Firstly, I own nothing to do with True Blood. I'm just a huge fan of both the books and the shows, and followed them. I wasn't too pleased about the ending of TB, I wished they had explored Sookie becoming a faepire- it would have been interesting- so this is my attempt. I hope it isn't terrible, it's probably a bit ridiculous really :) I am not sure if anyone would be interested in this, but I would love to know if you think I should consider continuing it?

Chapter One

It was happening again. Every four hours or so, it happened, usually at the most inconvenient of times or places. Fortunately, now, being at Merlotte's and how sympathetic my boss Sam was into my personal needs, it wasn't another inconvenient time.

I stood at a table in my partition, trying to concentrate on taking down orders for the woman seated in front of me, who looked about in her late fifties. She had a terrible haircut and she was that indecisive on what to order for lunch that it was seriously getting up my craw. I know when it isn't appropriate to be rude, so I shut my mouth and waited patiently, keeping a tight-lipped smile on my face with tremendous effort, while I stole a couple of furtive glances at the clock hanging up on the wall.

I wasn't due for my lunch break for another half hour, only my body had already started to warn me it was now a good idea to start thinking on getting myself some lunch to get me through the hours before the customers became it themselves. I was trying to appear normal and polite, even going so far as to lean against the table and try to help the woman make her selection on what to eat.

I recommended to her one of Lafayette's specialty burgers (Which I had not tried before, though had heard through word-of-mouth they were delicious), while I tried with all my will-power not to let my eyes stray to her neck. I loved my job, it meant a lot to me; how Sam had let me work for him despite the risk I was, how much of a liability. So, Sam's friendship meaning a lot to me, I worked hard to keep myself firmly in-line.

But then it happened.

I was half-listening to the woman telling me she didn't like onions, when rudely, my stomach made a terrible gurgling sound. It was terribly loud, and she peered up at me in disgust through the round shiny disks of her reading glasses in offense.

"Oh, pardon me," I said, laughing a little. "There are onions in that, ma'am. But I can make a personal request of Lafayette to skip on the onions. His burgers are the best and I know you'll-" Throughout making pleasant conversation with her, I inhaled in through my mouth and out my nose, as you do. My nostrils stung and I could feel a burning sensation rising in my throat.

Uh-oh. Not good. Not good at all.

I had to get myself some lunch, and immediately. I couldn't afford to have a lapse in self-control. Neither could Sam and his business.

Turning away from the woman with some difficulty, I focused on Sam, who was standing behind the bar managing the cash register. I saw two Sam's as my vision blurred from hunger.

"Uh, Sam?" I called slowly. Through my foggy vision, I saw Sam look over and raise his eyebrows at me. "I know I only got half hour till my lunch break, but I'm needing a blood now. Would you mind?"

"Not at all, Sook," he answered, his voice sounding oddly distant. "I'll get straight on it. Don't you worry about a thing."

It was really lucky Sam understood the urgency of getting me a bottle. I heard him put a bottle of blood in the microwave to heat it up some, and I sighed in relief as I turned back to deal with my picky customer. I knew she had put two and two together, and she scrutinized me critically through her glasses before she got to her feet.

She gave me the dirtiest, toffee-nosed look she could muster.

Told me I'm a freak of nature. That what I am is a sin against the Lord and his image of mankind. Yawn.

Then without another word, she stormed out the bar. What a judgmental bitch... She was lucky I was used to being talked down to, otherwise I might have felt tempted to follow her outside and have her for a snack.

My mouth watered at the very thought and it was satisfying to imagine myself doing that. Following her out and confronting her. But before I could get too excited, I felt Sam push the glass bottle of synthetic blood in one of my hands and I brought my eyes up to his face to smile at him gratefully.

"Don't you worry about her now, Cher," he said gently.

"I'm used to it," I shrugged. "I'm just sorry you lost another potential customer."

It didn't happen often. Most customers didn't realize what I was, until I demanded a bottle of synthetic blood, which kind of spelled it out to them that I was a vampire. Hell, half of the other waitresses I worked with didn't realize either, till they noticed I didn't eat on my lunch breaks and that I'd always ask Sam for a bottle of blood. It also always tended to throw people off, when they realized I was working during the day and that the sunlight had no effect on me whatsoever, which it does regular vampires.

