You know when people say "shit happens?" Well, my only explanation for my absence is, life happened. I started this fic when I just turned 21, and I am almost 24. I did not mean to abandon this fic, it's just that a months passed with the promise of updating, and the next time you open your eyes, its been close to, if not, a year and a half. It gets kind of difficult to ignore emails from FF users asking if I am still continuing the fics. I am still invested in completing my two SQ fics, (not sure about the Twilight fic), but I cannot say how often I will update. What I can say is that I have given myself a time limit to finish this fic.

Previously on From Britain With Love :

Regina hung her head in shame. "I'm sorry if it felt like I was off somewhere in my head. I wasn't thinking about him, I swear"

Emma ran her hand through Regina's hair a couple of times before playing with the ends. "Where were you then?"

"I was thinking about your subtle but sudden changes"

The blonde willed her body not to tense. "Oh?" she squeaked out.

Regina's eyes narrowed at her girlfriends failed act of nonchalance. "What is it, Emma? I might not have come right out and asked, but I noticed a change" she paused, almost scared to ask. "You're not sick sick are you?"

"Sick sick?"

"Yes, like hospital sick. Terminal cancer sick. You're hiding something"

"Oh? Like you?" Emma shot back.

"Stop trying to pick a fight Emma, and tell me. What's wrong?"

Emma held her stomach protectively with one hand, swallowing when brown eyes followed the movement. "Regina" she choked out.


Regina fumbled behind her with a shaky hand and held herself upright thanks to the dresser.

"Are you? I mean-" she waved a hand towards Emma stomach. "Are we-" she stopped talking.

"Are you about to become a mother? Yes" Emma said.

"I'm already a mother" Regina whispered before magicking on some clothes.

"Well congrats, love. In about six months, you're going to become a mother of three"

"You mean to tell me you knew for weeks that you were carrying my, my" Regina waved towards Emma' stomach again.

"See! You can't even say it. You're child, Regina! I am having your kid"

Regina gritted her teeth. "Don't change the subject, Emma. You knew for a three months that you were carrying and you didn't feel the need to tell me"

"We both know your thoughts on having a baby"

"No, we both don't know shit. We've never discussed it" Regina argued.

"It's not my fault if you don't remember what you said in the throes of sex. You specifically said that you did not want to have a child now, especially right after the curse broke"

Regina threw her hands up in frustration. "Emma!" was all she could've said. It was true, she remembered saying that, but that didn't give the blonde the right to keep something this big from her. A sudden thought came to her. "Who all knows?"

"Not many"

"What's not many"

"Gold, Jess and Addi" Emma shrugged while looking down at the carpet.

"So the whole town knows I got my girlfriend knocked up but the person who had a hand in it"

"If you remember, it wasn't your hand that got me knocked up" Emma said with a small smile.

Regina released something between a laugh and a sob. "This isn't funny, Emma"

"Do you think I find this funny? Don't you think there is a reason why I waited this long to tell you? Let us not forget the fact that each time I wanted to tell you, you were never there. You're not the one who's carrying a baby inside of them that the other parent doesn't want"

"Stop saying that!" Regina yelled. "When I said we shouldn't expand our family now, that didn't mean I didn't want children with you. I meant that now isn't a great time to start a family"

"Well excuse me for getting 'knocked up' in the first place"

Regina pinched the bridge of her nose. "I'm not blaming you, Emma. What I do blame you for is keeping something this important from me and telling other people before you tell me. I'm the mother of that child" she said, pointing to Emma's flat stomach. "Not Addilyn, not Jessika, and certainly not Gold. I am" she finished in a strained whisper.

"I never told them. Just confirmed it" Emma defended.

"Oh, and I never had sex with guys, just gave them blow jobs"

Emma shouldered past Regina, brushing her shoulder on the way out. "I can't deal with you when you're like this"

Regina turned around "You don't have the right-Emma!" she barely caught Emma as she dropped to the floor. "Emma, wake up!" she gently patted her lover's' cheek. "C'mon, Emma. I'm sorry. Wake up, darling girl" Regina screamed between clenched teeth before wiping the tears from her cheek. "Souls!" she reasoned out loud. "But why is she unconscious. We started seeing each other's past with our eyes open now" "Emma?" She questioned. Leaning down, Regina quickly brushed her lips against Emma's pink ones. "Rumpelstiltskin, I call on thee"

"What is it, dearie?" Gold questioned before the red smoke cleared.

"Emma, we were, we were fighting and she passed out"

Gold quickly knelt down and placed a gentle hand over Emma's abdomen.

Regina seeing the red glow, smacked Gold's hand away. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"I'm checking the Little One" he explained, before placing his hand back on Emma's stomach.

"Ahh, just like I feared"

"What, what is that you feared?"

"They don't like it when their Momma's fight"

Regina inhaled sharply. "They, as in more than one?" Oh, God. Emma had twins before, so what's stopping her from having another set of twins, or worse yet, triplets. Or sextuplets! Regina was still trying to wrap around her head of having another child, how was she going to deal with-

"Before you panic" Too late for that, Gold thought. "I meant 'they' in the general pronoun. I doubt you would want to know the gender yet, especially without Emma concourse"

"So there's only one in there?"

"Yes, there is only one bun in her oven"

Regina gave him a glare. "Emma. What happened to Emma?"

"I told you, they don't like it when their Momma's fight, plus Emma's blood pressure is a tad bit on the high side"

"Why didn't you tell me that first. We need to get her to the hospital"

"Regina, I said her blood pressure is a wee bit high, not that she has internal bleeding"

"Stop messing around Gold, and fix her!"

