My Own Prison
Zoids: Guardian Force
Part One
Written by Col. Karl L. Schubaltz

Author's Notes-- Zoids Guardian Force does not belong to me. But Mjr. Darien Aethelwulf does however, use discresion

Fort Sovereign was one of those places that you didn't want to be caught without your Zoid? The region Ft. Sovereign sits on sufferes from a Russian winter all year long, it is that far North. A lot of pilots have to upgrade their zoids' systems to handle such cold climates. The one place in Planet Zi that he dreaded going to was Ft. Sovereign, although it was a heavily secured Imperial fort. There was a large mountain range behind Ft. Sovereign, that's where a lot of the ice zoids practiced their manuevers.

"Colonel Schubaltz." An officer saluted, his breath seen in the frigid weather. "The Iron Kong Mk-II and DiBison are now upgraded to handling the climates."

"Thank-you, Captain." The strawberry-blonde colonel continued to hold the coffee mug close to his body. The ship finally docked at the fort's harbor, causing it to jar a little upon impact. There was three figures standing there, bundled in bearfurs and whatnot. The handsome colonel got off the ship, his lieutenant brother in tow. Shaking the snow out of his hair, he walked over to the taller of the two figures and saluted.

"General Trisha?"

"Long time, Colonel Schubaltz." The older woman smiled and saluted, she had the markings of a first-rank general. "Looks like you still hadn't put meat on them bones."

"He eats, ma'am." The lieutenant responded with a smile. "But he's one who doesn't gain an ounce of fat on him."

The grey-haired general laughed out loud, she patted Col. Schubaltz on the back and smiled. "Welcome to Ft. Sovereign, the coldest place on Zi."

They walked for the door of the base, looking at all the defenses installed. "All the defenses are of optical capabilities."

"Correct, lieutenant." Trisha responded with a nod, then the doors opened. "We're using the optical system to help us better track the ice pirates. They like to use Helcats."

"Typical." The lieutenant scoffed as the doors closed, that got a reaction from the other man.

"Our radars spotted something huge below the mountains." Trisha reminded them, her blue eyes sparkled with the dim light of the hallways. "We're guessing it's another large zoid."

"I see. Have you looked into excavating it?"

"We can't really excavate it, Schubaltz. You know that. The mountain is a dorment volcano, most of the ice here is unsuitable for melting and consumption because of the high levels of toxins in them."


"Hey, what are all these Bearfighters here for? Bearfighters are Republican zoids."

"They were pirated from the Ice Bandits of the area, confiscated by our elite forces."

"That's why they probably switched to Helcats."

"Yes, Col. Schubaltz." Trisha nodded, adjusting her glasses. "Although they are nothing more than common thugs and rogues, they are too well-organized to be that."

"You think they were a unit dismissed by the Empire?"

"Or the Republic." Trisha looked at the younger man with an angry look on her face. "There is a Republican base 50 miles east of here, they are always mooching on our supplies."

"..." Schubaltz nodded, the elevator stopped.

Trisha walked down the hall, leading the two men with her. On the farthest end was a pure black K├Ânig Wolf with red eyes and what looks like no weapons systems at all. They spotted a very handsome young man with nice, silky blue hair repairing its' leg. He wore black pants, black combat boots and the only thing on his back was his uniform jacket and even that was held on by the shoulders. His body was very studly and he was a looker. His glasses glittered off the dim light, he turned to look at Trisha.

"Major, you're almost out of uniform."

"Stare all you want, old hag." The bishounen Major smirked playfully and blew her a kiss. "You ain't getting a piece of this man's ass."

"Shapen up, Major Aethelwulf, we got company from the capital itself."

"I shall run along and practice my curtsey." The major buttoned his jacket once and crawled down the ladder. The strawberry-blonde colonel suddenly caught the handsome major's eyes and his fancy. He tipped his hat upward and continued down the hallway.

"I don't know what to do with him." Trisha sighed defeatedly, then they continued down the hallway toward her office.

"Colonel, your Iron Kong and DiBison have fully been loaded into the hangars."

"Thank-you." Col. Schubaltz nodded, his hands on his hips.

"We should be getting a comminicae from the capital." Thomas reminded the older woman, his hand on his Beek unit.

"So soon? You just got here."

Schubaltz adjusted his hat as they entered the office, Trisha sat down in her seat and cleared her throat. Before they began, the silent alarms sounded.

