Chapter 17

Mikey's P.O.V.

I was dragged into my room after the trip of struggles and growls. I thrown on the bed with such force that my breath escaped my lungs. I sat up quickly and stared at them. Saltar smiled while Sandir looked emotionless.

"What is wrong with you two! I said I wasn't going to believe a word they said and I listen so why did you do that?!" I shouted at them. Saltar's pathetic smile was gone and Sandir still played no emotion. "Answer me! What's going on!"

"You are so gullible." Saltar snapped out of the blue.

"What?" Mikey questioned and Saltar snapped his fingers. Two sand chains flew from the sand bed and cuffed around my wrists. "What has gotten into you two?!" I spat with my teeth clenched tight.

"You thought we were your brothers." Saltar laughed after his own statement. "And the freaking turtles we caught were your brothers. You guys are all turtle yet you couldn't figure it out."

I couldn't believe my own ears! I was about to squeeze the head of one of my brothers?! I turned to Sandir who was surprisingly quiet during this.

"Is it true?" Was all I could manage and Sandir nodded. I felt sudden hate and anger well up inside of me and I made fists. "Why can't I remember anything?!"

"I almost killed you and our brother saved you. That is why he lies in a cell by your orders." Sandir finally spoke and the words stung in my ears. "I liked you Michelangelo. You were like a true brother to us. That's till we found the coin in your shell."

My heart sank, the coin we . .I mean they were looking for was in my shell. My fists turned white from the grip I held. My fists felt warm and I looked down to see a dark aura come out of my hands.

"You will pay for this." I said in a deep voice I didn't recognize as my self. I pulled on the chains and leaned forward. Saltar and Sandir backed up.

"Look at the little beast." Saltar said and wore his trade mark grin. I wish I could smack it off him.

"You will pay for this! The lies you told will bite back!" I shouted and my voice still deep. I blinked tight and opened to see two guardians with strange looks. "What? Scared?" I smiled and my voice demonic.

"The coin is corrupting his mind." I heard Saltar whisper and turned to him.

"I CAN'T DEAL WITH YOUR LIES! " I shouted and tugged on the sand chains. I felt the sand chains on my wrist weaken. I tugged and my right snapped. Sandir and Saltar backed up and ran out the room and the sand door shut.

"Cowards!" I shouted and released my left wrist.

No one's P.O.V.

Saltar and Sandir ran into the hallways and secured the sand door of the room Mikey was at.

"What now?!" Sandir shouted in Saltar's face.

"Well you're the leader." Saltar smiled.

"IT WAS YOUR IDEA!" Sandir shook Saltar's shoulders. Saltar smirked.

"You were the one who ruined the plan." Saltar smiled and frustrated Sandir.

"You spoiled the plan right when you put the chains on him." Sandir shouted and rubbed his sand head. "We need to talk to Salif."

"What no! He saved the turtle!" Saltar stated and Sandir sighed.

"He had a reason." Sandir began to walk to Salif's cell.

"You can't be serious." Saltar face palmed and followed Sandir. Sandir walked up to a wall of sand and placed his hand on it. He opened a door and inside sat the third sand guardian.

"Salif." Sandir called and walked in the cell. Salif sat up straight against the wall and looked at them for a second and turned his gaze away.

"What do you two want? I thought you hated me." Salif spat and didn't look back towards the two.

"Why did you save the turtle?" Sandir got right to the point while Saltar leaned against the opening. Salif turned his head to face the two. He looked in Sandir's black eyes.

"Because I thought it was wrong what you were doing. We are supposed to be the guardians of the flipping coin and now you are breaking your code to take over. I am not going to be part of that." Salif was going to cross his arms but the chains on his wrists prevented him from doing so.

"Your right and also wrong. That turtle you saved has the coin. He didn't know he had it but it is in his shell." Saltar didn't look at them and just stared forward.

"Oh no. Take me to him." Salif ordered and Saltar walked into the cell.

"Like we would let you go." Saltar snapped and Sandir undid the chains on Salif. "You got to be kidding."

Salif was about to run out the opening in the sand wall but Sandir put a hand on his chest.

"I would be careful. The coin is messing up his head." Sandir said softly and Salif nodded. Sandir moved his hand and Salif ran out. He ran down the hallway to his destination. He put his hand on the wall to find it opened.

Mikey fell to the ground at Salif's feet. Salif crouched down and held out both hands. Mikey looked up and saw him. Mikey grabbed his hands and Salif pulled him up.

"I am here to help you Michelangelo." Salif said softly and Mikey only nodded. Salif brought Mikey back into the room and the door closed. Salif sat on the bed and Mikey sat next to him. "Do you remember anything yet?"

"I remember how you saved me." Mikey whispered. "I'm sorry."

"It's alright Michelangelo. Do you remember your brothers?" Salif asked and Mikey was silent. Eventually Mikey shook his head 'no'.

"I was only told they were my brothers." Mikey whispered.

"Do you believe they are your brothers?" Salif asked a little concerned.

"I... I feel different when I am around them. Like I want to laugh and hug them but... something is holding me back." Mikey continued with whispering.

"What did those two do to you?" Salif questioned and calmly began to rub Mikey's shell.

"They chained me to the bed and Saltar started to tease me after they said I wasn't their brother and the three turtles were my brothers. I started to pull on the chains and broke them and they ran." Mikey smiled at the last part.

"If I take you out there to see your brothers and you see people other than me will you attack them?" Salif asked standing.

