Hey readers! Arctic Fox here! Ok. I know that I have been writing chapters very often lately for this story. I'm doing this because I know for a fact that not many people read a story that doesn't have a lot of words. I know this cause I do it myself. Right now, I'm just trying to get a decent amount of words out to get more people reading the story. I have literally only had 36 people read the story so far. Mind you my other story has around 11k but that's to be expected of a story around 45k words. Anywho, I hope you enjoy this chapter of Aura of Life. Arctic Fox out!

Mike's bedroom

POV: Mike

Mike yawned and opened his eyes, expecting to see the floor and the foot of his bed. What he really saw was his night stand and his wall as well as a blanket. He blinked in surprise, thinking last day's events were just a dream. He sighed sadly and turned his head, ready to go back to sleep. What he saw got rid of those thoughts. He saw his female Lucario sleeping next to him, very close to his face he might add, and his eyes widened. Yesterday's events were real and he was right about sleeping on the floor. He blinked and stared at Lucario's face, deep into his mind as he thought about things.

'I can't believe that this is actually happening. I never would have thought that I would get a Lucario in real life! This is just unreal! Oh crap...Now when I go to the Pokemon conventions, I'm going to get even more attention...Well at least I won't be alone with the attention. Rena, John, Andrew, and Sarah will have to join me in the torture. We should all go together now that I think about it. It will be epic and not so epic at the same time. Epic that we will be going together and have real life Pokemon. Not so epic for the fact that we will have real life Pokemon and the attention we will get will be unreal.' He mentally sighed. 'Wonder if I should start to train her. Work on her stamina and power like a actual trainer. That would be fun. You know what? Once she wakes up, I'll ask her.'

He was taken out of his thoughts when he felt something lick him. He blinked and saw the Lucario was smiling at him. That's when he realized that he slept on the floor.

"I thought I slept on the floor?" He asked, voicing his thought. Lucario's smile turned into a grin.

"I moved you up here." She answered. Mike raised an eyebrow

"Why?" He asked, Lucario smiling again.

"Couple reasons. One, I didn't think it was fair that I got the bed while you got the floor. Two, I wanted to sleep next to you." She replied. Mike raised both his eyebrows at the second reason before shaking his head.

"I have a question for you, Lucario." He said, Lucario tilting her head.

"Yes?" She asked. Mike smiled.

"I was wondering if you would want to train? Like how most Pokemon do with trainers. Train." Mike said. Lucario smiled and hugged him, being careful of the chest spike.

"I would love to! When can we start?" Lucario asked. Mike smiled.

"Now." Mike smiled, much to Lucario's enjoyment.

Mike's backyard

POV: Mike

They trained in his backyard as it was fenced off so no one would be able to see her. Mike was standing on his deck while Lucario was in the middle of the yard. He nodded at her while putting in head phones so he could listen to his new theme song, Unbeatable. It worked perfect as he was just that.

(Ohhhhh, I'm Unbeatable!)

"Lucario, Aura Sphere!" Mike shouted, which Lucario did. It wasn't that strong as she was fairly young but that is what training was for. The sphere of aura hit a rock and disappeared not doing much damage.

(Walking down this endless highway)

"Again!" He yelled. Lucario fired another Aura sphere, this one a bit faster charged and a bit more powerful. Still not doing much to the rock.

(Nothing but my friends beside me)

"Again!" He commanded. Lucario fired yet another one, her stamina going up at the same time as her speed of forming the sphere and the power of the attack, which this time made a crack in the rock.

(We'll never give in, we'll never rest)

"One more time!" He said. Lucario fired another sphere, this one charged quickly and fired faster than when they started. This sphere broke the rock. The two beings, human and Pokemon, cheered before deciding to work on her speed.

(Advanced battle is the ultimate test!)

Mike had her run back and forth, giving her a break when ever she got tired. She soon was running faster and was able to keep going longer, much to both of their enjoyment.

(From the Earth, the land, the sea and sky)

After Lucario was running back from one side of the yard to the next very quickly and for a long time, Mike decided to work on another part of her training. Dodging.

(They can never win but they sure can try!)

He had Lucario dodge the shards of the rock that she broke at different speeds and angles. She got hit more often then not, much to Lucario's annoyance and Mike's concern.

(Ohhhhhhh, I'm unbeatable!)

After a while, Lucario was able to dodge most if not all of them. Lucario was getting increasingly happy with herself while Mike was becoming increasing proud. Mike decided to work on her resistance to attacks. He called up Rena and she came over with Absol. Rena had Absol attack with increasing stronger attacks while Lucario stood her ground and took as many as she could before fainting. This process was repeated back and forth between the two to help them with their power and resistance.

(Pokemon! Advance battle!)

Soon Lucario and Absol could take a beating before falling and they had increased their attack as well. When Rena left, she decided to train Absol as well seeing how Mike was training Lucario.

(Ohhhhhhhhhh, I'm deafeatable!)

Lucario went back to working on her power. Using Bone Rush, Metal Claw, and countless other of her physical attacks to increase her attack power even more.

(From the stars, and the ancient past)

Mike was now having her work on her non physical attacks: Aura Sphere, Psychic, Dragon Pulse, etc to work on their power and speed at which they are formed and fired.

(They come to play but they'll never last!)

Lucario could now fire powerful aura spheres, lift rocks with ease, and fired a Dragon Pulse with her paws as she disliked the notion of using a attack with her mouth. She went back to her physical attacks.


Lucario could now use two bone rushes at the same time, break rocks by just punching them, no moves needed, and use her other psychical attacks to perfection. They went back to her speed and agility.

