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Little Black Cat - Chapter One

Yoru frowned in worry as he once more counted the heads of his many minions. More then five of his large group of cats had gone missing and many others were anxiously looking around as if they were trying to decide whether or not to leave themselves. Many emotion's were prominent in his small clowder but the one all of them shared was worry, but Yoru just didn't know why. The blue cat-eared guardian character grabbed the nearest orange tabby.

"Nya~ Why is everybody so work up?" he questioned. The orange cat's ear drooped a bit in sadness as his tail hung limply.

"It's about Miko-chan..." The rust furred male stated sadly.

Yoru scratched his ear with a giant sapphire paw in thought. He had never heard of a cat named Miko before. The guardian character's glaring was a large one, to have one kitten work up each and everyone of his member to such a point. Well, let`s just say this cat had to be very special.

"Who's Miko?" Yoru questioned curiously.

The tabby's eyes grew soft and distance as he spoke in a wistful longing, "Kagome is a very beautiful queen that has many suitors, but that's not what makes her special. It's amount of distance she is willing to go to help a simple stray tomcat in their time of need." The tabby motion to large group behind him. "Almost each and everyone of us has either been helped by Miko or had a loved one helped by her."

Suddenly a grey female popped out from behind the tabby and started speaking, "Miko helped me steal enough food for my last litter and had even return my sister's lost kitten to her."

Another yellow coated spoke up, "Kagome saved me from being a cat rug on the street."

Next a black striped, "When we couldn't find any food Miko stole a fish from the market and gave the whole thing to me. Even though she probably was hungery, too."

The grey female sighed, "Kagome doesn't like stealing that much so she usually tries to eat scraps. Even then she usually gives the ones she finds to toms and queens in need."

Yoru frowned. This 'Kagome' seemed to be a very kind queen. "So, what happened to her? Nya~"

The small of cats frowned and looked at each other, before looking back to him. They were quiet for a couple seconds before the black stripped tomcat stood, and turned around before speaking up, "I think you should come see for yourself, Yoru."

The Yoru followed the small group of cats through many alleyways before they finally made it to their destination. The missing cats from his clowder were huddled up and whispering desperate murmurs. Yoru hovered over the cats that obscured his vision from this mysterious 'Kagome' and gasped in surprise at what he saw. Laying in a slow growing pile of crimson blood was one of the prettiest queens he ever saw. Her fur was as black as midnight and fur looked to be as soft as silk if it wasn't as matted as it seem to be now. She wore tired electric cyan orbs and her rose nose twitched at the smell of the offered food given to her by the other strays. She was badly marred with canine bite marks and tuffs of fur where laying around her, whirling around as the wind played with them. In the inside of her left ear, there was a old healed brand mark that said 'Kagome'. The scar took up three fourths of her light pink ear and was a dark brown. A pleading whimper from the cats below him brought him back rather harshly to the problem at hand.

"Please eat, Miss Kagome." One of the younger cats plead.

"If you don't eat you'll never get better and teach those mutts a lesson." Another cried.

A soft small made it's way onto the injured queen's face as her eyes began to droop.

"I just need some sleep, you two." The female cat whispered as her eye's began to close. Her musicually voice hitting Yoru's ear drums and caused comfort to seep into his very bones. Yoru knew he had to do something to save this queen! She didn't deserve to go out like this!

Petting the female cat's head with his large paws, Yoru quickly assured the injured female. "Hold on Miss Kagome! I'm going to get someone to help you! Just don't fall asleep! Nya?"

The queen looked at him with shocking blue eyes and nodded her head slightly, wincing afterward. "Please just hurry. I'm really tired."

As soon as those words where out of her mouth, Yoru zipped off like a rocket. He would not let such a nice cat like Kagome died just because some mutt wanted to try to make kitty kebab. He had to find Ikuto!

Pairing: Ikuto/Kagome

Muse: Song: Canon D

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