You hear that sunlight and vampires do not mix, so naturally you could imagine my shock when I went outside and I felt nothing as the sun hit my skin.

I was turned five-years-ago. I didn't remember much of it or who the person was that had brought me over to the dark side. I was just a human struggling with being telepathic, and then it happened. Turned out, I wasn't all human to begin with, so now I'm a vampire that can walk in the sunlight and do things during the day.

I thought family really was something that pulled you through even the most worst ordeals. If it hadn't been for my Grandmother Adele, I didn't know what would have happened to me or what type of person I might have turned into. Gran made sure I remembered who I was before, and she warned me against any messy incidents all the time.

I suppose you wouldn't instantly assume I was a vampire, if you walked in the bar and just looked at me. I could be friendly and I could smile, and I could make jokes too. I was somewhat pale, but fake tan helped. I preferred being tanned to pale, and my hair was blond and long and I dressed like everyone else. Only problem was that I came with a pair of fangs and I had uncontrollable blood thirst every four hours, which sipping on bottles of synthetic blood quenched.

Tru Blood was the synthetic blood the Japanese had invented as a substitute or replacement for the real thing nearly seven years ago. First I heard of it, when vampires had come out, I had wondered what it would be like to be a vampire, what Tru Blood would taste like. Five years later, here I was, now a vampire and now knowing what the synthetic blood tasted like.

I went outside the back entrance of Merlotte's to get some sun on my skin, while I pursed my lips over my bottle of blood and sipped greedily. I was sure anyone witnessing someone drinking bottled blood while standing outside in the sun would have found it so ironic. Or that I was a vampire wannabe taking it one step too far. Sometimes, when I stood out front, I'd find it so hilarious, listening into people's thoughts and the way they reacted to seeing me sipping away at the synthetic stuff. It was a real thrill, most of the time.

Most of the people I knew were supportive, and most of the people I worked with were accepting and even cracked light-hearted jokes with me about it from time to time; My Grandmother and brother Jason, especially.

But I've had my fair share of people who weren't as tolerant or accepting of the way I am.

Like most things, you get bad days, and then you get good ones. Luckily for me, I had a lot of understanding people to lean on.

One of the women I worked with on a daily basis Arlene came in around the corner to greet me before she started her afternoon shift. Instance she spotted me standing around, working on getting some sun on my bare legs in my shorts while I gulped down my lunch for sustenance, she put her forefingers together to make a finger-crucifix and I made a show of withering around and fake squealing over it, and we both shared a good and hard laugh over it together.

Sometimes it helped not to take my situation so seriously. I had to laugh about it, otherwise I would have only lost myself into a deep hole of dark depression.

"You on your lunch break?" she asked me with interest.

"Yep, I'm hungry," I admitted to her in a breezy way. "Scared one of the customers away, too. Said I was a sin to the Lord himself and his image of mankind."

"Really? Yikes, what a bitch." We stood around talking for a few minutes, and then as we got back inside, she pulled me aside and quietly said, "Hon, I think you better go brush your teeth before you get started on working again. You got stains."

It helped to have a friend like Arlene around, who was so frank and honest. And that was another curse about having to drink the synthetic stuff; Not only was it quite a tasteless drink, and I was positive it didn't taste as nice and warm as the real thing (Not that I'd know), but it also tended to stain your teeth. Which was why I always brought a toothbrush with me on hand, just in case. I smiled at Arlene thankfully and went into the bathroom to make sure I brushed hard enough to rid my teeth of stains, and then I was immediately back out off to work again, feeling instantly better now that I'd had my fix for a few hours.

I kept myself busy, going from table to table, and I didn't feel tired once. That was a great thing about being a vampire; You could work yourself hard and not tire very quickly, so I used all that extra stamina to my advantage.

By the time night came, Merlotte's grew even more busy.

People liked to come in to unwind after a long day, and my older brother Jason was one of them. He came into the bar, and I knew he had his sights instantly set on one of the regulars that hung out here. He liked to flirt, and he liked hooking up. He also felt shameless about using me as his wing-woman, from time to time. People were naturally curious about the things they didn't understand and Jason loved to tell everybody about his lil sister being one of the undead.

