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"I've had enough of this bullshit! It needs to stop and I mean to be stopped now. Mike, I'm not going to continue with your constant mistakes that are becoming more of the norm lately instead of accidents." Edward was yelling into his phone as he was rushing to make it on time to his next interview. He was listening to Mike's excuses before commenting, "If this happens again I will be looking for a new agent." And with that he pushed the end button on his phone and then dropped it into his pocket.

Edward was getting damn tired of his agent messing up and booking engagements back to back to back. There really was very little travel allowance between the each one. He was constantly rushing lately and to make matters worse is that sometimes these things are booked in the middle of his time that he has to be on set for a scene and he has to deal with an upset director.

After speaking with Mike and barely making it on time for the arranged interview Edward was exhausted by the time he got home. His housekeeper, Charlotte Gomez, was just preparing to leave, but, indicated that she had left him some dinner in the oven. It hadn't been long since she had it ready, so, it was still hot and delicious.

Charlotte had stayed long enough to serve her employer and then left for her days off to spend with her husband, Peter, who was hired as the gardener. Damn, that man had a green thumb and everything outside was beautiful. But, before the couple was gone the front door was heard to slam shut which caused Edward to jump a bit, especially after dropping a burning hot bite of food on his pant leg.

A large, bear type man came lumbering into the kitchen as Edward was rising to clean up a bit from the mess shouting, "Whatcha know, bro?"

"Damn, Emmett, do you have to scare the fuck out of me?"

His friend was standing inside the doorway looking surprised at Edward's reaction. He didn't understand at the moment exactly what he had done wrong. "What bitch forgot to get you off?" Was his question as to why Edward was being such an ass.

Edward looked at his friend for a minute and then felt the guilt wash over him because of the pissy way he was behaving towards his best friend. "Nothing like that, but, Mike is screwing up my schedule again. It's really getting to be an all the time type situation and putting more pressure on me and everyone else than what needs to be." He quickly explained as he finished cleaning the food off of his pants.

"What happened to you?" Emmett questioned as he noticed for the first time what Edward was doing.

"This accident was caused by you as you slammed the front door." Was all he said.

"Shit, man, sorry about that. Sometimes I don't know my own strength." He said with a slight chuckle.

"Emmett, that is a lie and you know it. You own your own gyms across the country and you have developed my workout routine to keep me in shape for whatever film project I take on. So, don't try to pass that shit in my direction." Edward grumbled as he finished clean what he could of his pants.

"What do you want to do tonight? Stay in; go out; find someone to warm the bed for a while tonight, or, what?"

"I really don't feel up to doing a damn thing and I'm not in the mood for some bimbo trying to have their fifteen minutes of fame by wanting to be seen with me."

"Damn, Mike's bullshit is really getting to you, isn't it?"

"Yeah, and I'm about ready to fire his ass. I warned him today that if this overbooking and crowding my schedule happens one more time then I would be looking for a new agent."

"Mike has been with you for a long time. Are you sure it's him doing this or his secretary?"

"It doesn't make a difference, Em. Everything has to pass through his okay before it's ever confirmed. So, since he is my agent it is his responsibility to make sure my projects, interviews and everything is timed correctly.

"I've allowed excuse after excuse, but, no more. I'm tired of his excuses, my limit of allowing him some lead way has come to an end."

"Is it really that bad?"

"You should be able to answer that for yourself just by the fact that I'm bitchin' at you and not even wanting to party tonight."

"Yeah, I guess I have to agree with that statement. Normally, we're the life of the party anywhere we go.

"So, you want to hang out here and we'll play on your game system?" And as Emmett was asking that he caught the slight shaking no of his friend's head.

"Too tired, Emmett. All I want to do is just listen to some music for a while and then head on to bed. Got an early call in the morning and the director is already p. since I had to take off in the middle of a shoot today to cover the interviews concerning the movie.

"He couldn't deny my leaving because the studio is eating up all of the hype that word of mouth has spread about the movie and it isn't even finished yet.

"But, I'll tell you what you can do for me; see if you can scout around quietly for any agents that I might be interested in."

"I can do that for you, man. In fact, one does come to mind, but, I'm not sure that they will take you."

"Who is that and why wouldn't they want to represent me if I decided to approach them?"

"While…. I believe you may have heard of the agency, and they have a great reputation in the representation they give their clients. However, the only people they seem to cover are women. At least, that's what I've heard."

"There are several agents and agencies that fall in that area."

"Yeah, and they have had great success with their people, but, they seem to specialize in their clientele. This agency handles all areas, not just actors, but, directors, writers, models and the outer areas of the entertainment industry like stunt personnel for example."

"Sounds like the sort of place that would excel in how they do business for their people. What is the name of this agency?"

"The Her Agency, it's owned by Isabella Swan Herndon. Word has it that her husband wanted to start the agency and the concept was his idea, but, he died of cancer before he could see his dream come true. So, his widow followed through with it."

"Okay. Thanks, Em, so, if you will check it out and have all info ready for me in case Mike screws me around again."

"Will do. So, I guess I'll be on my way since you're going to be a drag and stay housebound tonight. See you tomorrow for your workout. Good night." And with that Emmett left Edward to his own devices.

However, the little bit of information that his friend had been able to tell him about the agency he mentioned did have his interest peaked. He had indeed heard of the agency in passing and nothing but good had been said about it.

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