"The only fixing that needs to be done is for you guys to stop arguing for the next five months"

"Five?" Regina questioned. "I thought she was three months pregnant, not four"

"Today is the day of her second trimester" Gold responded.

"If she's four months pregnant, why isn't she showing yet? Her stomach is still flat"

"It was the same with the twins" Emma murmured before burrowing her head in Regina's lap.

Regina ran her hand through blonde locks. "You're awake" she choked out. "God, Emma. I'm so sorry"

"Not your fault" Emma said.

"I'm going to go now, but Emma, I suggest you schedule an appointment with your OBGYM"

"I don't have one"

"And that's going to change" Regina assured.

"Mmm" Was all Emma said before burrowing her face deeper into her lovers' stomach. "M'sry"

Regina ran her hand through blonde locks, and shifted on her thighs. "Let's get you into bed before you fall asleep. The floor isn't all that comfortable"

"Comfortable here" Emma mumbled.

The brunette laughed. "C'mon Miss Swan. I'm not strong enough to lift you"

"Already calling me fat and I'm not even showing yet, huh?"

"Never, mi amor" Regina assured the blonde who was now sitting up. "You'll always remain beautiful in my eyes, even a few months from now when you're feet are all swollen and you glare at me for getting you in this position"

Emma patted her stomach. "I'll never blame you for making this happen"

All Regina did was raise an eyebrow in a silent challenge.

Two and a half months later….

"Oh my gosh! No, no, no!"

"It's your turn to console her" a voice said.

"No way is this happening!"

"Are you sure? If I am not mistaken, you said that last time too"

"Of course I'm sure. Go, she's calling for her wife"

Regina's eyes went comically wide and glanced around the living room in panic. "Shhh, she might hear"

"Stop panicking" Addilyn replied. "Sounds like she's in the master bedroom"

"Yes, but still. I don't want her to know I'm going to ask her to become my wife"

"When do you plan on asking her?"

"Regina! Regina Mills!"

"Told you is was your turn this time" Addilyn snickered before patting her friends knee. I'll go see what my wife and your kids are up to"

Regina slowly climbed the stairs that would ultimately lead her to her and Emmas' bedroom. When she got closer to the bedroom, she quietly opened the door to the room and smiled a loving smile at what she saw. Emma, her lover, was standing in front of the mirror clad in nothing but a matching set grey and pink lingerie set. "What's the matter, baby?"

Emma swiveled around and glared at her lover. "What the matter, baby?" she questioned, cursing when her voice quivered and tears once again filled her eyes. She wanted to remain tough in front of the brunette. She pointed to her protruding stomach. "This baby, is what's the matter" she answered.

Regina stepped inside the room before closing the door. "What's wrong this time?"

"Why do you have to say this time Making it sound like I nag you all the time"

"Not at all, baby. Tell me what's wrong so I can fix it, okay?" Regina tried to soothe.

"I'd like to see how you can fix the fact that my underwear and bras no longer fit"

Regina stepped closer inside the room and inspected Emma from head to toe. The underwear did look a little uncomfortable, but she didn't see anything wrong with the bra. "What's wrong with the push up bra?"

Green eyes widened. "That's just it 'Gina, it's not a push up bra. My bleeding tits are suffocating in this bra" Emma gave her breast an experimental squeeze, missing the fact that brown eyes darkened in lust.

"You are gorgeous, Emma darling. Storybrooke doesn't have a wide selection of maternity clothes, so we will take a quick trip to Boston and shop for some undergarments, okay?"

"Sure" was all Emma said.

Regina suppressed a sigh. "What else is the matter?"

"Nothing of importance" Emma responded, not realizing that her accent got thicker with the lie.

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, so in addition to being the biggest I've ever been, I no longer have a brain. I said nothing's the matter, Regina"

This time, Regina didn't try to hold back the sigh. With determined steps, Regina made her way to the blonde and firmly, but gently pushed her against the mirror. "I'm getting tired of you referring to yourself as fat, Emma. There is life growing inside of you. Life that you and I made out of love. I don't want to hear you disrespect your body again, at least not while you're pregnant with my child"

Emma bit her lip in arousal. Damn pregnancy body. Damn her body, but dominate Regina was hot. "Okay" she breathed out.

Regina stepped closer to her lover, well as close as one could to a six and a half month old pregnant women. She saw that Emma liked what she did, while she did not mean to get the blonde aroused, she couldn't say that she did not like her reaction. Just as she was about to lean in and claim pink lips, she heard a sniffle. Looking up in alarm, she saw that Emma already shed two tears. "What's the matter, baby" she asked again, hoping the blonde would answer her this time.

"Do you still find me attractive?"

Regina furrowed her eyebrows at the out of the blue questions. "Of course I do. You wouldn't believe how many times throughout the day I want to just lay you down on your back and worship your body"

"So between the two of us, who's more attractive?"

That had Regina pause. "Huh?"

"Between me and Addi, who do you find more fit?"

Regina knew by fit, the blonde meant attractive in British talk, but she couldn't resist teasing the blonde. "Addilyn of course" Before Emma could say something, Regina bit her earlobe. "But if you're not just talking about physically fit" she whispered in a pink ear. "And instead you're talking about who I find so physically attractive that when I look at her, I get weak in the knees, there only one word I can say." The brunette paused for dramatic effect, grinning each time she can feel Emmas chest brush up against hers due to her panting. "You" she finally answered before Emma smashed their lips together.


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