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Katherine walked into the grill on weak legs, after all these years she had forgotten how good Damon was in bed. Of course he's a lot better now as a vampire than he ever was as a human. Katherine sat down and compelled herself a glass of bourbon and turned around looking for someone to torment today. She noticed Caroline staring at her out of the corner of her eye, 'she must realise who I am' Katherine thought. With her vamp hearing and sight she would have saw her compel the handsome bartender.

Caroline put her phone on the table, she'd got a voice-mail from her mother saying she wanted to talk to her when she got home and she sounded serious. Either she knew she had been skipping school or she smelt the sex all over the house and wanted to repeat the birds and bees talk. She couldn't believe the day she had had. First she gets a message from the goody two shoes Elena wanting to skip school, to then find out that she had not only been having sex with one of their best friends but also her double in almost every way and their arch-enemy.

She had to admit though it was probably the best sex she had ever had, Tyler never even came close. Not even that one time they had a threesome with Matt. Elena had definitely learned a thing or two from her bouts with Katherine. She wasn't really surprised Katherine must have had a lot of sex over the 500 odd years the slut has been alive.

She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Elena's voice at the bar. She looked up and saw her compelling herself a drink instantly deducing that it must be Katherine. Caroline could feel her pussy getting wetter thinking about all the things Elena had told her today.

Katherine turned around and her eyes locked onto Caroline's, a smile appeared on her face as she slowly made her way over to her table. She sat down across from Caroline, "Well if it isn't my least successful minion. Drowning your sorrows I see." she said picking up the bottle of bourbon on the table and topping up her glass. "No. Not that it's any of your business just avoiding my mum. I skipped school with Elena today and I think she found out." Katherine suddenly perked up hearing Elena's name. 'So that's where she went when she ran out then, here was me thinking she's be so turned on she's run to Bonnie.'

"How is my annoying little double? I haven't tortured her in a while and I could do with a little fun" She said trying to play cool, not knowing that Caroline already knew. "And here was me under the impression you'd been seeing ALOT of Elena recently. I mean with all the sex you've been having surely you've seen as much of her as I have." She said with a sultry smirk on her face watching the shock on Katherine's face. Realising she was busted Katherine flushed a little. Then she smiled picturing Caroline fingering herself to the image of her and Elena fucking like bunnies.

"You've seen nothing yet, Elena is nothing compared to me. 500 years of experience teaches you some things." She said sloshing her drink around her glass. Caroline gulped and pressed her thighs together, she couldn't believe this was happening. Was Katherine flirting with her? It wasn't really surprising after all she is the biggest slut she'd ever met. "Don't believe me? I could always show you if you like" she said winking at her.


Caroline eyes scanned the reception of the cheap motel, she felt so out of place here. Yes she was a very sexual person but motel rooms? She still had standards. But her mum would be home soon and Katherine never stayed in one place too long. "We'll take the most expensive room you have for the night. Oh and it'll be on the house. We'd also like room service in about an hour." Katherine said compelling the receptionist.

Katherine and Caroline made their way to the room, Caroline's eyes glued to her arse the entire way. She loved how it swayed when she walked. Katherine was sex personified. She couldn't believe this was happening, it was only a few hours ago that she had spent the day fucking Elena and here she was about to do the same with her double. Her pussy dripping with anticipation she entered the room behind Katherine. Pleasantly surprised she looked around, noticing the nice furnishings and massive bed in the centre.

Katherine went straight for the mini-bar grabbing a couple more glasses of bourbon. Caroline was already quite tipsy but accepted gratuitously, if she was going to go through with this a buzz would certainly help. She necked it in one and put it down in the dresser. "Make yourself conformable, I'm just going to freshen up" Katherine said turning to the bathroom.

Caroline stood there not sure what to do. Should she take her clothes off? Should she sit on the bed? She decided to do both stripping off her clothes she quickly looked at herself in the wall length mirror. As much as she had tried since becoming a vampire to deal with her attitude and her self obsession she had to admit. She was fucking hot! She turned around again and laid on the bed her mind whirling at what was about to happen. Any minute now Katherine was going to come out of that bathroom and make her mind explode.

