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Warning: Spoilers for the beginning of the Bravely Default game, spoilers for the Last Story, mentioned violence, AU situation in which Therius and Asthar end up in Eternia*THE NEXT PART IS A SPOILER* shortly after Edea leaves Eternia with the Sky Knights to look for the Agnes Oblige, Vestal of Wind *SPOILER ENDS HERE* If you want some nice music to listen to while reading this, I would recommend to search up 'Below the Duchy's Banner' on Youtube, it is the villains theme for Bravely Default whenever they have cutscenes involving them. XD

Erm, so...yeah. This is basically the first time I've ever written a fanfic involving specifically some of the Council of Six from Bravely Default, so much constructive criticism regarding the characters Victor, Victoria, Alternis Dim and Braev Lee would be appreciated. Actually, any constructive criticism regarding any of the characters (including the Last Story characters) would be appreciated. I may or may not continue this fic... If I do, expect any updates to be extremely sporadic...

Warning: Spoilers for both Last Story and Bravely Default, AU-ish situation, mentioned violence

Constructive Criticism would be great, and I hope that you read, review and enjoy! Thanks! XD

Grand Marshal Braev Lee, ruler of the entire Duchy of Eternia, knew that there would be people trying to go against his beliefs of Anti-Crystalism. He knew that from the start.

What he was not expecting, though, after Edea had left to go on her quest to look for the Vestal of Wind, was that there would be people breaking into Eternia and defeating at least twenty, if not more, of his Eternian soldiers-as well as temporarily disarming Knight Heinkel of all people. Thankfully, Alternis Dim, Victor S. Court and Victoria were able to force them to surrender, and were now bringing said intruders to the meeting room...

"Grand Marshal?" Doctor Victor's voice echoed through the room as Braev heard the sound of footsteps approaching. "We have the intruders...they call themselves 'Sir Therius' and 'General Asthar,' claiming to hail from 'The Empire,' wherever that place could be..."

"Bring them in," The Grand Marshal ordered, turning to face the intruders, with Victor, the Witch Victoria and Dark Knight Alternis Dim behind them to keep them from trying to run.

Both of the intruders were men-one of them was obviously younger than the other. The younger man had thick hair of white, tied back in a long braid that trailed to his waist. Bangs covered his left eye from view, the right eye glimmering a light emerald. His white armor was dented, scratched, even torn in parts. Most likely he had been the one battling Victor and Victoria-the cuts on his left cheek were bleeding quite a bit, and there was a gash on his right hand. If one looked closely enough, there was even an extremely thin line right across his throat-most likely Victor had threatened to slit his throat to get them to surrender.

The older man had facial hair that matched his shoulder length, thick brown hair. There was a long, thin scar over his right eye that wasn't from him fighting Alternis Dim-most likely that scar had appeared long, long ago, as it was mostly faded by now. His long, blue coat was torn, as well as the rest of his clothing. He, like the white-haired knight, had been beaten during his fight-his fight with Alternis Dim.

The Grand Marshal observed the two carefully. From what he could tell from their appearances, both had to be knights from some other place. But from where? He doubted they were part of the Swordbearers or Shieldbearers-the armor they wore was different from that.

"Which one of you is General Asthar?" Braev demanded. "Step forwards and explain at once as of how you managed to break into the Eternian Central Command."

The man with the scar on his face stepped forwards. Despite the fact that he was obviously beaten and had fought so much, he was doing very well with not showing any tiredness. A serious look was on his face as he made complete eye contact with Braev while speaking.

"I am General Asthar, sir. Sir Therius and I do not have much of an idea as of how we managed to get into this place you call Eternia's Central Command. We both fought your soldiers in self-defense, as we had no idea at the time that we were breaking any rule of the sort and they did not explain very well that we were breaking any rule. We apologize for this, Grand Marshal."

He bowed after this, the white knight Therius bowing as well despite being restrained with their wrists behind them.

Braev eyed them carefully. Should he believe them? Or could they be spies for the Crystalists, or for the wind vestal Agnes Oblige? He had to know.

"Where did the both of you come from? What parts of this 'idea' got you here, to Eternia?"

Therius looked like he was about to speak, but Asthar seemed to give him a look, telling him that he would do all the talking.

"We come from Lazulis City, which is located on Lazulis Island."


"Yes. We arrived here in Eternia through...a portal, if one could say that."

