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"A-are we almost there?" A woman of water tribe decent asked. She was bundled in old water tribe clothes and a thick blanket laid across her lap.

"Almost. Yet I fear this boat won't make it..." another woman shivered, making sure the small boat stayed on track. She wore a similar coat yet it was much thinner and made out of red and black. She was also draped in a shawl.

The first woman gulped silently as she placed a hand on her swollen womb. They had made it out of the Earth Kingdom thanks to the second woman's wealth and connections. It was becoming too dangerous to live with that man. Everyday she was getting abused and she refused to let her child be raised in such an environment.

They couldn't reach the Northern Water Tribe in this boat.

So they went to the closest alternitive.

"Are you sure they will accept us, Celine?" The second woman asked with some concern.

The first woman known as Celine could only stammer, "we are two unarmed and helpless women, one in which is with child. They have to help us."

"I know you were born here yet things might've -"

"They WILL help us, Hesper. Just please trust me."

The first woman could only stare at her best friend and sighed heavily. She then turned and kept her attention on the sea. Perhaps they should've went to the Fire Nation instead.

Yet Celine persisted. And Hesper could never say no to her. Then again Celine's husband was from the Fire Nation, he could've found them there.

She glanced over her shoulder again and watched Celine resting tiredly on the make shift bed. The boat could only hold one bed cot and a couple crates of supplies. Not much room for Hesper to rest either.

She glanced back at the open sea ahead of her and noticed in the distance were dark gray clouds coming their way. She paled. This boat is never going to survive that.


A tribesman was currently patrolling the wall of the Southern Water Tribe when he happened to notice the remains of a small boat. At first he thought it was just that. Yet once he paid more attention he could tell that a body was on a small plank of wood, another body was pushing it to the shore.

"Spirits!" He paled as he ran to alert the guards, the chief, and the healers.

Hakoda and a small group had run to the ramains and found an unconscious woman resting on a plank of wood. They quickly pull her to shore and went for the other, the second woman was freezing to the touch, her skin starting to turn light blue and her golden eyes start to glaze. She shivers out a breath and tries to speak.

Hakoda knows that this woman was too far gone to save yet he still tried to warm her up and keep her breathing. The healer who had went with them placed a hand on the chief's shoulder.

The woman wheezed before going silent, the violent shaking ceased. Hakoda closed his eyes sadly as he ran his fingers over her eyelids. Not even Firebenders can survive this long in exposed climates.

He allowed the others to carry the deceased woman as he walked toward the other. The healer was checking for a pulse and nodding in confirmation.

"She's with child as well. Hurry we must get her to warmth!" The healer said urgently. Hakoda's eyes widen in shock before following the rest of the group to the infirmary hut.


Hakoda sighed heavily as he walked home. The second woman had yet to awaken and would likely stay asleep until she was better. Yet for the first woman. They had placed her in an unnamed grave far out away from their village. They would place a name on her once the survivor woke up.

Kya was the first to greet her husband once he entered the home. She paused slightly once she saw how down her husband was.

"Is everything all right?" She asked.

Hakoda glanced at his wife and noticed her swollen womb, he smiled as he placed a hand on her stomach and kissed her gently.

"Hakoda." She smiled while hugging him.

"There was an incident." He later explained.

"Oh? Some of the children stealing sea prunes again?" She jokes.

He could only shake his head as he sat down by the firepit, "I'm afraid it was more serious than that..."


"Sir! Sir! The survivor has woken up!"

Hakoda was awake in a matter of seconds, the guard was kind enough to be subtle while Kya slept, Hakoda slowly eased out of bed and got dressed.

"Has she gotten better?" He had to ask.

The guard shook his head. " she's in labor."


Once Hakoda entered the hut he could hear the frantic cries of the unknown woman. Healers were desperately trying to calm her down.

"where is she!?" The woman cried.

"Miss you have to calm down! You're adding more stress to you and your child and it's dangerous at this point."

The woman cried silently as she panted, she gripped the closest clothe around her tightly.

Hakoda eased in steadily and smiled warmly at the woman.

"Miss I am Chief Hakoda. I and a small group found you and your friend near the shore."

The woman gave him her full attention.

"Is she alright? Where is she?"

Hakoda glanced subtly to the healers and they nod their heads slightly. The woman deserved to know.

"I'm... afraid she didn't make it."

The woman paled in horror before crying in sorrow. Hakoda knelt beside the woman and held her hand, "I'm deeply sorry for your lost, Ma'am. Could you tell us her name?"

The woman nodded before trying to calm down enough to speak, "her name was Hesper...Hesper Hilargi."

He nodded slowly before speaking again, "And who are you? What happened out there?"

The woman panted hard as a contraction hit, "C-Celine... a storm... caught us."

Hakoda nodded before a healer whispered in his ear, "she is ready to give birth, could you please wait outside?"

Hakoda nodded before squeezing Celine's hands with comfort, "I have to leave for now, but I will be back to check on you."


It had been hours since Hakoda left, since he had heard any news from the hut. It was bothering him so much that he failed to notice the huge fish swimming in front of him.

"Hakoda! You're going to miss your chance if you continue to stare at it!" His friend Bato whispered harshly.

Hakoda blinked in confusion until the water splashed and Bato presented the speared fish to his obviously troubled friend.

"That woman is on your mind again, isn't she?"

Hakoda glanced back at the small village and nodded.

"If she had survived that storm plus the temperatures here then she can easily handle childbirth." Bato joked, yet his terrible try to cheer his friend up seemed to put him in a fouler mood.

