9 months later

There were lots of panels floating everywhere, in the bar, outside the streets and in some other place. All the people currently watching intently on the screen to observe the interview. On the screen is a long blue hair man with sunglasses and wearing a white outfit.
"Lots of people think that AGI is the ultimate stat, but that's rubbish. But that's not to say it isn't important. The combination of quick firing and evasion is more than enough for a strong build. That's how it always been. Until now, that is. To the speed freaks who've spend 8 months raising their AGI. I only have two words to you: My condolences" said the blue haired man and waving his finger.
The crowd in different bars and cafes hearing that began to boo him loudly.
"Not surprisingly, the top player of Gun Gale Online, which is said to be the hardest VRMMO of all time, has quite a unique spin on things" said the blond MC wearing orange clothes.
"Well, being invite to MMO Stream must be a once-of-a-lifetime event" said the blue haired man.
"There you go again. Will you plan to win the BoB this time too?" asked the MC.
"Of course, if I entered I will be aiming for the top" said the blue haired man with confidence and flicks his hair.
Back to the crowd, they began to boo him again.
"But you know, Zexeed-san... BoB is a game based on solo encounters is it not? There is no guarantee that the same outcome will happen every time, so I don't know about your talking about status type was the deciding factor" said the man that was sitting in the middle of Zexeed and the MC. He has black with a red mop in the centre. He also wears black clothes and wearing a pair of small glasses.
"No but the results really do reveal the weakness of the current metagame in GGO. Though you are the AGI type, so I do understand you feeling the need to refute the idea, Yamikaze-san" said Zexeed and smirking at Yamikaze. Yamikaze just grunt silently at what he said.
Then Zexeed stood up and raised both his hand up and began to talk.
"I'll agree the inceasing AGI and rapid firing with a powerful automatic was the optimal playstyle up until now. But it's natural for the MMO's metagame to keep evolving. And in games with a level-up system, stats won't be able to reallocated if you made a mistake, which making it crucial to always think ahead allocating points. There is no guarantee that the strongest playstyle at one level will be best for the other. New guns that'll be added from now will have higher strength and higher accuracy requirements"
There was one figure in a black cloak that was sitting silently the whole speech. Suddenly, he decided to stand up from his place and began to slowly approached the panel with Zexeed face on it. Everybody in the bar began to look at the figure curiosly. He took his gun out under his cloak and aimed at Zexeed face on the panel.
"Zexeed! You false victor. It's time for you to be judged by the true power" said the cloak figure aiming his gun at Zexeed.
Some people hearing that began to laugh thinking it was some kind of joke. The cloak figure pressed on the trigger and shot at Zexeed's face on the panel.
At first nothing happened, and Zexeed is smirking arrogantly then suddenly he widen his eyes, gasped and his character disappeared from the screen.
The people in that bar was so shock and scrared of the cloak person, after what they just witness.
"This is the true power... true strength!
All you fools learn to fear this name and burn it into your memories. The name of this gun and mine share is... Death Gun!" said the figure and raised his gun high. The face was showed due to this action. He has skeleton metal mask with red glowing eyes. Also some stream has come our of his mask when he said his name.


During the past 9 months, some things happened. Naruto Yuuki Uzumaki, has became so famous because of his system that allowed to transferred skills from one game to another. He was invited to MMO Stream many times in order to get the interview. But Naruto knew that if he go there things will became even more troublesome, so he decided not to go. Another thing happened, that was Rika's motherly instinct decided to show itself. Looking at Asuna and Yui's interaction so many times caused her motherly instinct to wake up. So Rika demand Naruto to create her s daughter as cute as Yui. Naruto, being the obedient husband he is, asked Kazuto in helping to create a new AI. It took them a decent amount of time, but they succeed. The full name of new AI was Wendy-MHCP002. It was a girl with the long dark blue hair that reach her waist with chestnut brown eyes. She wore a simple dress with two wavy stripes running across the dress and ending in small pointed edges at the bottom(that's right minna-san. It's Wendy Marvell from Fairy Tail). Wendy has a very shy personality and often stuttering, as she was not used to the people around her just yet. When Rika first saw her new daughter she practically can't get her eyes out of Wendy, because of the cuteness she displayed. Leafa also found Wendy very cute and also spend more times with her. Slowly but Wendy began to get used to her new family and accepted them with open arms.
Now Naruto and Rika walking on the street holding hands. Naruto has changes his appearance a little. His hairstyle now is that of Cloud Strife from FFVII. Also to prevent to crowd from recognizing him, when he goes outside he always wears a pair of sunglasses. Rika is still remain the same, maybe grown taller a bit. Right now they are heading to restaurant, as today is the anniversary of nearly 1 year since SAO.