"I'll try not to." Mikey said and stood. "If I see your brothers though that is a different story."

Salif walked to the wall and Mikey still stood by the bed. Salif opened up the wall and peeked through. He saw Sandir and Saltar leaning on the wall near by.

"Go away." Salif said and was about to pull his head back.

"What? You can't say that to us." Saltar said and crossed his arms. Sandir rolled his eyes.

"Well you could stay out here but Michelangelo and I are coming out and he is most likely to attack you two." Salif pulled his head back in the room. Sandir and Saltar took off to a different room to pout in.

"They are gone Michelangelo." Salif said and Mikey nodded. Mikey crossed his arms over his chest and was nervous to see his brothers he was about to kill. Mikey walked though the doorway slowly with his head down. Salif walked through and the door closed.

"What is the matter Michelangelo?" Salif asked and Mikey sighed.

"I am nervous. I got angry with my brothers before I knew. They tried to convince me that we were brothers but Sandir and Saltar told me not to listen." Mikey told and Salif nodded. "They taught me how to shape with the sand and open the doors."

Salif nodded again, "You are able to do that because of the coin in your shell."

Mikey shivered and they continued to walk to the room where his brothers were. When they made it Mikey looked at the floor. Salif opened it and walked through. Mikey hesitated and stood still. The door closed and he sat still outside the room.

Salif in the room look between the brothers and they slowly woke up from their sleep. Salif crouched to the floor and put his hand on the floor. The chains deformed to normal sand and they dropped down. Raph helped Leo up and Donnie rubbed his wrists.

"I though they took you away." Donnie said and Salif stood.

"They did but something went wrong." Salif said and walked back to where the door was. He put his hand on the wall and it opened again. Mikey stood in the doorway and had his arms still crossed and head down.

"Michelangelo.." Salif called and Mikey took a few steps in. The door closed and Mikey didn't look to them.

"Mikey.." Leo whispered and Mikey looked up and his eyes shun crystal blue with tears threatening to escape. Mikey blinked and a tear dripped down his face. Salif walked in front of him and kneeled down. Salif looked in his eyes.

"Michelangelo? I see the pain in your eyes what is wrong?" Salif asked and Mikey grimaced.

"The coin..." Mikey whispered and fell into Salif's arms crying in pain.

"What happened to him?!" Raph shouted and Salif lied Mikey on his side as he arched his back and whimpered.

"I remember him doing that back at the lair back when Raph was still unconscious." Donnie whispered and looked to his brothers.

Salif looked at the three brothers and back to Mikey. He crouched behind Mikey and put a hand on his chest. Salif closed his eyes and Mikey followed. Mikey stopped squirming and was silent. Salif removed his hand and Mikey lied still.

"What-" Raph was cut off by Salif.

"I believe it is best Michelangelo tell you what is wrong." Salif stated and stood up. "You don't have to worry, all I did was put him into sleep."

Leo crawled to Mikey not using his broken arm and looked at him. Mikey snored slightly and Leo smiled.

"He's really asleep." Leo said and his brothers behind him relaxed. "So we have to wait till Mikey wakes to know?"

"It will not be long." Salif nodded and Leo rubbed his hand on Mikey's cheek. Mikey smiled slightly in his sleep and Donnie crawled over. Raph followed and sat at Leo right with Donnie left.

At that moment Mikey's eyes opened and he saw his brothers. Mikey sat up quickly in fright and scoot backwards to Salif. The three older brothers felt hurt and Salif rested his hands on Mikey's shoulders.

"Michelangelo tell them." Salif said softly and Mikey crossed his legs. He looked down at the floor.

"Remember the nightmare I had?" Mikey asked and Leo opened his mouth in shock. Donnie answered for him.

"I am surprised you even remember." Donnie said and Mikey looked up.

"Well I am remembering things slowly. But I don't remember you three yet." Mikey said and Raph's eyebrows went up in worry. "The nightmare I had the sand guardians said I had the coin and I thought I didn't. But I do have it I just didn't know."

"Where is it Mikey?" Raph asked and Mikey twitched at his name. Mikey looked down again.

"It is stuck in my shell." Mikey said and Donnie crawled to Mikey. Mikey was going to move away but the two sand hands still on his shoulders stopped him. Donnie placed hand on his shoulder and Salif stepped back moving his hands. Mikey didn't move and stared into Donnie's eyes.

"If it is stuck in your shell that would explain the pains you have been having in your shell." Donnie said and Mikey nodded. Leo behind the two with Raph crossed his legs and closed his eyes.

"Leo?" Raph whispered and Leo didn't seem to hear. Raph leaned forward and looked at Leo's face. Leo was just frozen in place. "Donnie?"

Donnie turned to see Leo and gasped. "No! Leo!" Donnie shouted and ran to Leo. He shock Leo's shoulders and Leo went limp.

"Careful with his arm." Raph commented and Donnie hands shot from Leo. Mikey stood up and saw the scene.

"What is going on?" Mikey said and started to back up. Salif stopped him and Mikey looked up at him.

"I believe the coin hasn't just affected you Michelangelo." Salif whispered not taking his eyes off his eyes.

"Leo!" Donnie shouted down at the limp still body. Raph stood up and rubbed his head. Raph walked to Mikey and he sighed.

"Do you remember what Leo is doing?" Raph asked and Mikey shook his head. "You called it hearing power."

Mikey gasped as a memory triggered at the two words.

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