"Driving Jack Harkness" by riftintime

Summary: When Ianto Jones accepts the job of chauffeur to wealthy businessman Jack Harkness, he doesn't expect to fall head over heels for his handsome and charismatic new employer. Jack could be the man of his dreams, but Ianto can't see a future for them and struggles to resist temptation. Can these two lonely men find happiness together? Jack/Ianto AU.

Pairing: Jack/Ianto

Rating: NC-17/Adult

Genre: Romance

Warnings: Explicit sexual situations and adult themes, coarse language, angst.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters created and owned by the BBC. No profit is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's Notes: This is an alternate universe story, using some of the Torchwood and Doctor Who characters, and set in the normal, alien-free world.

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Chapter One

Love at first sight. Well, not first sight. Second sight... no, third sight, actually. Love at third sight. And not love, but lust. Definitely lust. Lust at third sight, then.

Ianto inwardly rolled his eyes at himself and his overzealous imagination. He reminded himself that he didn't believe in fanciful, unrealistic notions like falling in love with someone from nothing other than a pleasing collection of physical attributes. He knew better than that, and he had the bruised and battered heart to prove it. He'd watched too many of those ridiculous romantic comedies that always left him feeling maudlin and ill-content, and yet he still seemed unable to resist them and their impossible fairytale endings. Deep down he supposed he was a hopeless romantic and always would be.

Swallowing against the dryness in his mouth, he continued to watch as Jack Harkness, businessman extraordinaire, descended the front steps of the lavish two-storey house and headed with brisk, confident strides towards where Ianto waited at the open rear door of the gleaming, silver Mercedes-Benz.

Tall, well-built, dark-haired and dressed in a tailored charcoal-grey pinstripe suit paired with a pale blue shirt and sapphire-coloured silk tie, the man was breathtaking, right down to the tips of his shining black leather shoes. His short brown hair, just a shade or two lighter than Ianto's own neatly trimmed waves, was artfully arranged in a style of casual disarray, suggesting a hint of mischief and rebelliousness in contrast to the otherwise flawless businessman persona. A sleek black leather briefcase was held at his side as he spoke in hushed, urgent tones into what was undoubtedly a top-of-the-line smart phone. The movement of full, seductive lips allowed Ianto to catch a glimpse of an impressive set of perfect, whiter-than-white teeth.

However, it was the rest of the man's classically handsome face that captivated his attention. Smooth, lightly tanned skin complimented intelligent blue eyes and a strong, masculine jawline, a cleft chin completing the almost too perfect package. That chin alone could almost be Ianto's undoing. He'd always had a thing for a cleft chin, along with dimples, dark hair and blue eyes. Jack Harkness was the complete package.

Everything about the man's appearance screamed success and self-assuredness. At thirty-five years of age, only seven years older than Ianto, Jack Harkness was indisputably in his prime and knew how to look his best. This was a man who knew how to use the gifts bestowed upon him by nature to maximum, even devastating, effect.

Liking to be prepared for any given situation, Ianto had done his homework and learnt everything he could about his new employer. Harkness was a self-made man, having begun in the financial markets after completing a business and finance degree at London University. The man apparently had the proverbial Midas touch, whether through skill or luck, or a combination of both, and after only a few short years he had started his own managed fund company and was soon running a sizeable investment portfolio. Since then he'd been steadily increasing his business interests and amassed a personal fortune in the process. For a number of years he'd been based in London, but had then relocated to Wales, where he'd spent some of his early formative years before his family had relocated to America. Harkness continued to maintain a home in London, and Ianto expected some trips to the capital would be a part of his new job. Jack had been born in the United Kingdom, he was an only child, and his parents were retired and now living in Scotland. That was pretty much the extent of what Ianto had been able to find out about the man's background and private life.

The fact that Ianto was attracted to confident and experienced older men only served to further heighten Harkness's appeal, and he began to wonder if he'd made a regrettable mistake in accepting this new position. Being in the presence of this unattainable example of masculine beauty six days a week could be less of a blessing and more of a curse. Yet, he'd be lying if he said the man hadn't intrigued him from the first time he'd laid eyes on him, and it was partly that fascination that had been his reason for accepting the position. He enjoyed being a chauffeur, but he didn't actually need the job at the moment and could have devoted his time to other endeavours instead.

Squaring his shoulders and resisting the urge to straighten his tie and smooth down the lapels of his tailored suit jacket, Ianto kept his hands clasped firmly behind his back, holding his black cap out of sight. A muscle in his jaw twitched as he held his features in a mask of polite impassivity, hoping his errant thoughts didn't betray him. Fortunately, the expensive vehicle at his side and the surroundings of the Harkness estate didn't faze him in the least. Located in posh Lisvane, eight miles north of the city centre, the home was undeniably impressive with its gated entrance, cobbled semi-circular driveway and manicured gardens, the brown brick house itself imposing with its pillared entrance and tall, white-trimmed windows. Having been in the employ of one of Cardiff's richest men for the better part of five years, Ianto was used to the trappings of the very wealthy. Even the enormous garage at the rear of the house containing Harkness's collection of exotic cars hadn't particularly daunted or surprised him. Taking care of the collection on behalf of its owner really wasn't going to be much of a chore. If he could only manage to achieve a similar level of insouciant indifference to the man himself...

His new employer slipped his phone into the breast pocket of his jacket and turned his attention towards Ianto, a frown creasing his forehead as he came to a stop beside the beckoning car door.

Trying not to flinch under the man's intent gaze, Ianto offered up a small, polite smile. "Good morning, sir."

Jack's frown didn't falter. "You're my new chauffeur?" he asked in a pronounced American accent.