Apparently showing women how accepting he was of me was a real turn-on and aphrodisiac to most of them.

It pissed me off half the time and Jason sometimes made me feel like an animal in the zoo, but I supposed I couldn't blame him.

He came straight over, kissed me on the cheek, and made a big deal of pointing out to me the woman he was interested in for the night and how he was hoping I'd let her catch a glimpse of my fangs. Jason knew that women adored a guy who was real kind to his family and to a sibling with a disability (Which, I supposed I had) and he was hoping with my assistance she'd agree to come home with him tonight.

I didn't have enough fingers on both hands to count the number of times Jason had pleaded for me to bring my fangs out so a woman could see them and feel sorry for me in some unnecessary way.

"So, uh, you gonna do this for me or not, sis?" He asked me, giving me one of his eager looks. Suppressing a sigh, I had to put in a little mental effort to protract my fangs, which Jason laughed gleefully in response and stared at them in wonder. "Goddamn, that's so fucking awesome!"

"Yes, and you're welcome," I retorted stiffly, getting back to work. I retracted my fangs, which Jason sighed deeply in disappointment at, and I rolled my eyes at him. Talking with fangs was no easy task. Well, not for me, anyway. I had found it hard to pronounce certain things so half the time, if I could help it, I'd keep them concealed. "I swear you love me more now that I'm a vampire than how I was before."

"Hey, that ain't true. I love you whether you're an undead bloodsucker or not. Kind of do like you better like this, though."

"Gee, thanks Jason," I whispered sarcastically, picking up a large pitcher of beer off the counter with easy flourish. "I feel so much better." I was just slamming the pitcher down on the table ceremoniously to its owners when the door opened and someone different entered.

I remembered faces easily, and his was not one I wouldn't have bothered to memorize, because he was extremely handsome.

I kept my eyes on him as he looked around, searching for an empty place to sit while he sauntered through the bar. I couldn't hear his thoughts. I also had this strange and sudden belief that he was exactly just like me.

He was a vampire like me (well, kind of... except for him probably being one who can't sunbathe). He was extraordinarily tall, at around six-foot-something, I estimated off the top of my head. He was wearing dark jeans and a black V-neck shirt with a leather jacket thrown over it. When he turned in my direction before sitting, I got an even better look at his face and his dark blond hair was combed back neatly. With pleasure, I noticed he so-happened to sit in my area, and excited, I looked around for Arlene before rushing over towards her. She was slamming down some tequila shots and slices of lemon on the table for a group of men.

"Hey, hon. What's up?" she asked, looking my face over curiously.

"You wouldn't believe who just walked into the bar, Arlene," I laughed happily, flailing my hands around in front of me uselessly. I could have danced with joy.

Although Arlene was no mind-reader like I was, she managed to put two and two together and her mouth spread out into a wide grin.

"Oh, a vampire? In here? Where, honey?"

"Over there," I informed her eagerly, pointing out to where he was.

She bit her lip as she observed him and I could tell she was just as joyful as I felt. Arlene often joked that I needed to go out of my way to find a handsome vampire to date, so I would no longer feel so lonely and abnormal. I had told her on several occasions that I wasn't interested in dating 'normal' people. I didn't want to risk accidentally killing them and I hadn't met anyone like me in Bon Temps before, so surely, you could imagine how ecstatic I felt.

"Ooh, he's fine," she gushed. "You should go for it, girl! Go get a piece!"

It occurred to me that we were talking too loud, because suddenly he looked up and stared right at us. Arlene grabbed onto my forearm, squeezing down tightly, excited at the possibility of her good vampire friend getting some with a like-minded species. Feeling oddly flustered as his eyes fixated on me, I forced a smile on my lips, hoping to seem inviting and sweet.

But then that was when it happened, without my control.

I was smiling big at him, like a big open-mouthed smile with all my teeth showing. So, naturally, he noticed the way my fangs came out at the pleasure of seeing him. Arlene did, too, who laughed out loud.

"Oh my God, Sookie," she whispered breathlessly. "I think somebody just got her first fang-boner!"

Arlene was just trying to make one of her usual vampire-quips to me, but I couldn't help wondering if maybe she was right, and if that was it. Maybe I was experiencing a fang-boner for this vamp, after all? Awkward.