This story is a spin-off/prequel to De-cruited. If you didn't read it, you might not understand a few parts of Robin's personality. It's not too drastic, but you'll probably notice it by the next chapter.

So here's the first chapter of Fixer Upper, the story of Robin and Lucina. It basically skips around to different parts of the game, especially this first chapter. I'm going to write around 17 chapters of this, then the last chapter will be based off of the Frozen song, because I can't help myself.

I'm not really happy with this chapter. The next one is more focused, and I'm generally more interested in the subject of it.

Robin didn't remember a lot of things.

Well, that wasn't exactly true. He remember quite a bit about tactics. A crapton about tactics. Enough about tactics that he felt comfortable referring to himself as a master tactician, despite the fact that he has only been awake for roughly 10 hours.

To be fair, in that time, he's killed about 3 people and whatever the sky monsters were.

Robin didn't remember a lot of things, but he was pretty sure that monsters falling out of the sky were not common. At least, he thought they weren't. Robin had no idea how long he was asleep, and had no idea what the world was like before he woke up on that field.

Maybe he was an alien or something…

Anyway, he helped slay the monsters along with Chrom and his group. People just randomly showed up to help him, which was nice, but, from what he could tell, Chrom only knew the red-head. The guy with the Edgeworth frills seemed to be a stranger.

Robin thought there might be something dangerous about trusting a stranger, but he didn't put too much thought into it. After all, he was a stranger to Chrom himself. Hopefully this doesn't become a problem for Chrom.

Anyway, Robin noticed that Chrom, Lissa and Frederick were talking to someone.

"You saved my sister's life." He overheard Chrom say, as he walked over. "My name is Chrom. Might I ask yours?"

...That's a very formal way of talking. Chrom didn't strike Robin as a nobleman, although he was very well armed.

"You may call me Marth." The other person replied, as Robin got a good look at...him.


Marth was…


...Well, Robin supposed that was another thing he must have forgotten about himself.

He didn't notice that Marth had abruptly left, and Frederick seemed to have said something about going to the capital.

The only thing on his mind was that, apparently, he was attracted to men.

Robin was going to have to think about this one.

This wasn't adding up.

Turns out the amnesia was a little more invasive than he had originally thought . At first, he only thought it had directed his memories. However, he was slowly starting to discover that he had forgotten parts of his own personality. Granted, those parts weren't as foggy as his memories, but he still felt pretty out of touch with who he used to be.

He wasn't entirely sure what his personality was, but he was slowly starting to get a hang of it. He seemed to be smart. Really smart. Like, smart enough to know a crapton about tactics smart.

None of that, however, shedded light on his apparent attraction to men.

Robin read up on general attraction between people, and it all seemed to ring a bell in the back of his head. However, when he expanded those thoughts to men, it didn't quite click.

This didn't seem like the kind of thing he could forget. But he knew he felt something for Marth.

…He had to do some more direct research.

He read up on what 'direct research' actually meant in this case, and it turned out, it was something very easy to get access to.

So he trained. He trained a lot. It was actually helpful in a way he hadn't expected: He was getting more comfortable with his body, and what skills he had.

He could also discreetly observe the other men on the team. It was a pretty rough workout, so some of the guys tended to go shirtless.

It appeared to be any girls dream…but it wasn't doing anything for Robin. He could tell these guys were supposed to be attractive, since he could see some of the female Shepherds taking peeks at them, as well as some various others who had managed to find a way to sneak in.

Nothing. Even in the locker rooms.

He had to talk to someone.

He had read some fiction books about girls with gay best friends. Maybe that worked the other way around. He just had to find someone who was subtle enough to talk to.

Lissa couldn't keep a secret if she tried. Sully probably wouldn't put up with any of that. Miriel also appeared to be pretty disinterested in this kind of stuff, although she had been pretty helpful with reading material. She was strangle dense for such a smart person.

