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It was Christmas Eve. Mom had managed to get the hall for tonight and Meagan and I managed to convince her that a huge Christmas party that had a few wedding elements might actually be the better idea. Then she invited all of Trenton and all of Trenton seemed to show up. The 400 person capacity of the hall was tapped out and the Santos, Manoso and Plum families took up at least 200 people. We could have cut it down but Meagan had insisted on inviting kids. She refused to say why.

The President did make the guest list and had to be told by his advisors that he could not attend for security reasons. As consolation he insisted on paying for it out of his own pocket. He said that it wasn't just for Meagan, whom he adored, it was because he felt we owed people like Ranger and Lester and Meagan for their service. The result of this was that my mother got to speak to the First Lady, and between the two of them they cooked up a spectacular Christmas party that was a serious nod to White Christmas, which happened to be Meagan's favourite movie, right down to the dresses Meagan and I wore. Hers was a calf length light weight red velvet with a full skirt trimmed in white fur, mine was floor length and fitted minus the fur.

When word got out that the First Lady had been involved it spread through the Burg like wildfire and the press were now supposed to show up at the reception. That's when I started to panic. I hated being in the paper. Even for something good like this. Ranger liked being in the paper even less. Meagan and Lester had no such qualms; they'd been international news since the fiasco with Humphries anyway. What was one more story?

So Ranger and I walked into the hall by ourselves. Friends and family blocked the cameras and we went to take our seats at the head table.
Then the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on over the dance floor. Meagan and Lester were there frozen in a waltz pose. The band played an extended intro to Baby it's Cold Outside. Lester began leading her around the floor in a foxtrot and it looked like they should be in a musical. Lester was in tails, Meagan in her gown and gorgeous mile high heels.

Much to the everyones surprise once the intro was over they began to sing. They were just the right mix of flirtatious and playful. What you would expect from the song but somewhere along the way their bodies became closer you could see actual sexual tension beginning to develop.

We'd watched them rehearse this dance a couple of times without this result. The rehearsed dance flew out the window and it took on a life of it's own. Ranger raised an eyebrow when Lester's hand slipped a little too low on her back. He dipped her low for the line, "take a look outside at the storm." Then while she was singing her line "my sister will be suspicious", while still upside down in the dip, his lips grazed her throat as he pulled her out of the dip to say "God your lips look delicious" and her voice dropped from playful and clear to husky and sultry. It's a good thing the song ended not long after that because we were actually watching a seduction through dance and while never improper it was completely hot and rapidly moving from a G rating to something much much higher.

It was a picture of the dip that made the paper. The lights dimmed and when they came back up again Meagan and Lester were gone. Joe found them in the managers office in a somewhat compromising position on the desk and completely oblivious to the rest of the world. He kicked the shoe that had prevented the door from closing behind them, out of the way, and shut it and made sure that none of the press ventured down the hall.

Lester returned a little while later without Meagan. She was still recovering and the singing and dancing combined with whatever else they had been up to had exhausted her and she was currently resting on the sofa in the managers office. When it became clear that not one of the four of us would be willing to conduct interviews, the press cleared out and the party really got into full swing.

The plan for the evening was to have Christmas music play until around 10:30 so the kids could have some fun before they went home, at 10:30 Meagan and Lester were going to sing again. This time something modern, and not Christmas related, for Ranger and my first dance. Then Sally Sweet's latest band would take over so anyone who wanted to really party, could.

When Lester went back to the office to get Meagan she was gone. My mother went searching for her in the bathroom and she wasn't there either. Lester and Bobby were genuinely getting worried. Apparently she really had been weak after the dance and whatever and Lester had called Bobby back to the office to check her out. That she was missing was a real concern. What if she'd collapsed somewhere? She had been having sudden drops in blood pressure so it was possible. She might have hit her head, anything could have happened.

Ranger was just about to call into the control room to see where her tracker was, when we heard jingle bells. Lots and lots of jingle bells, and the sound of something landing on the roof of the building. There was a hush over the crowd and the kids started going nuts with excitement. "How's he going to get in Aunt Steph? There's no fireplace here?" My niece Mary Alice asked excitedly. I shrugged, I had no idea what was going on. I looked at my mother. She had nothing either.
I looked at Ranger and Lester. Ranger shook his head. He wasn't sure what was happening but from the look on Lester's face Meagan definitely had something to do with it.

"Oh my gosh mommy look at that SLIDE!" a little boy, one of Ranger's nephews I think, shouted and everyone rushed to the window to see a giant red and white slide coming off the side of the building like a giant candy cane. The drapes had been closed on that side of the hall so who knows how long the slide had been there. It wouldn't have been visible from the road or the parking lot. It could have been there all day and nobody would have noticed.

Two giant brown sacks of brightly coloured presents came whizzing down the slide and landed with a plop in the snow. A deep voice boomed through the sound system, "Thanks for your help. I have a tight schedule tonight; would you mind making sure these get to the right people?"

"No problem Santa!" Meagan's musical voice filled the room. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas Tink!" The hall was filled with the sound of hoof beets and jingle bells and something scraping across the roof. We were all glued to the window. Meagan came zipping down the slide and she landed neatly in the snow. She stood up and brushed the snow off her body. It fell in pretty clouds like fairy dust off her dress. She was wearing a Christmas Red Tinker Bell costume, her hair was done up like Miss Bell's and she was wearing a Santa hat. She had on knee high red and white socks and she looked adorable.

What had us all transfixed were the gossamer pixie wings that were fluttering softly in the light of the flood lamps. She turned to the window, and then hovered a few feet off the ground and said, "Well don't just stand there; come help me bring this stuff inside." There was a stampede to the other side of the room so the kids could go check out the slide and TINKER BELL (!) outside.

I went outside with everyone else. The only way to get to her was a long walk around the building but it was worth it. The kids were beside themselves with excitement and barely reined in by their parents. I was dying to know how she did it.

When we got there I looked around. There was no rig for a harness attached to anything. The kids were all over her and she was back in her regular dress with her hair down.

"I don't know what you are talking about," she said, "I just came out for some fresh air and found these presents."

"But we heard you talk to Santa!" M.A. said, "And you flew! We saw you fly!"

"I think you have had too much sugar," She scolded gently.

"My Mommy doesn't let me eat sugar and I saw you fly too!" Another kid shrieked to a chorus of me toos. Meagan shrugged and kept deflecting, only succeeding in making the kids more crazy. They pestered her for another 10 minutes until someone saw a present with their name on it and they badgered the bigger guys to drag the presents inside. Lester waited until it was just Joe, Ranger, Tink and I before he burst out laughing and then kissed her thoroughly. Ranger waited until they broke apart before he reached into his pocket and dangled Tink's socks in front of her.

"You left these in one of the bags," he grinned. "You realize that all of them are now convinced that you are a real fairy and you are going to be harassed every time we go see the family?"

She just beamed at him.

"How'd you do it? How'd you fly?" I asked. I couldn't help myself; it was just so damned cool. I had figured out the quick costume change easy. I realized that the maribou that was on her dress fell perfectly in line with her Tink skirt. She just had to slip on the full skirt underneath when nobody was looking. But the wings and flying? She couldn't have dismantled a rig that fast. She really was weak and she was currently leaning heavily on Lester.

"A guy with a black ops helicopter owed me a favour," she said, "He'll have left some cool sleigh tracks on the roof too for when the kids come out to try the slide."

"You never do anything small do you Princess?" Joe asked.

"Maybe not but those kids will believe in Santa until they are 30," she replied.

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