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Lal smiled at her friends, who were waiting eagerly in the recreation room. "Thank you," she said gratefully to them.

Meg frowned and asked, "What for?"

"My father and Ensign McAdams are back together," Lal explained.

Meg grinned and jabbed Mikael with her elbow. "See? Told you it would work!"

"Yeah, sure," he muttered. "Hey, Meg?" He looked rather mischievous.

She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Uh huh?"

"Do you think, you know, that you and I could…?" His voice quickly faded and he suddenly became very interest in his shoes.

A smile curled Meg's lips. "No, Mikael. Frankly, Stor has a better chance."

The teenaged Vulcan glanced up. "Sorry?"

"Nothing," Meg replied, grinning, and they all laughed.