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Chapter 1

"I sentence Harry James Potter age sixteen to a Dementor's Kiss for killing an innocent pureblood of the name Tom Marvolo Riddle in cold blood." Announced the new Prime Minister of Magic Albus Dumbledore his wand produced a bang finalising his decision.

Harry watched in shock and horror as the crowd roared their approval. His best friends and the ones he considered family being the ones that were the loudest. Harry felt his heart break in a million pieces at the look of greed and joy in their eyes at his death sentence.

Albus Dumbledore had evil smirk on his face as called for them to bring in the Dementor. As Harry felt the bone deep chill sinking in and the screams of his mother he started fighting to get free of the chair he was chained to and scream his innocence. But with his magic bound to his core unable to get free and the silence spell cast on him all he could do was watch as the Dementer lowered it's hood and reaching with it's decaying-looking hands towards his face.

He screamed with pain as flashs of memories of his mother's death, the graveyard, Sirius falling, the last stand agianst Voldemort and then the most painful the looks of joy and gread on faces of those he had loved. He felt something gentle touch his lips and he remembered no more.

In the courtroom the Dementor removed it's lips from Harry's. A small trail of mist going into its mouth. It gave the soulless boy's face a caress a gesture unseen by the loud cheering crowd before it was lead back out.

Standing side by side invisible to all mortals was Fate, Magic and Death. Fate walked up to the body of Harry sadly."Poor child this was never supose to be your fate." she mumbled.

"Those gready fools. They will regret what they have done to our favorite." Magic growled at the wizard and witches as they celebrated.

Death was silent as he looked at the fragile soul in his hands that his creation had kissed. If he wished he could easily return the soul back to it's still alive body but, he thought as he curled his hands protectively around the soul they don't deserve him back. He growled at the fools. As death he was not suppose to play favorites like his sisters did but on that fateful Halloween night when he went to collect soul of the little one he the might death was wrapped around the little soul's tiny fingers. It filled his soul with fury watching how his little one grew up. He got a thoughtful look as he stared at soul that he has came to see as one of his own as an ideal came to mind.

Fate suddenly turned around with a smile on her face. "That is a perfect ideal!" She exclaimed happily seeing the future of what Death had in mind. "There will be hardship and challenge but the end result for the little one will be all that is deserved."

Magic had a look of confusing before she read what was in their minds before a look of understanding came to her face before she chuckled. "They will have to work hard though. The little one will be clueless with the matter of the heart after the heart break of this one." She sighed sadly looking at the soul in Death's hands.

"Shall I then?" He asked. They both nodded in agreement. Fate put her hands over Death's and Magic put her's on top of theirs. The soul in their hands glowed a bright light before slowly starting to disappear.

"Live your life as it was meant to be in this one filled with love, laughter and joy." Fate stated sadly.

"Let the joy and wonder you first felt with magic not be tainted by the bad memories from this life." Magic said with a small smile.

Before the last of the soul was gone Death spoke one last time. "Farewell Harry Potter my beloved child enjoy your new life in a new world."

"So mote it be!" all three said as one as a bright flash went off and the soul of one male Harry Potter was reborn as one female Kyoko Mogami.