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Little Black Cat - Chapter Four

Kagome grumbled as she harshly disinfected Ikuto's cheek from their position on his bed. There were five small red lines that traveled a good inch and a half across his left cheek that was a sore red color. Kagome was now wearing and large sweatshirt that dwarfed her, and came to high mid-thigh. She had a scowl on her face and her cheek's where a puffed out in anger.

"I can't believe you said that!" She hissed in displeasure only to receive a smirk from Ikuto, himself. Now aware of his perverse tendencies, Kagome quickly soaked the twister held cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and pressed the sobbing, white fluff on to the teenagers face. She did receive some satisfaction when he yelped and pulled his face away from her grasp. With a sigh, she gently placed a bandage of his cheek and pulled away, grumbling.

"Why thank you, Nurse." Ikuto purred with a seductive tone as Kagome walked over to his desk and picked up his phone. "Since I've been such a good boy, why don't you give me a treat?"

A snorted escaped her and she sarcastically quipped, "Like you deserve anything from me after the stunt you pulled, Mister." Before looking back to the cellular device. She was just about to hit dial when an arm was wrapped around her waist and the phone she was using to contact Sesshoumaru-nii disappeared from her hand. Kagome instantly began to struggled as she pull into a broad chest.

Ikuto quickly threw the phone somewhere on the floor and wrapped both arms around the petite female pulling her into his lap as the plopped down into his big computer chair. Her adorable cat ears were pulled back in anger and her mouth spilled insults of 'molester' and 'pervert'. He was very amused at how she instantly stilled when his teeth met her neck and how her face bloomed a pretty shade of red. His interest was viciously halted as the heel of her naked foot came down on his on sock covered toes. Ikuto yelped and released her instantly.

"What the hell was that?!" The she-cat screeched at the top of her lungs, before she began her angry riot. "What is wrong with you?! How did you not learn your lesson the first time?! I nearly snapped your neck with that slap! Now instead of the bed to pull me to a chair?! You're such a perv." She finished with an angered growl.

Ikuto did nothing but shrug as he continued to nurse his throbbing foot. Kagome was about to go off on him again when a knock on the bedroom door called her attention. She gave him a dangerous glare from over the shoulder before opening the door and letting Yoru float in. He floated in front of her face with a pair sissors and a proud grin on his face.

"Look, Kagome-chan I got the scissors you asked for! Nya~" He said excitedly, puffing out his chest in pride.

"Thank you bunches, Yoru. You did a great job." She praised him as she petted his head and rubbed his ears. Yoru purred in appreciation for the ear rub. "I'm still very sorry for going crazy on you, Yoru. Though I won't apologize for the pervert over there." She finished sourly as she jabbed her finger in the direction of Ikuto, who pull out a fake pout for show.

"Oh Kagome, you hurt me." He whined.

"Shut up, hentai."

Yoru looked at the interaction between the two and sighed softly. It seemed that Kagome-chan didn't like his guardian that much. There is really nothing you can do when Ikuto gets into one of his funny moods. Although Yoru really didn't know why Kagome had reacted so strongly to a cuddle session. Didn't everyone like to held and petted? Sure, Ikuto didn't do that to him as much any more, but Yoru really did enjoy the rare ear rub he got every once in awhile. Shrugging his shoulders, Yoru quickly began followed Kagome to the bathroom, while Ikuto slowly began to make slow movements toward the end of the bed. The raven haired girl seemed to have seen Ikuto's move to follow after them and barked at him to stay in which he answered with another comment that set the cat-eared girl of.

Yoru frowned.

His guardian was so weird.

Kagome snipped each section of over long hair with quick precision. She cut her hair to a length a bit below the shoulders and cut her bangs, before looking at Yoru.

"I still think Kagome-chan would look prettier with longer hair. Nya~" Yoru whined with a pout as he floated in midair.

Kagome let out of short burst of air, rustling the freshly cut front hair, before explaining once more, "Waist length hair is annoying, Yoru. Actually any type of long hair is annoying. It gets in the way too easily, causes me to get hotter quicker and could be used against me if I get in a fight. We came to a compromise remember? I wanted to cut it at this length to avoid all that."

The young women put her hand horizontal to her chin and rolled her eyes at the chibi cat's over exasperated gasp of horror. Pulling her hand from her chin, she began to pick up the hair on the floor, with a dust pin and brush by her side.

"So what are you exactly, Yoru?" She questioned as she deposited the long fibers into the garbage bag provided to her.

"I'm a Guardian Character! Nya~ I represent the person Ikuto wants to be!"

Kagome rose her brow at him.

"So blue's clue's wants to be a cosplayer?"

Yoru gasped, scandalized. Before hurriedly correcting the confused kitty miko.

"No!" He practically yowled. "Ikuto wishes for freedom! He want's to be as free as an alleycat!"

Kagome held her hands up, with both trash bag and hair, as a form of surrender.

"Ok! Ok! I get it now..." She amended as she put away the last of the hair and started to sweep up the little parts left behind. Yoru looked at her with unleashed curiosity.

"So what are you?" He asked.

"I'm sort of a cat demon." She murmured. "Actually I used to be human."

Yoru looked at her with a confused scrunch on his nose. "Cat demon?"

Kagome sighed and proceeded to explain all about the different types of demon`s not noticing the young teenager hearing in on her conversation with Yoru from behind the closed door. Once Ikuto got the general idea of what he was talking about he crept away stealthily.

"That doesn't explain how you turned into a youkai." Yoru pointed out.

Kagome let out a weary sigh. "How about a tell you an interesting secret about this," She gestured to the jingling bell on her neck. "and you will stop asking about it for now?"

Yoru thought about it for a minute before nodding. Kagome flashed him a relieved smile.

"Usually cat demons don't like collars in general. But for some it's because they forcibly bound the person who places it on them to themselves. The cat demon will be force to protect the person whether they want to or not. Some are able to get the collar off some aren't."

Kagome started to reach up and touch the collar, but to Yoru's surprise and her utter frustration a yellow light crackled around the collar and zapped her fingers.

"I'm one of few who can't."

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