"Those damned ice pirates!" Trisha snarled, her hands on the arms of her chair.

Before a word was spoken, Schubaltz and Thomas ran into their respected zoids and tromped out into the snow. There were Helcats everywhere, Schubaltz's eyes narrowed.

"Beek, send over the sound waves!"

Beek whirled, sending them both sound waves of every Helcat, but Thomas noticed something off about one of them. He looked up at the horizon, Schubaltz opened fire immediately.

"Karl!! S-something's wrong!! I just feel it!"

"We can't talk right now!"

Thomas's eyes locked onto the snowy field, he saw the heat signatures of an all-familiar weapon. "KARL!!! SOMEONE'S FIRING A CHARGED PARTICLE BEAM!!!!"

Schubaltz turned around to see the ice pirates with a badly maintained Geno Saurer. It was missing one arm and its' leg was badly wrecked. Firing the beam, the leg broke off, sending the Geno Saurer flying backward into the snow drift. The beam nailed the walls of Ft. Sovereign, the Helcats continued to fight off the two Imperial officers until the oddly constructed one arrived. It was so close to the Iron Kong Mk-II when it released a massive flare right in plain sight of the cockpit. Schubaltz screamed, covering his eyes of the intensely bright light. When the flash was gone, he couldn't see at all, Schubaltz was shooting his cannon blindly.


"Christ, I can't see, Thomas!!"

"That was a flare bomb!" Thomas's eyes widened, he used Megalo Max to destroy the remaining Helcats. But the Geno Saurer was able to pick itself up again with its' one arm. The purple and black zoid charged its' beam, aiming at Schubaltz. Everything was pitch black to him, Schubaltz couldn't see the hand in front of his face. The Geno Saurer fired, to Thomas's utmost shock the Iron Kong Mk-II was engulfed in the beam. After the blast, the Geno Saurer collapsed again but the Iron Kong Mk-II was no more.


Beek whirled once then Thomas looked up at the flagpole on one of the towers. Standing there in full Imperial officer's uniform, actually standing there with no problem was Mjr. Aethelwulf. Cradled in his arms like a bride in a groom's arms, was Col. Schubaltz.

"This is what I call a close shave."

"Retinal scans show some damage, but nothing that can't be corrected with the right amount of laser surgery and cybernetic graphting." The doctor said, removing the retinal scanners from Schubaltz's eyes.

Rubbing one eye with his black leather gloved hand, Schubaltz reached for his shades with the other hand. He was in civilian clothes which was nothing more than a yellow and green sleeveless skinsuit with kneehigh brown boots. He slid the shades on his face, looking at Mjr. Aethelwulf. "I would have been dead if it wasn't for you."

"You don't need to thank me, Colonel."

"You deserve an award of some sort."

"How about I make him your second-in-command?" Trisha asked, smiling brightly.

"I refuse." Schubaltz turned his attention to the grey-haired general. "You know what happened between me and my last right-hand man."

"Yes, but Darien is very trustworthy, he hasn't failed me in the past."

"No, I refuse."

"Permission to slap you in the face, Colonel." Trisha growled, anger in her eyes. "I'm 68-years-old, Schubaltz. I want to retire in peace, I don't want Mjr. Aethelwulf to be burdened with my....."

"Wendy?" Schubaltz's voice lowered, he saw the look in her eyes. "Alright, appoint Aethelwulf as my second in command."

"Thank-you. I knew I could count on you."

"Well, yeah... you trained me."

"I heard stories about you, Colonel Schubaltz." Darien walked down the hallway with the bishounen colonel.

"Yeah, my reputation preceeds me."

Before walking into his temporary office, a muscular arm stopped the blonde Imperial officer from going any further. Schubaltz turned around to see that he was nose-to-nose with Darien. "You have the prettiest green eyes, I can even see them through your shades."


Darien grinned slyly and very devilishly, he finger pressed against Schubaltz's nose. "You're cute when you 'talk' dirty."

Schubaltz gasped, blushing, Darien pulled away from the colonel and flicked his bluish-grey bangs back. "You stolen my heart, Colonel, I'm touched." He walked away, still folding his arms.

When Darien was out of earshot, Schubaltz's back hit the wall, almost in a spell. "He's definately a tease... but there's something quite attractive about him."