(Ohhhhh, I'm unbeatable! Pokemon! Advance battle!)

Lucario could now move back and forth between the two sides of the yard almost instantly plus doing it countless times. She could also change directions and be very nimble in the process. While she was doing this, Mike called Rena again with a idea.

(Ohhhh, I'm undeafeatable!)

With both their parents permission, Mike and Rena removed the fence between the two houses so they could train together. Lucario and Absol were back to working on their ability to take damage.

(You think you'll win but soon you'll see)

Lucario was obviously ahead as she was training longer than Absol was but they could take even more damage, Absol gained a bit more resistance from the fact that Lucario could hit harder. They now worked on dodging each others attacks to help with dodging even better than with pebbles.

(You may beat some but you can't beat me!)

Lucario and Absol both had better dodging abilities and all 4 decided to work on the trainers skill in combat. They were having a mock battle to help with that.

(I'm undeafeatable!)

It seemed that the skill they used during their games transferred over to the real thing as Mike was beating Rena fairly easily but not that easily.

(There's a feeling deep in side me)

After Absol was about to get knocked out, they let the Pokemon have a break, which Lucario sat in Mike's lap while Absol laid down for a nap. Mike and Rena had a conversation about random things while Lucario looked around with that child curiosity in her eyes again.

(And it's always there to guide me)

They went back to training, Lucario meditating to enhance her aura and mental abilities, Absol working on speed.

(It's in my heart and in my soul)

Lucario was still meditating while Absol was working on power on some rocks.

(leading me to the ultimate goal!)

Lucario was training her aura by using only her aura to dodge attacks from Absol, much to his annoyance and Lucario's enjoyment.

(You can try your best, this might be fun)

Lucario was working on her accuracy with her ranged attacks while Absol was working on his dodging skills. This time it was Absol who was smirking while Lucario was getting annoyed

(you go down to defeat before you begun!)

Lucario could know hit Absol very often, much to his pain and Lucario's entertainment.

(ohhhh, I'm unbeatable! Pokemon! Advanced Battle!)

Absol decided to work on his accuracy on Lucario while she worked on her aura again. Lucario was winning again.

(ohhhh, I'm undefeatable!)

Now Absol could hit Lucario 50/50 even with Lucario using her aura. That was good enough for him.

(Every move, each attack you choose)

They worked on their stamina together while Mike and Rena worked on their combat together.

(You think you can win but you'll always lose!)

Lucario and Absol could now use many attacks back to back with out getting that tired. Mike and Rena were still working on self-defense.

(ohhh, Advanced battle)

The two Pokemon were resting while Mike and Rena gave them some food.

(I'm Unbeatable!)

After the training session, The two friends waved bye, going into their own houses.

Mike's houses kitchen

POV: Mike

Mike and Lucario were sitting at the table, Lucario's child curiosity the making her look at things she didn't notice last night, while Mike's mom was cooking dinner. His mom still smiled at how Lucario still would rather sit in Mike's lap over a chair. She wondered how long she would do that. Shaking her head, she gave Mike and Lucario their food. Mike immediately started to dig in while Lucario looked at her food, her child curiosity now focused on the food in front of her. Mike's mom smiled at the child like innocence the young Lucario had.

"Lucario, dear, its steak. It's meat. You said that you like meat so I made us some tonight. The green stuff is green beans, a food that keeps you healthy and strong, and the orange stuff is carrots. They help you see better." Mike's mom said. After the description at what the strange looking food was, she began to dig in. She eat the steak first as that was meat. She likes meat. Soon everyone started eating and having small talk. After Mike and Lucario were finished with their food, Mike whispered something to Lucario. She looked sad at first before hopping off his lap, deciding to join him by grabbing his hand. Mike smiled at her and carried both of their plates to the sink, washing them, and putting them in the dish washer. He waved at his mom before taking Lucario up to his room.

After they arrived in Mike's room, he had pulled Lucario with him to the bathroom. He explained to her the need to clean up or else she would smell bad and have no teeth left. Going by her face, he could tell she didn't want that. He brushed his teeth while showing Lucario how to do so. While she brushed, well tried to brush, her teeth, Mike took a shower. After he was done and got on some pajamas, which Lucario almost followed him into his room while changing but he caught her doing so and told her to wait for a bit, he washed Lucario down, cleaning her fur off and brushing it till it was shiny. He realized how it was just like taking care of a dog just more awesome. He mentally smiled at this before taking Lucario to his bed. She looked at him.

"Think you can sleep in the bed again?" She asked, hope in her ruby red eyes. Mike smiled, he couldn't say no to that face.

"Ok Lucario. I'll join you if you really want me to." Mike said, sighing. Lucario's eyes filled with joy and hugged him again, watching out for the chest spike again.

"Thank you!" She said, smiling like a kid in a candy store. Mike smiled at her and returned the hug.

"You're welcome...Ilene." Mike said. Lucario looked up at him, tears in her eyes as Mike finally thought of a name for her.

"T-Thank you!" Ilene said, tears falling down her face. Mike smiled at her and wiped her tears off her face before they tried to her fur. He walked her to the bed and put her in, climbing in after her. They fell soon fell asleep, Ilene smiling in her sleep about her new name.

There you go! In case you want to know why I named her after Queen Ilene, I did it cause Queen Ilene is the queen of Rota, which is the kingdom of AURA, so it felt fitting. Plus I wanted one unique and I have yet to find a Lucario named after her. Hope you enjoyed this chapter of Pokemon: Aura of Life! Arctic Fox out!