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Kagome felt as if she watched the color drain out of the place she called home. It was painful to realize that the life she knew was over.

She slowly made her way to her room, the weight of realization getting heavier as she walked. She grabbed the knob and turned it, walking into her room. She laid on her bed, closing her eyes and falling asleep easily.

Sesshomaru sighed at sat up. He looked at the water that reflected the moon. Sesshomaru didn't believe in love really, if he thought about it, he never had an interest in anyone. His dream girl didn't exist. The girl that he wished for when he was younger, the pale skined, natural raven haired girl that he always dreamed of was just a fable that he fell victim to in his childhood.

He only cared for his patients. They were the only one's that needed him. And he would be there for them, and he would help them. Just as he vowed to when he started his job.

He held a knife in his hand, and he walked to the first person in line. It was Sesshomaru. "I must get rid of him, he's gotten to close to what's mine." He slowly slid his blade across Sesshomaru's throat and pushed his lifeless corpse over.

Kagome woke up at that moment. Her eyes glued to the wall ever since. She wondered if her dream could come true. It seemed impossible but she knew never to underestimate Naraku. Never.

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Chapter Five: Good morning

The morning burst into life, the sun peeked over the horizon, it's blazing light caressing the moist ground and shined across damp leaves that dripped water softly to the world below, and fed the waking critters the warmth they required. The fog made it a misty oblique view, as the birds chirped and sang happily as if the world was at peace.

The wilderness around the beautiful mansion was calm. The grass was trimmed as was the shrubbery that surrounded it. The staff of the well known therapist that came from a wealthy family, we're busily working even at these early hours, making sure the place stayed in shape.

Inside the luxurious mansion decorated elegantly, the maids worked silently as to not disturb their master. They cleaned and prepared his coffee, and breakfast.

Even as the mini palace burstled with life in the master bedroom it was dark and silent.

Golden eyes stared at the ceiling. They traced the small swirled design that it held as emotions bounced across them. Shinning as freshly refined amber reflecting a flame.

His mind was on fire with thoughts. Each one oddly raging a different emotion. What started out as fiery anger turned into a gentle admiration, crippling sadness turn into blinding joy. Sesshomaru didn't know what had his emotions flaring like a wild flame. He usually keep them controlled and tied down, but now they were balloons in the wind.

Sesshomaru knew that he needed to gain control over himself. He had patients that needed him. He couldn't present himself before them with wild emotions while they, themselves were trying get their emotions together.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, pushing his signature silky silver bangs back the strands easily giving to his strong fingers. He sat up and removed himself from his bed, deciding to shower early. The water usually calmed him when his emotions overtook him.

He lazily undressed himself as he continued his thought process, reaching in the shower and turning the knob to allow it to heat up, mindlessly. He waited a few moments before stepping in, allowing the scorching hot water to burn his thoughts away.

The water led trails from his hair over his toned body, pooling at his feet before steadily draining out through the drain. The steam coming from the shower spread throughout the bathroom, fogging the mirror and dampening the air. He ran his body wash over his body in slow motion, his thoughts steadily going away with each stroke against his skin. He washed his hair, gently rubbing his scalp with elegant fingers.

He rinsed himself off, stepping out and reaching for a towel. He dried himself as he heard the ring of his alarm going off.

He sighed and reached forward, sliding his hand over the mirror, removing the fog from it. He slowly revealed his face, he stared into his eyes, heaving another sigh.

"Good morning. "

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Kagome was stuck in her haze until one of the servants found her, it was Ichiko one of the younger servants. He was Karin's son she got him a job with her for many reasons, mainly to keep him out of trouble. He and Kagome were fast friends. Back when she was happier and less depressed a lot less depressed, they used to hang out, smile and laugh together.

Though Naraku did ruin that from time to time, his eyes holding jealousy and anger. He'd steal her away from him, with a smile and an outstretched hand, or sometimes just a slight nod of the head. He hated Naraku for that, controlling her like property or a pet he could just drag away. Now he was gone and yet he still had a hold on her. The fear that wounded her so deeply, kept her in his clutches even though he was far away in prison.