Naruto and Rika went to the table that they had ordered. Rika sat on the table then touch Naruto's hand softly gaining his attention.
"Did you remember the first time we meet each other, Naruto-kun?" asked Rika smiling at him.
"How could I forget that day. It was really hilarious, I just walked in and broke your best sword. Then that bet happened" said Naruto smiling at nostalgia.
" I wonder if Kirito won't told you to meet at my shop. Will we ever meet each other?" asked Rika her eyes glaze a little.
"I don't know. But I am glad that it happened, you know that day change my whole life in SAO. Before that I only focused on mastering my swordstyle and destroyed all PK players" said Naruto smiling softly at her.
"So many things has happened since then, but I am glad that everything is ok now. We have such a cute daughter now. Oh I think I should reward you for that..." said Rika and make a 'come closer' move with her finger. Naruto leaned in, Rika hold onto his cheeks and kissed him passionately. Naruto answered her action by kissing her back as well. After a while, she broke up and there was line of saliva between their lips. Naruto's eyes were glazed from such a passionate kiss. Rika just smirks victoriously.
Naruto shook his head to clear his head and said.
"You know I decided from a player to become a creator"
"Really? A new MMO. I am sure it will be awesome" said Rika smiling.
"Yeah, I decide to create a new MMO. It will be a combination of SAO and ALO though use different kind of energy to perform skills" said Naruto crossing his hands before his face.
"Woah! It's sound great! What else will be there?" asked Rika amazed at the idea.
"Well actually the game will be called Shinobi World Online. The players from the beginning will choose to which village they want to be in. There will be 5 major villages: Konohagakure, Kirigahakure, Kumogakure, Iwagakure and Sunagahakure. The leader of each village hold the title of 'Kage'. The level-up system will be presence as well. As for the energy to perform skills. It's called chakra. You won't be able to fly like in ALO, but you will be able to jump up high and running on the trees or mountains. That's all for now, I guess" explain Naruto some details that will be presents in his new project.
"Sounds very promising. I hope it will outdo all the other MMO" said Rika
"Well, I don't know about outdoing other MMO. I just want to try to create my own game that's all" said Naruto closing his eyes. Then Naruto recalled the meeting with Kikuoka Seijiro the day before.

