Wrong questions.

Set in season two episode 4 where Stefan spends the day with Katherine chained in the basement only to be interrupted by Elena.

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Stefan ran over to Katerine chained to the chair, stake in hand. He grabbed her by the neck and raises the stake ready to plunge it into her heart. "Don't you ever think, for one moment, that I will not kill you." Katherine losing patience with her little game breaks an arm free and throws him across the room. She then breaks all the chains holding her and slowly walks over to him. "I have been sipping vervaine for the last 145 years, you caught me by surprise once I wasn't going to let it happen again."

At that moment Elena walked into the boarding house looking for Stefan. Katherine with her superhuman hearing looked up to the sound. A plan quickly formulated in her head and she grinned at her own genius. "One game ends and another one begins" Katherine said turning to face Stefan quickly snapping his neck. That should give me enough time she thought quickly disappearing up the stairs.

"Stefan!" Elena shouted. Doing a 360 on the spot trying to find him. As she turned to face the door she saw someone stood behind her. She done a double take on the situation. The person in front of her was her perfect double, in every single way. "You must be Elena."

"How is this possible? How do we look exactly alike?" Katherine slowly walked around Elena seductively running her finger across her chest moving her hair. "You're asking the wrong questions." she purred into her ear. "What are the right questions?" she asked terrified of the situation.

"For starters you could try why are you here right now? Just a suggestion" Katherine said with a sarcastic smile on her face. "Okay why are you here?" Elena said courage suddenly arising in her chest. "curiosity" she simply stated. "Curious about what?"

"If you look exactly like me maybe you are like me in other ways, like your personality, your thoughts your feeling" She paused taking another walk around that girl before whipsering in her ear "your sexuality."

Elena gasped as Katherine threw her across the room and onto the sofa in the Salvatore foyer. With her superhuman speed she was on of her in an instant, pinning her down. Elena struggled against her hold trying to get free, "stop kidding yourself Elena, fight all you want you know you want this."

Katherine crashed her lips to Elena's forcing her mouth open with her tongue. Elena moaned against her better judgement and for a short moment stopped resisting, shoving her tongue into Katherine's mouth and making it a battle.

"Mmmm, little Elena isn't as innocent as I thought" said Katherine momentarily separating their lips. "Shut up and touch me" Elena moans while pulling off Katherine's jacket. Katherine rips off Elena's sweater with her vamp strength quickly grabbing hold of her breasts. Elena gasped in pleasure and Katherine took the opportunity to shove her tongue back down her throat.

Elena unbuttoned Katherine's jeans and pulled them half way down her legs. Katherine detached herself from Elena so she could finish removing her clothes. Elena sat there staring at her double in every way, the size and weight of her breasts, the curve of her hips, everything exactly the same right down to the clean shaved pussy between her thighs.

"Like what you see?" Elena noticed she had been staring, not wanting to give Katherine all the power she stood up and started slowly pushing her jeans down her legs. "Nothing I haven't seen before" she said as she finished the slow flirtatious striptease.

They both stood there for a minute admiring their identical bodies. The next thing Elena knew she was rushing through the air and up the stairs to Stefan's bedroom and thrown onto the bed. Katherine slowly crawled into the centre of the bed where she laid her eyes changing colour and her fangs peeking out of her mouth.

Elena pushed herself backwards on the bed suddenly remembering who it was she was so close to having sex with. "Don't be scared Elena, I promise you I can make you feel things Stefan couldn't even dream of, trust me I know." She purred her fangs slowly disappearing again.

Elena calmed down seeing the face so similar to hers return to normal, her heart still beating extraordinarily fast, but more to do with arousal than fear. Katherine continued her slow crawl towards her doppelgänger, she could her Elena's heart rate speed up and hear her breathing hitch.

Elena closed the distance between them smashing their lips together, this kiss rougher than any they had previously shared. Katherine moaned through the kiss reaching her hands out to grab Elena's breasts as she wrapped her hands round her neck. They continued like this for the next couple of minutes rolling around the bed hands travelling over identical bodies, both battling for dominance of the kiss.

