Alright, everyone. Here we go; my first fic. I've been completely engrossed in the story and characters of Five Nights at Freddy's, and after watching Markiplier play through it and reading through the wiki for it, I've been inspired to take a crack at writing a fic that seems to fit it better than 'haunted animatronics' does.

I've altered the characters slightly, as well as changing their personalities (or rather, giving them some personality) so here's a brief rundown:

Alex Redding: Former SWAT officer, removed from his job and now working as a night watchman at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Aged 26.

Bonnie: Female animatronic rabbit. Somewhat nervous, but loyal to Freddy and the restaurant.

Chica: Female animatronic chicken. Young, not as confident as the others, and occasionally a bit cowardly.

Freddy: Male animatronic bear. The de facto leader, can be a bit goofy at times, but is often serious and clear-thinking.

Foxy: Female animatronic fox. NOT responsible for the Bite of '87. Loves people, and hates what she's been doing with a passion.

SO! Without further ado, on with the show!

"Showtime…" I muttered, walking into the pizza deathtrap that had been my office for the past week. I nodded politely as the last few members of the cleaning crew hastily finished their work and left; it was clear they knew just as well as I did what would be happening in a few short minutes.

Into the security office, drop off the two briefcases I brought.

11:57 P.M. Three minutes until the clock chimes, the animatronics go into 'free roaming' mode, and all hades starts breaking loose.

I open up the briefcases. It has been a long week, with an absolute roller-coaster of feelings about this job.

Night 1 – intimidating.

Night 2 – terrifying.

Night 3 – frustrating.

Night 4 – flat-out annoying.

But now it's Night 5, and after that infernal bear gave my camera the stink-eye for nearly an hour, leaving me with barely enough power to make it, I've had enough.

I check the clock. 11:59. Night power should switch on… Now.

The lights in the restaurant go out, and my camera tablet turns on. I give it a quick glance – sure enough, it's on the main stage and all three of those blasted animatronics are staring at me. Chica's probably gonna be the first to move tonight, a pleasant change from Bonnie's door-camping. And, of course, later in the evening Freddy will show up and try to freak the crap out of me… Not to mention the accursed fox. Switching the camera to Pirate Cove, I'm irritated to see the curtains already opening; she's already getting set to make a run for me. Not like I care at this point.

The phone's ringing, and I glance over before hitting the button. Last night, my phone friend was killed, so who could be calling me…? The answer comes very shortly, in the form of some distorted, demonic-sounding garbled words and static coming from the recorded message. I shrug it off; at this point, nothing could really faze me. I've been through too much, and found out too many dark secrets this restaurant hides. Demonic possession is just one more for the list.

After a bit of research, and finding out that this place has had at least eight missing security guards reported, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. I shut both doors – I'll need a few moments' peace, and it's not like I'll need much power tonight anyway. With a grin, I already hear soft footfalls, and shortly after a banging at the door. Foxy's already made her run, so that's one less issue. Another glance at the stage, and both Bonnie and Chica are gone. They're both probably on their way here now.

I start pulling things out of the briefcases. Sometimes, being a former SWAT officer with some solid connections still available has its advantages.

Full Kevlar covering, including arms, legs, and helmet (to prevent another repeat of the Bite of '87)… Check. Twin police batons, in solid condition and ready for combat… Check. High-charge taser, hopefully enough to at least send an animatronic CPU haywire… Check. A few smoke grenades, just in case… Check. I strap the taser and grenades to my belt, get a solid grip on both batons, and lower the face shield on the helmet before sitting in my chair, opening the doors, and waiting.

Tonight's my last night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, one way or another. Either they'll fire me for this or all that'll be left of me is my eyes and teeth.

So what do you all think thus far? Short, I know, but it's just to set the scene for what's about to come. I have enough material left in a Word document to do a few more chapters, so I'll upload those another time.

Read, review, and give me any suggestions; I'm still getting the hang of this ^^'

1/5/2015: Stepped in and fixed a minor issue that I didn't even notice at first. Apologies for the confusion.