Suddenly feeling very self conscious she wasn't sure if she should pose? Or get under the covers? Just as she was about to do so the bathroom door opened and her jaw hit the mattress. There stood Katherine leaning against the door frame. Caroline's eyes couldn't help but take in every inch of the goddess standing in front of her. All the way from the black stockings, to the lacy black panties up to the matching bra struggling to contain her breasts.

"You know there are much better things you could do with that mouth than catch flys." Katherine said walking over to the bed. Caroline shook her head trying to regain her composure, she had seen Elena naked before but never quite like this. This was something else entirely.

Katherine crawled up the foot of the bed, closing in on her. She ran her hands up calf and along her thighs, calling forth a rush of pussy juices from Caroline. She still couldn't believe this was happening. She was snapped out of her thoughts by soft lips crashing against her own. She kissed her back with equal ferocity trying to gain control of the kiss. The effort was fruitless, Katherine was much stronger than her and was much more experienced.

The kiss carried on for what seemed like hours, Caroline moaning against her lips as Katherine's hands explored every inch of her body avoiding the one area she wanted touching the most. Finally their lips separated, Katherine pushed her down on the bed and started trailing tender kisses down her neck. Caroline surprised at the sweetness in the embrace. Katherine worked her way down until reaching her full breasts, weighing them in her hands.

She brushed her lips against her nipple, Caroline letting out soft mewling noises, putty against Katherine's experienced mouth. She rolled her nipple under her tongue bringing her other hand to her neglected breast. Pinching her nipple between her fingers. Caroline having a sense of déjà vu. She wasn't sure whether it was the fact that they were doppelgängers or the fact that they had been having sex for so long that Elena had picked up some of her techniques.

Katherine noticed Caroline getting distracted by her thoughts and wasn't too pleased to be ignored especially when she is doing some of her best work. In a bid to get the blondes attention back on her she moved her free hand down to her pussy and pinched her clit between her fingers bringing a loud gasp to her lips. Caroline ran her hand through the much much older woman's hair, pushing her breast further into her mouth. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as Katherine pushed two fingers into her pussy and started trailing kisses down her chest.

Caroline was dripping with anticipation, desperate for the mind shattering orgasm she knew only Katherine could provide. She couldn't wait any longer, she was literally a puddle of lust and desperation. She couldn't wait much longer, she put her hand on Katherine's head and tried pushing her exactly where she wanted her. "Mmm someone is eager aren't they." She said lazily rubbing two fingers over her clit.

Caroline bites back a moan, "Lick my pussy, please Katharine, please lick my pussy. OH GOD!" She groaned finally getting what she was so desperate for. Melting into the bed sheets she raked her nails through her hair desperately gasping for breath. She never knew this could feel so good. "Oh fuck, Jesus. Fuck yes, there, just like that. MMMMMMMHHHHHM FUCK!"

Katherine put two fingers back in her pussy and lapped at her clit with her tongue. She was done teasing now. As desperate as Caroline was to cum Katherine was just as eager to taste it. Nothing made Katherine happier than the feeling of a woman exploding into her mouth, the beautiful sensation of cum flowing down her throat making her feel like she was literally drowning in pleasure.

She removed her fingers only to quickly replace them with her tongue, trying to push it as far into Caroline as humanly (kind of) possible. Caroline hooked one of her legs over her shoulder and ground her pussy into Katherine's face, so close to climax time felt like it was slowing down, the world seemed to stop spinning. And then it happened. The single most amazing moment of Caroline's life. Shock waves ran throughout her entire body and then centred low in her abdomen. Her body jerked one final time before erupting. Cum slid down Katherine's throat threatening to drown her, she felt Caroline's leg hook around her shoulder leaving no room for oxygen and she somehow forced her face even deeper into her pussy.

Katherine eagerly gulped down as much as she could, a fair portion was left coating her face and an impressive puddle was forming under her chin. She felt Caroline's leg slowly sliding down her back before her body collapsed down onto the bed. When she finally retracted her face from the second most special place in all mystic falls she noticed Caroline limp on the bed, unconscious.

"What is it with the girls in this town?" She though, putting the duvet over Caroline and slipping in beside her. Whispering in her ear before turning over "You can pay me back tomorrow"

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