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My Eyes Can't Lie...

"G*dd*mmit shera! Can't you do anything right? Get the f*ck outta my way!" Cid yelled at Shera. In one hand, he held a pan with burned stuff in it. It was too black and crispy to know what it was.

"I-I'm sorry, Captain. I didn't mean it!" Shera stammered. She was slightly shaking out of nervousness. What would happen? Would Cid kick her out?


"I'll...I'll go clean the living room..."


"I...*sob*...OH, I GIVE UP!" Shera ran outside.

"..." Cid stood there mouth open with guilt, but then looked angry again. She deserved it. And I can't believe she left me here to clean the mess! DAMMIT! THE PAN IS MELTED TOO! AAAARRRRGGGHHH!"


"Yuffie? You will be a great ruler for Wutai. Don't listen to what anyone says. Just believe in yourself. I'm sorry, for everything. *cough* I...I just want you to know *cough* before I go, that I...that I...love y............." Godo was silenced as illness and disease took over his body. Yuffie listened for his voice to continue.

"Hey! You old fart, continue what you were gonna say! I wanna know! Please! Don't leave me alone! I'm blind without you there to guide me! Dad!" Yuffie said softly hoping her father was only teasing, but to no avail. Chekhov came and led her to her room.


"Hey, Tifa. Gimme a double."

"Alright Cloud, but I'm not giving you as much as last time. You passed out!" Tifa said smiling.

"It was a party; I could never resist. And you don't take a sip and leave a party! You drink till you almost die, and go crazy while you drink! That is what alcohol is for. For men to drown in, and to drive women crazy."

"Whatever. Here." Tifa slid him his drink, and Cloud finished it off.

"Hey, Cloud. Now that we've seen home and all, do you think we can take a vacation?"

"You just opened the bar though! Who here in Nibelheim is gonna watch it and keep it running while we are gone?"

"I'll hire someone! Please Cloud! For me?" Tifa batted her eyes and tilted her head to one side slightly. Her hands folded like an angel, as she walked to Cloud with the smile he couldn't resist.

"No. No. No. N-...fine. You can have your stupid vacation."

"YAY! We're gonna have so much f..."

"We? I said "YOU" could go. Not we. I don't wanna go."

"But Cloud! I thought..."

"Relax! I'm just joking!"

"So, what about me? Or are you just going to leave me here?"

"Oh, Vincent! Hehehe! Sorry! You can come too!"


"Hmmmm...I think I wanna go to Costa del Sol!"

"But...the sun..."

"Don't worry! There are places indoors!"

"Well, I guess I could go."

"Double YAY! I'm gonna pack!" Tifa ran out of the bar, and into her and Cloud's house.


"Daddy? I miss everyone. Don't you?" Marlene asked her dad with big childish eyes.

"Yeah, but I'm not lonely, because I have you and Auntie Elmyra to talk to."

"Well, yeah, but I mean, don't you miss talking to them, seeing them, and stuff like that? Doing stuff with them."

"A little. Why?"

"Because I want to see them again!"

"Well, maybe someday, but right now, it is time for you to go to bed!"

"Awwwww! Can I stay up for one more minute? Please?"

"One minute! That's it!"


"Nanaki, child, what are you doing?"
Grandfather! I'm sorry. I am just so lonely. I'm happy to see you again, but..."

"Ah, you miss your friends. Why don't you ask the sacred fire where they are, and go to them?"

"But what about..."

"Do not worry about me! I have the village, and my laboratory. I will be fine."

"Thank you, Grandfather!"


"NO! I can't believe I lost again! Stupid machine. I'll win this time! I'm sure...NO! I'M OUT OF GP! I know! I'll give fortunes! That will get me some quick money!"

"Hey, you! Are you Cait Sith?"

"Yeah, who are you?"

"I am Torrence, and I have noticed that you have cheated people with fake fortunes! That is illegal! You need a signed license from Dio saying to can do that, and I am positive you have no such thing! I will place you under arrest if you do not leave the Gold Saucer immediately!"

"*sigh* Fine. But where to go?"


"Shera! There you are. Listen. I am going on a vacation in Costa del Sol. I'm taking the Highwind. Don't burn the house down. I'll be back...I don't know when. But, my house better still be standing when I come back!" Cid informed Shera as he walked to the Highwind with a big bag in his hand.


"Miss Yuffie? How about a vacation? I'm sure it will make you happier. You look like you haven't slept or eaten in months. Please! Your father would have wanted that." Chekhov said while Yuffie lay facing the window on her bed.

"You know what I really want? I want to see Cloud. And Tifa. And Vinnie. And even Cid. Even though he does have that stupid Highwind..." Yuffie said half joking and half serious.

"Why don't you PHS them? Have them come here?"

"Because I don't want them to see me like this. I want to see a doctor first. Did you call him?"

