32. 9: Spock the extraterrestrial

697 words

Kirk could have sworn he had just heard his Vulcan flatmate sigh. Was it jut his imagination? No, he did sigh. "What is it Spock?" He asked at last.

The first officer didn't look up from his book. "Nothing is the matter."

"Well," Kirk considered, "don't sigh then."

"I apologise if it did sound like a 'sigh', it was not intended."

"Right." Kirk wondered why he even asked. "Anyway, its Friday today."

"Is that merely a statement of the obvious, or is there a point to come?"

"Yes. It's movie night."

"I presume this is the point where you ask me for my opinion concerning the matter of choosing an appropriate title to watch?"

"You presume correctly, Spock. Any ideas on what to watch?"

"May I enquire as to how you have managed to obtain a digital versatile disk player from the late 20th century?"

"Another question?"

Spock looked blank.

"It was my mom's. Before that it was her mother's and then her mother's. Is that a satisfactory response?"

"It is."

"Well then, what do you want to watch?" He repeated the question.

"I have no preference."

"Alright, I'll get a selection, then you can choose."

Kirk returned no more than five minutes later with multiple DVDs. "Here you go." He place them on the coffee table. The first one he put down was 'The War Of The Worlds'. "This one?" He asked.

Spock looked up and declined.

"Um," Kirk thought, "how about... " he picked up 'The Day The Earth Stood Still'.

"No." Spock replied simply, still partially buried in his book.

"Ugh." Kirk moaned. "This one?" He showed Spock 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind'.

Once again, Spock said no and shook his head.

"Ok, this is the last one." He held up the director's cut of E.T.: The Extraterrestrial'. "This always used to be one of my favourites. Bones always used to call it sentimental crap, but I think it's great."

"You seem to be fond of it."

"So, this one?"


Why doesn't he just say 'yes'? Kirk though to himself. "Do you wanna go out it in?"

"Put it in?" Spick repeated.

"Yeah, out it in the player."

Spock took the disc from Kirk and carefully placed it into the open shelf of the old Earth DVD player. He then returned to sit back on the sofa. He reached beside himself to try and grab his book, for he had no desire of watching the film himself, but couldn't detect it.

"Looking for this?" Spock looked over at Jim Kirk who was waving the book in his right hand.

Spock rolled his eyes, then focused them on the screen of the television, which was one of the few still operational.

"This is highly inaccurate." Spock made his first comment.

"It's just a bit of fun. It is quite old."

"When was it produced?"

"Er, it came out in the early eighties."

"Of which century?"

Kirk racked his brain. "1982 I think."

"That would explain why it is so scientifically flawed."

"You see Spock? Think before you judge."

"Shit." Kirk uttered the word.


"We're not on the Enterprise, Spock."

Spock corrected himself. "Jim?"

"Yes?" He sighed.

"Why did you swear?"

Kirk rubbed his head and winced. "Nothing, I just hit my head."

"Ah. That would explain the loud noise I heard. Do you need medical assistance?"

"No, Spock, I'm... I'm fine."

Spock walked over to Kirk who was sat on the leather couch. He sat down. "Jim it looked inflamed. It would be logical for you too seek medical advice, even Dr McCoy's would be sufficient."

"I'll do that tomorrow."

Spock was unsure, then he cast his mind back to the movie that he and Jim had just been watching. The little alien creature would hold his arm out and the end of his index finger would light up, healing the subject in question. Spock decided to put this knowledge to good use. He reached out and touched his right index finger to his captain's forehead.

Jim Kirk jerked his head away, defensive. "What?" He asked Spock.

"From the movie." Spock stuttered.

Kir looked up at his obviously confused comrade and laughed.