Moving stealthily through the gray pre-dawn light, Gale peeked through the windows of the Everdeen's house repeatedly to be certain there would be no interruptions. Hay strewn about the ground muffled his footsteps better than any hunter's light tread could have hoped to. He reached deep into his front pocket and slid his fingers down the ribbed surface of the surprise he had been saving for her all week. . .he couldn't wait to see the look on her face when he removed it from his pants and placed it into her mouth. She was always so hungry, the satisfaction would be short-lived, but afterwards - if he was lucky - she would allow him to nuzzle against her neck.

Someday, Gale dreamt of having a garden tilled with rows upon rows of carrots for his gorgeous Lady, but until then, stolen moments before everyone else's day began were all they could hope for.

Love will destroy us all.