I make sure Mum and Dad would make Harry feel bad about being a wizard. If he had homework he can't do it! I got no homework cause I got a nerd to do it for me! I just have to copy his answer. Last time I got in trouble. So what if I copied hid bloody test! Bet Harry don't get someone to do his work for him!

I am Dudley Dursley! Now what did that giant oaf say about Harry famous? Nothing! Bet he got no friends I've the whole school bowing at MY feet when I walk in the hall and if they don't they get a bloody nose!

"We're here Dudleykins!" Mum told me.

The Great Train Station. I hope the letter was fake an maybe Harry wan't a really a wizard. We waited and saw Harry with a red hair boy and a girl! Harry Potter got a girl! Harry carried his stuff included that owl!Maybe that owl helped him do magic! Later 3 read heads appeared 2 of them were twins. A adult and her daughter. walked up to them. They both had red hair.

She walked up to us with Harry, "You must be Harry's family"

"In a manner of speaking," said Dad "Hurry up, boy, we haven't got all day." He walked away.

"See you over the summer, then." Harry said to them. How much did Harry pay them? No-how did he get money?

"Hope you have - er - a good holiday," said the girl stutters. No wonder she's his friends!

"Oh, I will" Harry had a wide grin I've never seen him with. If he use magic and give me that pig tail again I'll...

(This has been muted to the younger audience as a form as violence)

As soon as we got home Dad took all of his stuff except the owl and locked them in the cupboard. Now Harry sleeps in MY room. I want my room back but Mum and dad won't give it to me! IT WAS MY ROOM FIRST! IT'S MINE! Dad padlocked the owl in his cage and the numbers are 1.39.28. At night when Harry's asleep and mum and dad's asleep I'll take the owl and try magic.

A/N: Sorry if I didn't update but homework+lazyness+brother= A long wait. I'll do another chapter eventually. Maybe in a month or year.