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2000 (Emma, age 8)

It was 8pm at night in Hackney, UK and quiet, but in the Ashworth's home, yelling could be heard...

"You better get your bloody arses out hereā€¦.NOW!" A gruff male voice bellowed from downstairs.

Eight year old Emma cringed and tightened her hold on the hand that was holding hers. "Shh, love. I will not allow him to harm you" Her fifteen year old foster sister murmured in her ear.

"Promise?" Little Emma whispered back. Before the fifteen year old got a chance to reassure her, Emma was suddenly yanked back by her hair. A high pitched scream tore from her lips. A few seconds later, a loud smack can be heard.

"What did I tell you lot about hiding when I call you!?" The clearly pissed (drunk) man spat.

"Leave her alone, you bastard! She's just a wee child" Kiera said while trying to take Emma from their foster fathers grasp. Just as she was about to grab Emma's little hand, she was smacked in the face. Falling on her side, she received a kick to the stomach. "Ugh!"

"No, no! Stop it, stop it. You're hurting her" The eight year old blonde child sobbed.

"You! You shut up. I'll handle you in a minute." The man said when again facing Emma. Turning his attention back to the teenager crumpled on the floor, he kicked her again just for the hell of it. Smiling when he heard a painful moan. The smile was quick to fall when he felt Emma jump on his back and felt her biting the side of his neck.

"She hasn't done n'thing to you" The child yelled from her place on the mans back.

"You bitch!" He roared.

Stumbling, he used all of his weight to fall backwards, hoping the child would loosen her arms from around his neck. What he did not expect when he got up was his face to meet the end of a steel bat. Dropping, he passed out on the floor.

"Em- Emma?" Kiera called through clenched teeth. Crawling over to where the little girl was, she was shocked to see blood dripping from her mouth. "Emma darling, open your eyes" Tapping her arm, she didn't get a response. "Come on, love. Open...Please, just open your eyes"

Eyes still closed, Emma croaked out one word, "Kiera"

"I'm here. Can you stand up for me, baby?"

"My tummy hurts, Kiera"

When Emma started whimpering in pain, Kiera ran over to their foster fathers unconscious body, and checked his pockets for his mobile. Not finding it, she ran downstairs as fast as she could in her battered state and located it. Calling the police, she informed them of what occurred. Walking upstairs again, she laid down next to the little blonde girl, and waited for the officers.

Six hours later found Emma and her foster sister in matching hospital beds, side by side. Turns out when a 6 foot something, 200 Ib man falls on you, one is bound to get some internal bleeding when your rib punctures something vital. A week and a half later, little Emma and Kiera were separated. Teenage Kiera going to another orphanage. despite protest, while Emma still recuperated in the hospital.


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2008 (Emma, age 17)

Waking up with a gasp, Emma Swan took in her surroundings. She was currently seated next to the couple she briefly chatted with before boarding the plane. They were still in the air. Taking in a deep breath, she calmed herself. Just a dream, Em. Just a dream. The seventeen year old thought to herself.

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