Hello, and welcome to Antarctica: Another Time, Another Place.

The prequel's story takes place 1 year before the start of Antarctica.

None of the main characters are involved – I'm sorry. The main prequel characters are King Penguins and Royal Penguins – again, I'm sorry.

But just like the bunch of character microseries in Antarctica, the prequel and its characters will link to the main story – in the future.

Antarctica: Another Time, Another Place

The Last Time – Together as a Family

"Your Majesty! Hykura Island is under attack!" sergeant Ronald shouted.

King Tenodyte turned.

"Send your squads over to Point Norwest, sergeant. Hold the Royal Penguins at bay!" the King ordered.

"Yes sir!"

The King Penguin sergeant hurried to assemble the colony's army. The Royal Penguins charged up the beaches. Squad teams Zam and Icathys came up to brawl. Flippers whacked and beaks jabbed.

King Tenodyte turned to his wife, daughter and son.

"Tenodyte, honey, let me take Redwood Company to cover the Eastern flank," Queen Dion said.

"Alright dear – my forces will cover the West."

The King and Queen turned to their daughter and son. Princess Telanie was their first child – now grown up – and future ruler of the kingdom. She was graceful and elegant, both in looks and mannerisms. She had the beautiful, sleek silver and golden feathers of a fully-fledged King Penguin.

Prince Mordon was the younger child. But his age was not a sign for him to be underestimated. He was skilled in close combat, for he planned to grow up to be a warrior prince and lead his followers from the front. The school and military teachers spoke very highly of him. But right now, he was still a child – he was still covered in brown, fluffy baby feathers.

"Telanie, sweetie, your father and I are just going to help the soldiers repel the Royals," said Dion softly, "We need you to take Mordon and evacuate with the other children into the grasslands. Stay there until we come for you."

"Yes, Mama," replied Telanie in a small voice. She took Mordon by the flipper and started off with the other departing children on the journey to the grasslands.

"We love you, children!" Tenodyte called after them.

"Take care of each other!" Dion added.

"We will! We love you, Mama and Papa!" shouted Mordon and Telanie from afar.

This was the last time they would be together as a family.

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