"Grand Marshal?" Alternis' mechanical voice came up. "There was a shimmering white circle where these two intruders came into Eternia from, but it disappeared shortly after their arrival."

"I see. So you speak the truth."

Braev had to think for a moment as of what to do with these men. First off, they had broken into Eternian Central Command for no reason, disarmed Knight Heinkel and defeated twenty of his many soldiers. They should be put in the dungeon for such a crime.

But on the other hand, they had broken into Eternian Central Command for no reason, disarmed Knight Heinkel and defeated twenty of his many soldiers. To think they were on par with an asterisk holder and had actually subdued one of them was impressive. This got the wheels turning on Braev's mind. They could be useful. Besides, they had no knowledge of this world, of Crystalism, of Anti-Crystalism...yes, they could prove to be useful.

"I have made a decision." The Grand Marshal announced, making eye contact with General Asthar. "If you, General Asthar, and Sir Therius are willing to assist the Black Blades in Eisenburg and succeed in this, we will work with you to find a way back to your world. Will this work?"

Braev remembered, from what he last heard from the Black Blades leader, Nobutsuna Kamiizumi, that he was struggling to overcome the Shieldbearers back at Eisenburg. Perhaps, Braev thought, that with these two soldiers backing him up they might be able to make some progress.

He noticed that Asthar had not yet responded.

"What will it be, General Asthar? Does this approve?"

General Asthar glanced at Therius quietly as he thought about such a thing.

Working with people that had promised him and Therius to help them find a way back to Lazulis? After they had Victoria (the small, floating child-looking person who wore all red), Victor (the scientist man with super-long grey/white hair) and Alternis Dim (someone wearing armor from head to toe) beat them up?

It was certainly something unexpected.

But if they were asking this of them, it only seemed fair. How else would they be able to get back to their own world? After they had accidentally stepped through that portal to get to this place the others called Eternia (a snowy place that reminded Asthar a lot of the Empire), the portal had closed behind them shortly after arriving. Neither he or Therius knew any way as of how to get back home.

So...perhaps working with these individuals might not be so bad. And surely they would inform them more as of how this world worked, what this group of people were up to.

The only thing he hoped was that he hadn't made the wrong choice. He looked at Therius, who seemed to be thinking along the same lines as him and merely nodded, before Asthar turned and nodded towards Braev.

"We approve of this, Grand Marshal. We will work with you in the exchange that you find us a way to get back home."

Braev nodded. "Very well." He turned to Victor, Alternis and Victoria. "Bring them by airship to Eisenburg immediately and send word to Kammiizumi that he will be receiving some assistance with the war against the Shieldbearers."

Alternis Dim bowed. "It will be done, Lord Marshal." The three members of the Council of Six turned to escort Sir Therius and General Asthar out of the room.

Braev now knew that all he could do with Therius and Asthar was to wait and see how they participated in the war at Eisenburg. If they proved to be an asset to the Black Blades, he would certainly keep his end of the deal. But if not...well, their elimination was the only thing he would offer them.

"General Asthar?"

It was Sir Therius who had spoken up. The two were on their way to Eisenburg by airship. Although Asthar was grateful that it was not as cold in Eisenburg as it was in Eternia just now-he and Sir Therius had practically been freezing somewhat because they weren't prepared for such cold temperatures that were akin tot he Empire-it was going to be a warm climate there, and it was also a warzone from what he had heard from Victor S. Court earlier.

Right now the two were alone where they were on the airship, a balcony sort of place overlooking the land and clouds below them. It was the perfect time to talk about what had just happened.

Asthar turned to his white-haired pupil quietly.

"What is it, Sir Therius?"

The white knight was frowning a bit as he spoke. "I have the feeling that they are going to use our lack of knowledge of this world to their advantage. From what it sounds like in Eisenburg that Victor told us earlier, about the need to secure the Fire Crystal...there is more than just the one side. There is another, the story of the Shieldbearers. And all this talk of Crystalism and Anti-Crystalism is...confusing to me, I admit."

General Asthar nodded. "It confuses me as well, Sir Therius. I believe our best course of action would be to go along with what the Grand Marshal Braev Lee has planned for us first, and in the meanwhile find out more about Anti-Crystalism and Crystalism, as well as the whole reason as of why the war is Eisenburg is truly happening. After we have gathered enough information, that is when we'll figure out a next course of action."

Sir Therius nodded quietly. "It will be as your say, General."

The two looked towards their destination, seeing as they were approaching quickly. All they could do now was just wait and observe.