That only left…


The trainee looked at the tactician. "Oh, Robin! What's wrong?"

This was the part where Robin had to swallow his pride and just say it. He had a feeling that it would be something he wouldn't be as good at once he got his original personality back.

"...I think I might be attracted to men…" He said. Sumia was about to respond, when Robin interrupted her. "But I might not be, since I don't think any of the other male Shepherds are attractive."

Sumia thought about that. "...The men in this army are pretty attractive...Does this do anything for you?" She pulled out a sheet of paper from the desk she was sitting at.

Robin examined it. "This is a women."

"Yes. Very observant." Sumia replied.

"...Can you give me a few minutes alone with this?" Robin said, attempting to turn away.

"Oh no, you don't." Sumia said, grabbing his arm. "So you're attracted to women, but you also think you're attracted to men. What made you think that?"

Robin timidly explained about Marth. Sumia nodded, and thought about it.

"...Robin, maybe you're just attracted to him." Sumia said.

"But that would make me attracted to men, correct?" Robin asked.

"Look, if he's the same person that Captain mentioned, then odds are we will see him again, so you can figure yourself out then."

"...I suppose you're right. Thanks, Sumia. Promise you won't tell anyone about this?" Robin asked.

"Promise." Sumia replied. "If we ever run into this Marth person, you can talk to me about how you feel afterward."

"Thank you." Robin replied. "I just might."

And, at that time, Robin felt he generally might. He felt open to Sumia's advice, since it was something he didn't really know.

Now, the thing you have to understand about Robin's amnesia is that, while he would never recover his full memories, he would eventually recover his personality.

The other thing you have to understand about Robin, his original personality, is that he's kind of a dick. Not like his father, but still, kind of a dick.

Specifically, the kind of dick who assumes he doesn't need to talk to anyone about his personal problems.

Well, it was actually more of a combination of being a bit of a dick and being a bit of an introvert. One way or another, he didn't talk to Sumia about the rising attraction he felt for Marth while he watched Chrom fight him.

They're moving really freaking fast, so Robin can't really get a good look at the man. However, from what he can see, he appears to be very...feminine. A high voice, a sleek poise, some sort of elegance in his movement...a nice butt…

...That was Chrom's butt…

...They both have nice butts. But Robin was only attracted to Marth.

So maybe that was it. Maybe Robin was only attracted to the girly parts of Marth.

That sounded like something that could be repressed with alcohol.

After Chrom beat Marth, the Shepherds prepared to leave the Arena. Sumia walked up to Robin.

"So…" She said, somewhat casually. "Did you see Marth?"

"About as much as you did." Robin replied. "Don't worry about me. I've got it covered."

"Oh. Good." Sumia paused. "Would it be forward of me to ask if you're my gay best friend now?"

"...I'm not going to dignify that with an answer." Robin replied. He paused. "But no. I'm not your gay best friend. I'm pretty sure I'm straight."

And Robin stood by that, passing off his attraction to Marth as a passing fancy.

The assassin leapt out of the bush, poised to strike at Chrom.

Robin fumbled for his own sword, but Marth drew his and defeated the assassin.

However, his mask was destroyed.

Well, her mask.

"You're a woman?" Chrom asked, surprised.

"The Exalt is still in danger!" Marth replied. Chrom nodded, and she ran off.

"What's the plan, Robin?" Chrom asked.

Robin didn't immediately respond.


"...Damn. I'm observant!" Robin exclaimed.

"I'd hope you are. You're our tactician!" Chrom exclaimed.

"No, I mean-" He paused. "...Nevermind. Here's the plan…"

Yeah, it is a somewhat weird chapter. I wanted to see how I could play with Robin's amnesia, since this took place in the beginning of the game.

I was originally going to just have it be Robin worrying he was gay, but then I realized that was pretty homophobic. So I tried to see if I could write a funny chapter about someone struggling with their sexuality, but not in an offensive way. This was my attempt at the