"Yes, that's right." Ianto gave a courteous tip of his head. "Jones, sir. Ianto Jones."

"How old are you?" Jack asked, his curt tone suggesting he wasn't used to being denied answers.

Ianto was tempted to tell the man to mind his own bloody business, but he maintained his polite countenance. He'd long accepted that his boyish features made him look a number of years younger than his actual age. He supposed that at some point it would be something he was grateful for, and if he reached the ripe old age of forty and still looked only thirty, he'd then consider it a definite plus. Regardless, Jack could easily find out his age from his employment records, so it was pointless not to answer honestly.

"Twenty-eight," he replied in an even tone.

Jack's features took on an expression of mild surprise, but he continued to scrutinise Ianto. His eyes narrowed slightly. "Have we met before? You look familiar."

Unsurprised that Jack didn't remember their previous two encounters, such as they were, Ianto nodded. "You might have noticed me at Henry Parker's funeral. I was Mr. Parker's chauffeur." Given Jack's apparent doubts about him, he added as an afterthought, "For almost five years." He cleared his throat before further adding, "You also saw me once at Mr. Parker's home."

"Oh. Yes, of course." Jack had the grace to look mildly sheepish before regaining his composure. "Henry was a good man."

"He was, sir," Ianto agreed, his throat tightening with the words. "A fine man indeed."

Jack, of course, probably had no idea of what Ianto's former employer had meant to him, the elderly man having been akin to a surrogate grandfather to Ianto in many ways. When Henry had been bedridden by illness, and Ianto's services as chauffeur no longer required, he'd spent his days in those final three months at Henry's bedside, reading to him and keeping him company. Henry had passed away at the end of June, just over two months ago, finally succumbing to a prolonged battle with cancer. Ianto had been with him at the end, holding the man's frail hand in his own, and he continued to feel the loss of his former employer deeply. Henry had been a cantankerous and grumpy old bugger all the time Ianto had known him, but he'd also had an inquisitive and sharp mind, a dry sense of humour, and beneath the brusque exterior had been a kind and compassionate man. He'd also shown astonishing generosity to the people he valued in his life, as Ianto could attest to personally.

Discomforted by the swell of emotion and Jack's searching gaze, Ianto lowered his eyes. "Shall we go, sir? To your offices in the city?" Forcing himself to meet the other man's eyes again, he added, "Miss Sato provided me with your itinerary for the week."

Toshiko Sato was Jack's assistant, who had met Ianto at the house the day before to show him around and give him access to the garage and the house itself, of which Ianto was permitted to enter via the service entrance at the back and use the facilities offered by the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. Jack had been on a business trip to Zurich until the evening before, which was why Ianto was only now meeting him properly.

Like many wealthy people, Jack Harkness employed a small team to deal with the mundane details of his life, although Jack's team was modest. In addition to Toshiko, and now Ianto, there was a household cleaning crew that came in one day a week and a gardening contractor who took care of the grounds. In addition to driving Jack around and taking care of his cars, Ianto's duties included dropping off and picking up laundry and dry cleaning, accepting food deliveries, and any other errands Jack decided to bestow upon him. Ianto had immediately liked the quiet and efficient Toshiko, who had explained that while she was primarily Jack's assistant in business matters she also looked after his household needs when required, such as finding Jack a new chauffeur. She'd seemed relieved by Ianto's arrival, Jack having been without a chauffeur for several weeks since the departure of his previous man. Toshiko had explained that Jack valued his privacy, which explained the lack of any other full-time staff despite the substantial size of the house.

As far as he knew, Jack didn't have a partner or significant other, and he thought Jack must be rather lonely rattling around in such a big house on his own. Personally, he preferred the cosy comfort of his modestly sized two-bedroom flat in nearby Pontcanna. Still, he supposed wealthy men like Jack had to spend their money on something, and from his research he knew that Jack was a generous philanthropist. Jack had likely worked hard to amass his riches, and Ianto didn't begrudge the man whatever excesses he chose to indulge in. He just wasn't sure he saw the point if there wasn't anyone to share it with. Money could solve a great many problems and make life considerably easier, but it couldn't guarantee happiness. He wondered if someone like Jack Harkness was genuinely happy. He doubted it, unless the man was so superficial that the only things he cared about were wealth and success.

Jack nodded. "Good. Did Toshiko explain your duties?"

"Yes, sir," Ianto replied.

Jack swung his briefcase into the car. "Okay, well, if you have any questions, just let me know." He paused as he stepped into the back seat, a glint of amusement in those shrewd, captivating blue eyes. "And, Jones? There's no need to call me sir. Jack is fine."

Ianto carefully weighed his words before responding. He decided that he needed to keep things as businesslike as possible with his obscenely attractive new boss, who was even more stunning up close, much to Ianto's chagrin. He also happened to wear aftershave which smelled amazing.

"If it's all the same to you, I prefer to keep things on a formal basis." He offered Jack an apologetic smile. "It's, uh... it's what I'm used to."

A flicker of irritation passed over Jack's features, but he shrugged and climbed into the car. "Suit yourself."

Holding back a grimace at his first misstep, Ianto gently closed the door and tugged on his cap. He prided himself on his efficiency, competence and professional etiquette, and he hated to get on an employer's bad side at any time, especially within the first few minutes of the very first day.

As he settled into the driver's seat and turned on the car's ignition, he glanced in the rear-view mirror to see that Jack had extracted a slim laptop from his briefcase. His head was lowered, his gaze fixed on the screen, his new chauffeur apparently already forgotten.

Stifling a sigh, Ianto slipped the car into gear and navigated around the curved driveway, out through the electric wrought iron gates, into the quiet street, and headed towards Cardiff's city centre.