Hey Guys. I have and always will love Charmed! I have Netflix and only recently just rediscovered it :) I have always wondered what the girls would be like when they were at high school so I decided to write it :). I like Piper, Prue and Phoebe but I also like Paige so I decided to include all of them. :)

3rd Person Prov:

All four Halliwell sisters sat at their kitchen table eating their breakfast. They were all barely talking and their eyes were barely open. This was a normal routine in their family until they got on the bus. Prue the eldest was 18 years old and was in her last year. Piper was 17 years old and in the year below Prue. Phoebe was 15 and two years below and finally Paige. Paige was the biggest age gap of the three and was 11 years old. Even with the age gap all four sisters were extremely close. They all went to the same school so luckily it was easier for them to all drive in the same car to and from school. Both Prue and Piper had their driving licences so took it in turn to drive.

'Girls, time to leave!' Their mother said whilst finishing their pack lunches. She handed one to each of them as they left. Prue sat in the driving seat and Piper in the front passenger seat and Paige and Phoebe sat in the back. Piper turned on the radio and turned to their favourite music station. The ride to school was short and soon they were pulling up into their school. They parked in their usual spot and went their separate ways.

Piper Prov:

I walked into my home room and sat in my usual seat at the front. I wasn't considered a geek I just liked school, I liked learning new things. I always handed my homework in on time and did extra assignments. After 5 minutes my class mates started to enter some on their own and some in groups. I searched for my friends as people entered. I quickly spotted Katherine, Chloe as they came in. Katherine had red curly hair which fell down to her waist, her forrest green eyes she was small and skinny with freckles covering her nose. She was beautiful. Chloe was your typical surfer girl. She had blonde straight hair and blue eyes she was also skinny but was tall. She had the legs any girl would kill for. They went on forever. I looked ugly compared to these two. I could't believe that they would want to be my friend. We were the three, don't get me wrong we didm't just hang around with each other we just were all very close.

'Hey Piper.' Chloe said as she sat down next to me.

'Hey Sweetie' Kat said as she sat down next to Chloe.

'Hey guys.' I replied whilst fishing in my bag for my History homework.

'Oh is that the homework for History?' Chloe said whilst pulling her empty homework sheet.

'Is it ok if we check our answers?' Kat asked whilst pulling out hers.

I had spent hours on my homework searching for every answer and filling the sheet in. I really wanted to say no but I couldn't. I couldn't say no to anyone. With a sigh I handed over my sheet. They both smiled at each other and wrote my answers down. 5 minutes later our form teacher came in followed by a boy I didn't recognise.

'Class we have a new student joining today.'

Thank you for reading :) Anyone know who the new boy is? ;) Please comment/review on the story :) If anyone has any suggestions to some characters please let me know (magical or non magical) I need some characters for friends for the girls.

Thank you again :)