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Chapter 1

It was silent in the lair, the only sound was the static TV. Mikey was hanging on the couch up-side down asleep. Leo was training silently in the dojo and Raph was asleep sitting on a stool resting his head on the counter. Sensi was meditating in the dojo every once in a while would open an eye and watch his son. Donnie was quietly walking to his room from the lab, he was working on a project and decided to get sleep. Donnie looks around to see the sight of his younger and slightly older brother sleeping, of course he sees Leo training and rolls his eyes. "You always are one step ahead." He mumbles to himself. Donnie steps into his room and closes the door. Leo peeks out of the dojo and runs over to Mikey.

"Mikey!" he whispers, "Mikey he finally went to bed!" tries to keep his voice low. Mikey sits right side up and rubs his eyes.

"Donnie went to sleep? Get Raph and I'll get my nunchucks." Mikey stands up and walks to the dojo. Grabs his nunchucks, "Be careful my son." Mikey turns to his Sensi and smiles "We will." Walks out and notices Raph spinning his sais.

"We ready?" Leo asked

"Yeah" Raph and Mikey answer at the same time. Raph gives Mikey an angry look and slaps him on the head. Leo keeps a stray face trying to ignore Raph's attitude.

"Let's move!" He says lightly not to wake the tired purple masked turtle. As they're running out of the lair a voice stops them.

"Y-you guys are going on patrol without me?" Donnie looks down at them rubbing his left eye.

"Well Donnie, you have worked on a project for who knows how long and face it you really need to get sleep." Raph replied, it was silent for a few seconds.

"We'll call you if we need you." Leo assured and Donnie nods walking back to his room. And they run out of the sewers.

Hours later

Jumping roof top to roof top and nothing has happened. Raph and Mikey stop running and Leo stops and turns around to see the others.

"Leo I think we should go back to the liar. Nothing is going on." Raph said as Leo stood there frozen in place "Leo?! Are you listening to me?" Leo muted Raph out and Leo could hear a robbery, he heard a door being broken down about 3 miles away. Leo blinked a few times and puts hand on his head. He closes his eyes and falls to his knees. "Leo!" Mikey and Raph run to Leo side.

"Leo what happened?" Mikey was clueless about Leo's condition.

"Robbery...about 3 miles away.." points to his right "that way.."

"Leo how do you know that?" Raph asked.

"I hear it..." Leo tries to stand but falls catching himself with his hands, "the museum..."

"Leo? Are you ok? Cause' this is new..I don't know if I should worry about you.." Mikey says.

"I'm fine. We got to get to the museum!" stands up but is a bit wobble. Starts off towards the museum. Running roof top to roof top and hears his brothers close behind giving him a headache. Leo's extreme hearing hurts his head and he didn't know if it was a gift or a new fear. He thought maybe he should check in with Donnie soon. He stops on the roof of the museum and looks in the window of the building.

"The alarms aren't going off but the doors are down. Nice hearing Leo!" Mikey says and Leo nobs as a thank you.

"Alright fearless, what is the plan here?" Raph asks looking through the window.

"Their purple dragons. I can hear them whispering." Mikey's jaw drops and Leo continues, "There is only two. Ok plan so you two will go around the corner and start to stop them from getting to what they want and I will sneak from behind and hit a pressure points to knock them out."

"Awesome! Lets go Raph!"

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