It was Elena who finally broke the kiss while she was on top straddling Katharine's waist. She moved her mouth down to her neck and slowly kissed the skin she found there. Katharine's unneeded breath caught in her throat which made Elena grin against her neck. She felt extremely powerful in this position, having control of a vampire as old and powerful as Katherine giving her a real thrill and making her even wetter.

Katherine smelling her arousal let out a low moan in her throat and quickly flipped Elena over, latching her mouth onto her breast. She sucked hard on Elena's nipple and let her hand wonder down her toned stomach, exploring all the skin she could reach. Elena let out a loud throaty moan at the treatment she was getting, "please Katherine, more!"

Elena had never been this turned on before, not with Matt, not during her experimentations with Caroline and not even with Stefan. She never imagined that she could be driven this high this fast, and they hadn't even got through the foreplay yet.

Katherine hearing Elena's plea bit into her nipple with blunt teeth making sure not to draw blood, then moved onto her other breast and started licking and biting all she could reach. Her hand continued its agonisingly slow trip down her stomach until it reached her sex. She stroked down the entire length of her pussy once before moving her hand away completely.

Before Elena could complain Katherine silenced her with a searing kiss, full of passion which caught Elena off guard. Then she began her descent down her stomach again only this time with her glorious tongue. She licked down between the valley of her breasts, and around the nicely toned abs she found. Katherine dipped her tongue into her belly button which caused Elena to giggle, almost forgetting just how dangerous this woman was.

As her tongue moved out of her belly button and started moving ever closer to her pussy Elena found herself unable to breath, the anticipation getting the better of her and almost making her pass out with lust. Katherine smelling her arousal had to force herself to avoid the source of that wonderful aroma and keep the tease going as long as possible. She wanted to hear Elena beg for her, she wanted to make her orgasm so mind blowing that Stefan would never be able to fully satisfy her again.

She started licking all around her thighs and rubbing her face across the V of her legs. "Please Katherine, oh my god please lick me, please! Oooooh Katheineee!" she mounded as she finally got her wish. Katherine dove straight in, her tongue plunged in quick and felt Elena's velvety walls clamp around her tongue. She quickly pulled back out followed by a whimper from Elena. "Wow your so wet Elena. And you taste so good." Katherine said quickly so she could get her face back in between those amazing thighs so similar to her own.

Katherine played around outside, licking all around her vulva causing Elena to groan. She wanted more, and she wasn't waiting very long. Katherine quickly moving up to her clit and latching on with her mouth sucking hard. Elena moaned loud enough to make her cover her own mouth as she ground her pussy into the face that was bringing her so much pleasure.

Sensing that there was no way she was going to hold on much longer she detached her mouth from her clit, replacing it with her fingers to keep the pressure there and drove her tongue into Elenas snatch. "Ohhhh my god... Katherine!" Elena screamed grabbing onto Katherine's head to keep her in place and she ground her pussy as hard as she could into Katherine's face, Her back arching off the bed giving her a perfect view.

Katherine tried as hard as she could to swallow all the the cum that was pouring out of Elena, but as hard as she tried Elena wouldn't sit still and a fair portion of it ended up coating her face and the bed sheet she was laying on. She moved her mouth back to her clit and gave very slow tender licks to help her ride out her orgasm.

Elena crashed down to her bed, exhausted by the most powerful orgasm she could have ever dreamed of. Katherine licked her way back up her body until she reached her face and gave her a slow passionate kiss. The kiss reminded her so much of Stefan that she felt guilty suddenly remembering what she was doing here in the first place.

Suddenly Katherine pulled away looking to the door of Stefan's bedroom, she turned back to Elena and ripped the vervain necklace of her neck. "What the hell" Elena gasped. "Stefan's awake" she explained. "Just tell him I compelled you or something, not that I'd ever need to, who would of though little Elena was such a slut"

All of a sudden Stefan was at the door. His jaw dropped at what he saw. "Hey Stef, hows it going?" Asked Katherine with a mocking smile on her face.