It wasn't the first time he found her like this, shivering and mumbling mindlessly. She had nightmares often after her parents were killed. He looked after her nowadays. Mainly because she was a good friend to him and he hated seeing her like this. But there was also the nagging feeling that is was really because he had her to himself now, and that he could bring her back to the way she used to be.

Ichiko held her silently, whispering kind sweet nothings. Waiting patiently, as he listened to her almost incoherent mumbles. It took her about ten minutes to regain her composure.

She blinked, and looked at Ichiko. "M - Morning Ichiko. " She knew she must have been in a haze again, Ichiko was holding her, his warmth breached her sweat soaked clothing. All she really remembered was thinking about Sesshomaru and wanting his help, she couldn't recall what she dreamed of, it's was a bit vague now. As if it were just a mere whisper in her inactive subconscious.

"Good morning, Ms. Higurashi." He whispered, as he released her and stood bowing slightly.

Kagome, smiled slightly and shook her head. "How many times do I have to tell you not to call me 'Ms. Higurashi', I told you to call me Kagome, Ichiko. "

He chuckled lightly. "I'm sorry Kagome, but I had to tease you just a bit." He glanced at her clock. "Do you wish to go to school today? If you do, you will be late."

Kagome looked at her clock and widened her eyes. 'Oh great. Mom would kill me if she were still here.' She sighed, and looked up at Ichiko. "I guess not. But I still have my appointment this afternoon. Do think Sesshomaru would mind coming here? I don't wish to go out today"

Ichiko nodded, while he mentally sighed. 'You can't stay in forever, Kags.' "I will see if he can. Will there be anything else? "

Kagome shook her head, Ichiko nodded and bowed slightly before turning and leaving.

( Interval )

Ichiko picked up the shiny black house phone. He sighed as he dialed the number for Sesshomaru's office. He heard two rings before his receptionist Kaede picked up.

"Dr. Takashi's Therapeutic services. This is Kaede speaking."

He shifted the phone against his ear. "Yes, this is Ichiko calling on the behalf of Kagome Higurashi's appointment this afternoon. "

"Ah yes, her five thirty appointment. Would ye like to change it?" She picked up a pen.

"No," He smiled. "She would like to know if Dr. Takashi cam change her appointment from an office visit to a home visit. Ms. Higurashi isn't feeling very adventurous today."

Kaede nodded even though she knew he could not see. "Please hold while I ask Dr. Takashi if he's able to do that. It'll only be a moment. " She pressed the button and put him on hold.

Ichiko looked at his watch and tapped his foot as he waited.

( Interval )

Kaede paged Sesshomaru from her desk, he answered immediately, a slight annoyed tone was picked up by Kaede as he spoke.

"Yes Kaede?" He pushed a strand of hair out of his face as he looked up from reviewing his notes from his previous patient.

"Dr. Takashi. I have a request from a representative of Ms. Kagome Higurashi. She wishes to know if ye can move her appointment to her house instead of her coming here." She unconsciously tapped her pen against her appointment book.

Sesshomaru sighed and ran his fingers through his loosened hair. He thought it over for a few moments. "Alright. I should be able to do that. Tell her I will be by around five thirty. "

Kaede nodded, "Yes sir." She took Ichiko off hold and told him the good news.

( Interval )

Ichiko nodded and thanked Kaede as he hung up the phone. He quickly made his way to Kagome's room, knocking on the already open door.

"Kagome, Dr. Takashi is going to be by here at five thirty for your appointment. Do you wish for me to set out your clothes for you?"

Kagome shook her head. "Thanks, Ichiko. I'll call you if I need you." She gave a slight smile.

Ichiko smiled at her small smile. It was a good sight to see. After the numerous frowns and blank stares he'd earned over the past month or so. This Sesshomaru Takashi guy seemed to know what he was doing. He hoped that he could heal her trauma. Kami knows that she needs to be set free.

He also hoped that he was nothing like Naraku was. Kagome didn't need someone else to control her, she needed to have her own will, to make her own choices free from the iron hand of Naraku or any Takashi.

Kagome needed to be a Higurashi. Her own woman. Far away from the people that have hurt her from the moment she was born.

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