"I'm going to go check on her." Hakoda said while treading off.


"Hakoda!" Kya yelled out as she tried to reach him as fast as she could.

Hakoda immediately ran to her and held her at arms reach, "Kya, what's wrong? Are you hurt?"

"No no, I'm fine! The healers had come searching for you a moment ago, oh Hakoda, that woman passed away!" Kya said in obvious distraught, her pregnancy seemed to have made her hyper sensitive to these things.

Hakoda paled before making a beeline to the hut, his wife close by his side.

One of the healers ran up to him and panted, "Chief I am so sorry but we tried everything we could."

"What happened?" He asked.

"The stress. She was too hysterical earlier and she had lost a lot of blood as well. The baby has survived though..." the healer explained.

Hakoda sighed in unexpected relief as he entered the hut, a infant's cry was loud and strong. The healers were in the process of cleaning the infant when Hakoda caught a glimpse of the mother.

She was still in the bed cot yet a blanket covered her.

"Sir," another healer started, catching the cheifs attention.

"She named her, just before she passed. She named her Nereus."

Hakoda blinked in confusion before he was handed the child.

The infant was mocha skinned, like her mother and she had a full head of dark brown hair. However what caught the man's attention was her eyes, they weren't brown or blue or green.

But gold. Bright golden eyes stares back at him in wonder.

"What are we going to do?" Kya asked in worry.

Hakoda sighed heavily as he held the child in a better position, "we already have a son and a daughter on the way. I do not think we can handle two infants, Kya."

The mother glanced at the child and nodded sadly. "I could try to find a family for her."

"No dear, I'll do it. You should get back home and rest." Hakoda smiled sadly as he walked out with the infant.

(Four years later)

"Hakoda we need to talk." A man spoke while Hakoda was watching his kids penguin sled.

The smile Hakoda had slowly faded once he noticed how the man stood, uneasy yet fuming.

He motioned the man away from his children and spoke by his hut.

"Is something wrong, Janik?" Hakoda muttered.

Janik nodded, "it's Nereus. She controlled flames for the first time today and she melted half of her bedroom."

Hakoda sighed heavily as he rubbed his beard, he knew this would come one day, "was anyone hurt?"

Janik shook his head, "no, but she was terrified. Hakoda I know I made that child a promise to be the best I could for her yet... with Urumi pregnant, I don't want her harming my wife and child."

Hakoda stared at the man in worry and shock, was he suggesting...?

"Don't look at me like that, you would do the same if Kya was pregnant." Janik defended.

Hakoda wanted to yell at the man yet he didn't want to scare Katara and Sokka. He growled as he rubbed his forehead.

"Have you found her a new home?"

Janik shook his head, "that's why I'm here. No one else wants her and I remember that you were there when she was born. Hakoda, I know you must think of me as a terrible man to back away but I didn't sign up for this. I thought that if she wasn't around other firebenders then she couldn't pick up the gene. Yet she goes and burns down half my house!"

Hakoda quickly shushes the man before growling, " I'll take her, but you are not to have contact with her, neither Urumi since I know this was discussed with her before you came to me."

Janik stammered and started to protest yet clamped it once he saw the glare in the chief's eyes. He could only nod in defeat.

"I'll be there shortly to pick her up. Make sure you've said your goodbyes by noon."

"Hakoda!" Came a child's squeal, the man smiled as he watched the child run up to him.

"Poppa said I was going to live with you now! Is that true?" Nereus asked as she held onto a stuffed polar bear dog.

Hakoda glanced behind her and noticed Janik and Urumi standing sadly. In front of them were Nereus's belongings. He walked up to them and grabbed them, as he stood up he gave each an apologetic smile.

"Yes it is true, sweetie." Hakoda turned and walked back to the now jumping child.

"Will I get to visit Momma and Poppa though?"

Hakoda glanced back at the couple, both having hopeful looks.

"For now yes. But when Urumi has her baby I'm afraid not."

Nereus's smile faded slightly while she nodded. "Okay."

With that Hakoda walked off, the small child following closely. After a few moments, Nereus's chippy demeanor began to fade and a sad yet scared frown formed.

"This is because I played with that fire, isn't it?" Nereus asked when glaring at the ground.

Hakoda sighed heavily as he placed her belongings outside the hut for Kya to take in. He then continued to walk and motioned the child to follow.

While walking around the outskirts of the village he began to speak.

"Nereus... I know you must feel like this is your fault. But the truth is that fire is in your nature. You cannot help but control it and it cannot help but obey. Some people are afraid of this though, like Janik and Urumi. For now though lets just get you comfortable before we do something about it."

Nereus stopped momentarily and looked up at the man, "do something about it? How?"

"Training. Though I know nothing about it, I'll try to teach you as best I can. But you won't be alone." He smiled.

He chuckled as he saw the young girl blink in confusion.

"My daughter is the same as you. However instead of fire, she controls water."

Nereus gasped in awe as she jumped in excitement.

"When can I learn? Oh can I use a spear like you too?"

Hakoda laughed heartwarming, "lets not get ahead of ourselves, young lady. Maybe once you reach Sokka's age I might let you."

Nereus blushed sheepishly before rubbing her arm, "sorry."

Hakoda smiled while ruffling the child's mildly spiky ponytail, "don't be. It's good that you want to learn. Though once you get older I doubt you'd be this enthusiastic about it."

"Ah!" The child squealed before giggling and pushing his hand away from her hair, as she tried to fix it she laughed, "I'm going to make you eat your words when I will still want to learn!"

Hakoda chuckled before leading her to her new home, "it's a bet then."