Dudley's thought about Harry being a wizard.

I can't believe Harry is a wizard. That old fat man got me confused with Harry? Impossible. If Harry is really a wizard why can I beat him so easily? Mum and Dad will send me to his school. Mum and Dad will buy me a wand and then I'll be a wizard. I'll be a more powerful wizard then him. I will make him do my laundry and everything and I'll break his wand so he can't use magic. And he does I'll punish him.

Wait. If Harry is a real wizard and I'm not, would he kill me? No I am more powerful. I can beat him up anytime I want to! I just get me powers later and I will be stronger!

I am Dudley Dursley. I am the best wizard of all time. What till Harry sees me!

"MMMMUUUUUMMMM! I want a wand!"

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