Well heres my first ever fanfic. Nothing really important happened this chapter just some plot building and that kind of thing. It's also really short.

I don't really like Vince, I actually hate him so I may exagerate his "Bullying". Oh and When you see their name underlined and bold that's whos talking in the story, You all are probebly smart enough to figure that out but I still thought I should tell you.

Okay, here goes chapter 1!


Arcee and I sat outside of Jack, Miko, and Raf's school in vehicle mode.

Arcee groaned next to me, if any human had heard it all they see and hear is a blue motorcycle creating some kind of noise and would stalk away completely confused.

"Bee, why did we have to race here?" She asked putting much emphasis on have.

"What do you mean?" I beeped at her.

She sighed then responded, "If we had just come here at normal speed we would have gotten here right when they were let out of school."

She turned her front tire to face me. "But no, you wanted to see who's faster so we went way over the speed limit getting here 10 minutes early."

I could tell by her voice that she wasn't serious, well maybe a little but she wasn't mad.

I paused then after a few astroseconds I stated, "You're just mad that I won."

She flinched a little then sighed and uttered, "Fine, let's just say that."

The bell to the school went off finally and kids rushed out, a lot of them taking pictures of me, Urbana 500's I guess are pretty cool according to them.

Out ran Miko first, she was always excited to finally leave school. Miko spotted us and ran over smiling.

"Where's Bulk?" she asked turning toward Arcee since she can't quite understand me with my broken voice box.

"He went with Optimus and Smokescreen to look for a relic they think they found the coordinates for."

She groaned.

Jack and Raf came out next. They were talking about something when Vince bashed into Raf having him fall on the ground. Thankfully he was on the last step so he didn't tumble down the stairs.

"Oh sorry about that, at least if you got all scratched up you'll match that ugly car you always drive around in." He then walked away laughing to himself.

Jack helped Raf up. Raf's knees had scratches on them but it wasn't too bad.

"What a jerk." Jack mumbled to himself but all of us could hear him.

"You alright Raf?" I beeped to him as he came to my right door.

He looked up at my window and smiled, "Ya, I'm fine Bee. Oh and you're not ugly in vehicle mode either."

"Hey Jack!" Miko shouted with excitement. "Do you think I can ride on Arcee today, Pleeeeeaaaaase!?" She begged.

Jack looked at Arcee as Miko hopped from anticipation in place.

"Don't look at me, I don't really care." Arcee said flatly.

Jack sighed and knodded his head.

"Rock On!" Miko shouted as she hopped on Arcee.

I opened my door to Raf and Jack. Jack sighed again as he got in the back allowing Raf to sit in the front. Perhaps he felt a little bad that Raf got hurt.

Arcee reversed and drove out of the school parking lot. I followed.

When we got out of town and on the road that led to base I finally approached Raf on what happened with Vince.

"What was all that stuff with Vince, when did he start messing with you?" I beeped to Raf.

Raf looked at the monitor next to my steering wheel and Jack stopped leaning his head on his fist.

"I'm not quite sure, just a couple days ago I guess, that's the first time he's done anything physical."

"Well, do you know why?" I asked him.

Jack must have guessed what I asked because he immediately announced, "Because he's my friend, and to get at me he's attacking him."

Everyone went silent even Miko who while Raf, Jack, and I were talking, she was asking why Arcee doesn't want to play Rock music.

Suddenly when it was beginning to get awkward Ratchet contacted Arcee.


After a riveting conversation between Bee and the 2 boys riding in him, Ratchet contacted my comm Link.

"Arcee, Bumblebee, are you there?"

"Ratchet, we're here what's the problem?" I answered and questioned at the same time.

It took him a couple astroseconds but he finally announced, "It appears that Optimus, Bulkhead, and Smokescreen found the relic."

"Okay that's great, why did you have to contact us?" I asked probably with more attitude than I intended.

"There was an ambush when they got to the relic; Megatron is there along with many other decepticons. They said they need backup." Ratchet said surprisingly more calm than usual.

"Okay Ratchet we're on our way, but quick question, why so calm, usually you'd be blowing a gasket by now."

He paused then resumed in the conversation, "Well Smokescreen informed me before I contacted you that, and I quote Optimus is whooping Megatrons aft."

"Oh, well I guess that would calm anyone's nerves, like I said me should be there in about quarter joor." I told him before I turned my comm link with him off.

Bumblebee to the side of me waited a couple astroseconds before asking just like before,

"Want to race?"

Well there it was, first chapter of my first fanfic *sigh* hope it wasn't to bad.

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