends with Hermione had to be prepared to be proven wrong at any moment, it had long ago lost its burn. Nevertheless, it was a little troubling. The carpet had jerked a bit, stuttered then completely failed. He'd had barely a moment to react and all he'd managed was to slow his descent into the roiling storm-tossed waters to something merely bruising rather than outright deadly.

As a result there was now good news and bad news. The good news was that he'd made it to his intended destination. The bad news was that he had none of his equipment. In fact, all he still had was his wand. The wand was good, he'd be in real trouble without that, but lacking his tent, food supplies, invisibility cloak, firebolt and medical potions was certainly a cause for concern. At least he'd been smart enough not to bring the Invisibility Cloak on his travels. Or, rather, he'd been convinced that it was a bad idea. The loss of his trusty firebolt chafed more than enough as it was.

Another cause for concern was the wards that had sent him into the drink. They were truly impressive constructs. They covered the entire island and must extend out miles into the pacific ocean. They were the reason his carpet had failed so spectacularly and they had some other functions too.

No apparition. No portkeys. It even blocked disillusionment and other stealth spells. Whoever set up the wards had been impressively paranoid and even more impressively powerful. Harry had never even heard of a general ward against disillusionment. The closest he could think of was the thief's downfall in Gringotts but even that was really just a Finite Incantatum effect carried by a fluid potion medium. An actual ward to do that was amazing. Harry wanted to find the ward nexus just to work out how it worked.

Also, finding the nexus would allow him to get off the island, but for now it just looked too interesting to even think of leaving. The entire island just reeked of magic, a new magic. A magic thought completely lost to history in the collapse of Japan's magical culture more than 1000 years ago. This was possibly Harry's greatest discovery. Not that he had all that many actual discoveries to his name. And he also had no actual idea yet exactly what he'd found, but it was certain to be earthshaking.

He was almost rubbing his hands together in glee. In fact, he would be if he wasn't so utterly exhausted. Falling through a magically enhanced storm into a 60ft sea was a pretty punishing workout and not one that Harry wanted to repeat.

So, before he could get to the exciting stuff he would have to cover the basics; food and shelter. As his supplies had all been lost he would been to find some seed food. Probably fish. Maybe some kind of long lasting tuber. All he needed was something vaguely edible and he'd be set for as long as he needed. Magic may not be able to create food from nothing, but it could replicate it endlessly. And water would certainly be easy enough.

He would also want some kind of base camp to explore the island from. His current position on a debris-strewn beach was far from ideal as he could already tell that the tides in this place were huge. He would need to find away into the interior of the island. That, however, was easier said than done. Ordinarily he would have simply flew or apparated to the top of the harsh, weather beaten cliffs that girded the island. Those options were not available to him this time, he'd have to find a gully or something to climb up if he wanted to get to the top and see what this mysterious island held in store.

Harry started walking along the narrow spit of sand the sea had cast him upon. He was careful to keep an eye out for any flotsam that might be salvageable. Most of it seemed to be ancient and ruined by years of salt water and rust. He was able to find a muggle first aid kit though, and quickly found another limitation he hadn't considered.

He had to carry it. Honestly, how did muggles cope? He was used to carrying any number of things with him in his mokeskin pouch. Now, with the pouch lost to the turbulent seas surrounding Yamatai, he had no choice but to carry things the old fashioned way. He quickly decided he needed a backpack or something similar, he needed his hands free if he was to climb the intimidating cliffs. At least with a backpack he could shrink the supplies down a bit and carry more than normal.

As he progressed further along the beach he started to reconsider the wisdom of attempting to scale the cliffs. They looked absolutely brutal, and were completely sheer. No doubt magic could make the climb a bit safer, sticking charms and what not, but he really wasn't much of a climber.

He stared up at the cliff, trying to puzzle out how to make the climb easily with magic. As he looked he noticed a ledge high up on the cliff and what looked like a cave at the back. If he could reach that ledge he'd have a safe place to rest for the night. He looked around again, there was certainly plenty of material for transfiguration scattered about the beach, it seemed as if half the shipping in the pacific had washed up here at some time or other.

He had the beginnings of a plan. He could try a ladder, but it was still a very long way up, maybe 75ft or so, and transfiguring a ladder that long was no mean feat. Especially after spending 2 hours fighting to stay afloat in the stormy waters that had eventually cast him ashore.

A rope would be easier. But it would also be much harder to climb and Harry was rapidly approaching exhaustion. Really he could use a lift.

And that was actually doable. His plan made, Harry immediately got to work. First he conjured a long rope which snaked high up to the cliff ledge, wrapping itself about a heavy looking, weather worn rock. He quickly tied the lower end of the rope together to form a sling which he pulled over himself. Then he focussed on the upper end of the rope and worked on wrapping the heavy duty rope around a large log with a sticking charm for good measure. He then transfigured the log into lead. Slowly the heavy weight started sliding downwards, as it did it pulled Harry skywards. It was working.

It didn't take long for Harry to reach his target, as soon as he was up he vanished his conjured rope and took stock of his new surroundings.

He couldn't help giving off a low whistle. This island was an absolute graveyard. In just the cove he was now looking out over he could see the wrecks of more than 4 ships. And from all time periods, he had no idea how a tall ship had survived this long in the hostile seas, it must have been 400 years old! Clearly this island had some kind of preservation ward layered into its scheme, like Hogwarts. That just made Harry even more excited to see what awaited him in the hidden core of the island.