"Yes, but he is on vacation in Costa del Sol."

"Well, he is going to have a patient during his vacation, because I am going to see him, and he is going to help me!"


"Well, I told you planes were expensive." Cloud said his hands folded as he stared out the window.

"Shut up, Cloud. How else were we gonna get there?"

"I tried to tell you to call Cid and fly his Highwind over here, but noooooooo. You just had to have your way as always."

"Why would he want to fly us to Costa del Sol and back home? It is stupid!"

"He might have stayed."

"Whatever. Just shut up." Tifa pouted and looked out another window.

"..."Vincent said nothing as he sat in the back taking a nap.


"Marlene? Daddy is going to take a short vacation, honey, so you are gonna stay with Miss Elmyra so you can go do your schoolin' and get smart. Kids like you need their edjumication." Barrett told his daughter as he held his suitcase.

"Well, OK, daddy. I'll miss you! You better get me a souvenir!"

"OK, darlin'." Barrett then hugged his daughter and left for Costa del Sol.


"I should be there by now...yes. Here I am. Costa del Sol. There are those kids I played with a long time ago! I wonder if they feel up to a game..." Nanaki said as he ran to them.


"What do you mean there aren't any slot machines here? What is any town without a casino?!" Cait Sith said shocked.

"This is a vacation spot for tanning and surfing, not gambling! That is what the Gold Saucer is for!" The off duty tour guide said.

"Yeah well, I was kind of kicked out of the Gold Saucer." He whispered to himself.

"Hmmm? What was that?"

"Nothing" He replied with a sigh.


"WheresthebarwherestehbarwheresthebarwheresthwbarWHERESTHEG*DD*MNBAR?" Cid said as he looked frantically for a place to drink.

"Ummm...sir? Ze bar iz over zere." A local resident said to the already insane Cid.



"Yay! We're here! I am going for a tan. What about you two?" Tifa said.

"I'm gonna grab a drink at the bar. I'll meet you at the beach when I'm done." Cloud replied.

"I hate the sun. I am going to the hotel to sleep. When the sun starts to set, I'll come back out." Vincent said as he walked to the hotel.

"Alrightie! Then, until later!" Tifa ran to the beach already dressed in her red bikini.


"D*MN, MAN! I DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD TAKE THAT LONG TO GET HERE! I REALLY HAVE TO PISS!" Barrett said as he ran to the nearest bathroom.


"OK, Miss Yuffie. Here we are."

"Wow! It's so hot!"

"Well, yeah." Chekhov said.

"Well, let's find the doctor."

"I'll do that. You need to go rest. That flight made you sicker than I have ever seen you."

"Then you've never seen me on the Highwind." Yuffie said to herself.

"What Miss Yuffie?"

"Huh? I didn't say nuttin'!"


"Nice and warm! You don't get too much of this in Nibelheim!" Tifa said as she put suntan lotion on.

"Doctor? Is that you?"

"Huh? I know I've heard that voice before." Tifa said.

"Why, yes, but I am on vacation."

"I've heard that voice too..." Tifa started looking around for anyone who looked familiar.

"But I really need you to see someone. Please!"

"I know who it is!" Tifa said suddenly.

"Alright. Fine. But I'm charging double!"

"Hello Chekhov and Cloud's doctor...huh? Where...did they...go?" Tifa started to look frantically feeling stupid that she was talking to no one.


"YOU &^#@)!&%$~`* CALL THIS A DRINK? IT TASTES LIKE DOG SH*T!" Cid yelled at the bartender.

"Cid?" Cloud said as he walked through the door.

"Cloud? Hey! I know your spiky ass head from anywhere!" Cid said.

"I could hear you yelling from a mile away!" Cloud said.

"Yeah, right. Whatcha doin' here?"

"Tifa dragged me and Vincent here. She wanted to have a vacation."

"She ain't the only one.

"Barrett!?!" Cid and Cloud said together.


"You're here!" Cloud said.

"Well, if you see me, then evidently I am, huh?"

"How 'bout a drink? I'll buy. I'm telling you though. It is one nasty tasting (@^$(~*&^!"


"I am going to see if I can get a room at the hotel. If they don't let me have a room, I am going to go crazy." Nanaki said as he walked to the hotel.

"Hello, sir. May I get a room?" Nanaki said as politely as he could.

"Sorry, we don't give rooms to pets." The person at the counter said.


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"Nanaki?" Vincent said from the darkest part of the lobby.


"Is this animal with you sir?" The counter person asked.

"ANIMAL?!?!?! You take that back you &@($&* ..." Vincent was not holding Nanaki by the tail so he wouldn't kill the counter person.

"Yeah. He'll be in the same room as me."

"Alright." The counter person quickly ran out of there and into where all counter persons go for their break.


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