1 day earlier

Naruto received the call from Kikouka and said that he has some important things that need to discuss with Naruto. Naruto entered the restaurant and saw Kikuols was waving at him. Naruto approached him and sat on the chair opposite of Kikouka.
"Good evening, Kikuoka-san. What would like to discuss with me" asked Naruto straight to the business.
"Yare, yare I didn't know that you are such a straightforward person Naruto-kun. Order anything you like, I will pay for it" said Kikouka smiling.
"Ok, then" said Naruto. He opened the menu and ordered some desert. The waiter approached them and took the order then leave.
"So what is the important business, you are talking about?" asked Naruto.
Kikouka took out his tablet and showed the picture of the middle age man.
"Last month, on November 14th the landlord of Nakano, Tokyo apartment building shelled something while cleaning. She got worried and opened the electric lock on the door, and discovered the body of this man, Shigemuta Tamotsu, age 26. He's been dead for 5 and a half days. His room was messy but hadn'ts been ransacked. The body was on the bed. And on his head..." said Kikouka.
"Amusphere" Naruto finished the sentence with narrowed eyes.
Kikuoka nod his head and continue.
"Given the possibility of foul play, an autopsy was held. The cause of death... Heart attack"
"Are sure that his brain wasn't fried?" asked Naruto.
"No, we checked and there was no brain damage in his brain. Before the death, he was the famous player of Gun Gale Online by the name Zexeed"
"Gun Gale Online? The only game that you can transfers the money from the game into real life. I heard only pros play that game" said Naruto surprise.
"That's right. He was the winner of the BoB in October. Not long after that he was invited to MMO Stream. There was something strange happened back there. There was some player in black cloak walked to the screen said something about 'judgment' and 'power' then shot at the panel. At first nothing happened, but after a minute Zexeed held on his heart with wide eyes and gasping mouth then his avatar dissappeared from the screen"
Kikouka was silent for a minute. Naruto looked at him with narrowed eyes and asked.
"I presume there was something more you want to said."
"Yeah. Near Shigemuta corpse was a note:
1amw81ng4u, H. B"
"1amw81ng4u, H. B? What could it be?" asked Naruto raising his brow.
"We are trying to decipher the message as well. But the trick is that what happened to Zexeed happened to Shigemuta at the same time. Can you believe that you could kill a person through a game IRL?" asked Kikuoka looking at Naruto curiosly.
"Absolutely not, certainly its was just a coincidence. Nothing like that can ever happened" said Naruto with certainty.
"No its not Naruto-kun. There was two cases more that was exactly the same. The player was also the skilled GGO player by the name of Usujio Tarako. He was playing the game at that time. He was meeting with his squadron and was shot by another player"
"The same guy that shot Zexeed?" Naruto deduced.
"Probably. He says the same thing about power and judgment and used the same character name"
"What is it?"
"Death Gun. But because of the third victim I managed to decipher the message" said Kikuoka sipping his tea.
"What is so special about this victim?"
"The special thing about this victim is not his real name, but rather his avatar. His avatar's name was... Maelstrom Battousai"
Naruto hearing that widen his eyes and began to think for a while.
"So that's it. The message was addressed to me:
I am waiting for you, Hitokiri Battousai. It's clearly an invitation for me to GGO"
"So you have deduced that as well huh? I expect nothingness from you Naruto-kun? What are you planning to do now?" asked Kikuoka.
"So my battle is still not over yet. It's clearly that the Death Gun was one of survivor of SAO and he want revenge. I am suspecting that he was one of the three survivors of that guild. Though I can't confirmed just yet. You planned this from the started didn't you, Kikuoka-san. To use me to investigate the cases by getting shot by Death Gun" said Naruto looking at Kikuoka with a calm expression.
"Now, now Naruto-kun don't say I am using you. I just wanted you to log in to confirm if the fact that's all. Also I heard you starting your new project, I will help you financially if you help me with this case. My boss is very worried about this" said Kikuoka smiling.
"Don't worry I will log in, I need correct my past mistake after all. But first I will need some time to say good bye to my friends" said Naruto.
"Oh, you can use as much time as you need to say good bye to your friends. Just come to the hospital when you are ready to log in" said Kikuoka
Naruto nodded his head, he finished his desert and stood up to leave.

End Flashback

Naruto is spacing out so Rika decide to shake him.
"Naruto-kun? Naruto-kun. Why are so spacing out? Did something happened?" asked Rika worriedly.
"No nothing happened. Lets head back to Kazuto's house, after we eat. We decided to gather there after all" said Naruto smiling.
Rika just looked at him for a while then shrugged her head. When the food has come they finished it quickly and head back to Kirigaya's household.


At some ruins, the party consist of 7 people are heading to a certain location. Far from them was a girl in aqua blue hair with aqua eyes watching the group through the monocular her sniper gun.
"I am in position" said a voice through the radio in the girl's ear.
"Roger that. The enemy's made no change in course or speed. Distance from you is 400. From here it's 1500" said the girl through the radio.
"That's pretty damn far. Can you do it?" asked the voice through the radio.
"It's no problem"
"Alright, commencing sniping. I am counting on you, Sinon"
"Roger" said Sinon and prepared to snipe the target.
'This pressure... This anxiety... This fear... I don't care for any of it. It's as simple as throwing a paper ball into a waste basket. Yes... Yes... Compare to that time' thought Sinon with a calm face and aiming her gun at the guy with mohawk hair style. Then she pressed the trigger and shot at the target eliminating him in one shot.
"Next" said Sinon aiming at the other target.