As he was surveying the wreck-strewn cove he became aware of a rumbling noise coming from the small cave at the back of his ledge. Looking around he crouched down to star into the dark cave, unable to make out anything in the inky blackness. It sounded as if there was some kind of cave in happening. He wanted absolutely nothing to do with that. After getting locked in a tomb in Egypt for a week he was quite happy to remain in the open air.

As he was considering the cave he suddenly realised he could hear more than just the susurration of distant rockfalls. Firstly, the sounds of collapse seemed to be coming nearer; secondly he was sure he could hear a voice.

He supposed he should really have expected the island to have some inhabitants. If Harry was unable to leave the island then it stood to reason that any muggles that got washed up here would be even more stuck. However, it did rather complicate his exploration plans. That was a problem for later, he couldn't exactly abandon some poor soul to their fate in a cave in.

It turned out that action would be unnecessary, however, as at that moment a young woman shot out of the cave on all fours, panting frantically in panic and fear. Almost the moment she escaped the cave in reached its conclusion, ejecting a cloud of dust from the cave and leaving the entrance completely blocked. The woman collapsed to the ground, sucking in deep painful sounding breaths before rolling onto her back in exhaustion.

The moment the woman noticed Harry she scrambled to her feet and hefted a piece of rock in her hand. She was hunched over with her free hand clutching her side, obviously injured. Her tattered tank top was soaked in a mixture of blood, mud and water. She was wearing cargo trousers that were similarly ruined, and a rough and ready bandage around her left leg. Somehow her dark brown hair was still up in its ponytail, despite all she had obviously been through and her pretty, aristocratic face, though muddied, was unmarked. Her deep brown eyes shone with a mixture of suspicion and determination.

She slowly backed away from Harry, holding the rock as if ready to use it should he try and close the distance. Harry raised his hands non-threateningly.

"Hey, it's OK, I'm not going to hurt you," said Harry as soothingly as he could manage, "you look like you could use a hand, that's a nasty wound you have in your gut. If you want I can have a look at it?"

She continued to regard Harry with suspicion, but as she moved it was obvious how much pain she was in. She wouldn't last long in this condition, of that much Harry was sure.

After a long pause she lowered the rock ever so slightly and responded. "I suppose so," she said in a cultured English accent. She lowered the rock further and grimaced as the adrenaline started to wear off and her injuries started to make themselves known. "Who are you?"

"Call me Harry. Proper introductions can wait, you need to have that wound seen to." He moved closer in, slowly so as not to spook the young woman. "You should probably sit down miss, you can't be doing it any good running around like you were."

As if her string were cut she collapsed to the ground and started making snuffling noises in between muttering to herself almost silently. Harry immediately moved over to her and started looking at the wound.

"Not quite what I thought it would be," she said bitterly, "my first real expedition and I end up shipwrecked, lost and tied up in a cave with a cannibalistic psychopath."

Harry blinked at that. "Cannibalistic psychopath? In the cave? You escaped?"

She seemed on the edge of tears now and was almost completely ignoring him. "There... There were so many bodies, I just... I didn't know what to do. Dad would have known, Roth would have known.". Suddenly she looked at Harry. "He's dead. The cave in."

Harry nodded in understanding. The girl had obviously been through a nightmarish experience. He decided that the best course of action would be for her to get some sleep. He could work his magic on her injuries while she slept and they could talk her through the harrowing adventure when she woke up and was a little more lucid. She was obviously freezing and starting to suffer from severe shock. Her whole body started to quiver like a leaf and her breathing started to come in short gasps.

He covertly palmed his wand and cast a sleeping charm on the girl, whose name he still didn't know, and watched as she drifted off quickly.

He immediately set about warming her up and tending properly to her injuries. First he built up a large fire from the brush that grew on and around their little ledge, lighting it quickly with a flick of his wand. Warmth was easy, the injuries were a bit more concerning. The most important one was the one he'd seen as soon as she appeared. It looked like something sharp had impaled her completely through the side of her waist. She was amazingly lucky that it didn't seem to have hit anything important. A bad belly wound could be an excruciating way to go, and there was really no muggle field medicine which could in any way help with the situation. But hers was not that bad, mostly just a flesh wound, if a rather bloody one.

He was able to quickly staunch the blood flow, clean the wound and heal up the area with simple healing charms. He then gave the rest of her a quick once-over. She had sprained her ankle, had a deep cut in her thigh, light burns on her lower legs and had a probable mild concussion as well as the beginnings of hypothermia. As Harry started tending to the laundry list of injuries he started to gain an appreciation for Madam Pomfrey's frustrations while he'd been at school.

It took longer than he'd like before Harry was happy that he'd fixed all the major issues with her health. His own tiredness making his actions sluggish while he attempted to tend to the injured girl. Looking over her clothes he wondered if if was worth fixing those as well. In the end he decided against it, they could wait until be was rested. Instead he conjured a large fluffy blanket big enough for both of them and transfigured some rocks into a rudimentary lean-to. Sighing in relief now that his jobs were done, he shimmied under the large warm blanket and surrendered almost immediately to oblivion.

A/N: So there we have the set-up. I think I got a little rushed at the end, but Harry was rushed too so I think it passes. Hopefully I'll get the next chapter up soon and Lara can meet Harry properly. Also I'm aware that the guy probably wasn't a cannibal, merely an insane nut-job. But Lara wasn't at her best at the time.