My Own Prison
Part Four: One Sweet Kiss Goodnight

Warning: Mild Karl/Thomas incest, nothing TOO severe...

"Are you hurt anywhere else, Lt. Schubaltz?" Yyelena asked, patching Thomas up with a medical kit. "Tell me where it hurts."

"Just my arm got hit by the explosion..."

"Good." The red-headed captain finished patching up Thomas's arm. "Don't move it too much, you'll be fine."

"Easy for you to say, this is my steering arm."

Yyelena walked up to Schubaltz and saluted, her expression still in shock. Schubaltz's uniform was blood and torn to say the least, but the skin and flesh underneath was still in tact and flawless. The effeminate colonel saluted, but his green eyes were glazed over with shock.

"Casualties are high, sir. They surprised us."

"I'll say."

"Mjr. Aethelwulf, please. Don't make jokes like this." Yyelena reminded him.

"Please, Yyelena... he meant no harm."

"Y-yes, sir." She remained composed, but her fa├žade cracking. "Anything else?"

"Clean-up the base as much as possible. We'll bury the dead afterward."

"...yes, sir."

Yyelena walked away, leaving Schubaltz and Darien to their privacy... Darien's slender hand touched Schubaltz's cheek, his fingertips gently touched his soft, silky strands of blonde hair. Breathing lightly against Darien's warm skin, the sounds of his own heartbeat was fast, yet not too compressing. Darien's index finger tucked under Schubaltz's chin lightly, his thumb pressed against his pouty lips. The blue-haired immortal tipped Schubaltz's head up slightly, so they were eye-to-eye... slowly and silkenly, their lips touched. The brim of Schubaltz's uniform hat caused the headpiece to press backward against Schubaltz's scalp, letting some soft, wheat-gold hair escape their confines. Darien used his free hand to procure Schubaltz's hat from his head while his arms snaked around the effeminate colonel lovingly. Schubaltz's hands clasped the fine fabric of Darien's black Imperial uniform, their lips never leaving the other's. But like all good things, the kiss had to end, the two immortal lovers parted slowly. Their eyes gazed longingly into the other's, Darien's deep pools of violet was a near contrast to Schubaltz's light green.

"You need to repair your uniform, kitten." Darien joked light-heartedly, then with a soft, low tone of voice, he whispered, "Meet me in the garden after dark."

"This fort has a garden?" Schubaltz blinked, but as quickly as he did his double-take, Darien was leaving for the door. The cereulean-haired arch-mage turned around and gave Schubaltz a wink, plus he puckered his lips. Schubaltz grinned and winked back, but his bubble of love was bursted by Thomas's loud voice in his right ear. He jolted around, his arm swinging with him, the Colonel bopped Thomas in the shoulder.

"DEEOW!!!!!" Thomas screamed bloody murder, it was his injured arm. "YOU IDIOT!!!!"

"Sorry..." Schubaltz put his arm to his side and put his hat back on his head. "What do you want, Thomas?"

Thomas grabbed the folds of his brother's uniform, then unbuttoned it apart. Schubaltz's white button-up shirt was stained with blood and torn where the harpoons went through and the bullets entered his back. Then the quirky lieutenant took off Schubaltz's white shirt, revealing to everyone in the room his nice, studly body.

"Are you quite done yet?"

"Karl, I saw you get ran through by barbed, spiked AND poisoned harpoons!! That's not the kicker... the kicker was I saw you peel yourself off them and fight as if nothing happened!!!!"

"Nothing did happen, Thomas. I assure you..."

"Nothing???" Thomas showed him the bloody shirt. "This proves otherwise!! What happened, Karl? You can tell me."

Schubaltz pulled the shirt together and buttoned it up, his expression changed from shocked to sad. "I took a daunting task onto myself, a task I vowed to share with Darien."

"That is...?"

He turned toward the door and stepped off the platform, Schubaltz tipped his hat downward with his hat. "From this day on, I can never die... I can never get sick, grow old, get poisoned..."

"You're immortal."

"Ja." Schubaltz's eyelids fluttered shut, he continued down the hallway.

"But.... wait!!" Thomas rushed to the door, watching his brother leave in the darkness. "What about me, Karl!? How's it going to feel when you watch me on my deathbed, old and grey!? Your own flesh and blood brother!!!"


Tears formed in Thomas's sad green eyes, his hands balled in fists. Without hesitation, Thomas darted for his brother, slinging his arms around him despite the burning pain. He buried his face in Schubaltz's side, letting out a series of deep, loud sobs. Thomas looked up at Schubaltz, tears falling softly down red, anger-tinted cheeks.

"I don't want to lose you, Karl!!!! I don't want you to go!!!!"

"I-i'm not going anywhere, Thomas..." Schubaltz's own eyes were watering, his hand stroked Thomas's curly dark-blonde hair. "I'll be here like I always am. I maybe Eternal Walking.... but I'll never leave you."

"But what about 45 years from now?? I want to be with you forever..."

"...Thomas... I....."

"K-karl!!!" Thomas buried his face in Schubaltz's side, his shoulders rose up and down, indicating that he was crying.

He watched Thomas sleep, his arm still bandaged and slung to his chest. The moons shined in the window, barely illuminating the room. Examining the skin where the harpoons impaled him through, he felt new, smoother skin where it would have been scar tissue. His green eyes shifted back to Thomas as he slept soundly thanks to him crying and painkillers for his arm.

//I don't want Thomas to be alone either. He is mortal and now I am not... he doesn't accept that.//

He shifted in his sleep, but winced upon leaning on his arm. Thomas moaned softly and painfully, but got help from Schubaltz as he pulled Thomas in his lap, cradling him motherly-like. Instinctually, the lieutenant had his hand on his brother's chest. A few soldiers passed by outside, making somewhat of a ruckus, but Thomas remained asleep.

//I don't know if Darien would allow it... but I don't want to leave Thomas... I can't. Thomas is my only family.//

Some time passed, the moons were no longer in the window. Thomas had scooted back into his own bed, Schubaltz continued to watch his brother. Getting up upon the alarm clock hitting 2 AM, he put his hat back on and turned for the door. He turned around, leaning down so he was nose-to-nose with Thomas. Schubaltz's right hand rested on the other side of Thomas's body, his blonde hair slipped down off his forehead.

//What if Darien says no? I-i'll lose Thomas forever...//

Schubaltz's eyes watered some upon the very thought of it all, but it prompted him to do the unthinkable. His lips pursed slightly, then pressed gingerly against Thomas's. He kissed his brother for a few seconds before lifting himself up and leaving the bedroom. As soon as the door went click, Thomas's eyes slowly opened.... he woke up the moment Karl's lips touched his....