A/N: This is an Alternative Universe (A/U)-based fanfiction. A lot of OOCness and Dark/Drama/Angst stuff. The pairing is unknown.

This fanfic was created while I pondered on the faults of society and oppression individuals face everyday.

*Warning* Do not suspect this fanfiction to be based on just fluffy love. There is violence, sexual situations, profanity, racism, depression, and drugs. Even though love is thrown into scenes, it is only there because of the original plot. I know this warning may sound like a message that wards people to read it, but give it a chance and enjoy.

The Wine Mistress
"Prologue: Once upon a time..."

Nothing more than a worthy wench to spend a night with. Drooling, lustful men buy their time for their body. For an amount, their customer's nights fill with the heat of forbidden affairs, and taming of animalistic cravings. Even if their body is used purposely for the benefit of another, they enjoy their work and sometimes use their professions to lure rich men into the invisible leashes, twisted around their hands.

They were not Courtesans. In fact, those girls were called Seductresses. Though a Courtesan's purpose is most alike that of the Seductress, the Courtesan is very high-priced, and is more than a one night stand. Courtesan's were beautiful women with the services of being a date, to acting as a fake fiance. They had the right to pick their suitors, and most pick high profiled, clean, young men to be escorted by.

One difference that stands out between a Courtesan and a Seductress was that the Courtesan is not all for the sex. Actually, the Courtesan has every right to turn down a demand for sex from her suitor. They believe that a suitor must show they are worthy spending a night in bliss with a Courtesan.

In the Kingdom Belai (prounounced as it sounds: Bell-aye), lived one of the most valuable Courtesans of the time. A beautiful young woman named Tifa; nicknamed 'The Wine Mistress' to all the young suitors, was the most wanted of them all. Despite her vivid beauty, she carried a keen intelligence that made many men adore her in more ways than one.

As you can imagine, having to be the most wanted, her schedule was often busy. And because she recieved many customers, some who's even had her for the fifth time, she became wealthy and owned a mansion in the center of the city.

Being that of highest attention from men, Tifa often grew tired of her duties, yet she never backed out from her work. Beside fulfilling the wishes of the man, she perceive that not all men desire a woman only for the sake of sleeping with them. Tifa could also be a motherly and friendly figure; talking to them and comforting them about their problems, and filling them with insight. All, if not most, compliment her of her talent to relieve a man's soul with such lovely words.

But Tifa was also a fierce, dark, woman. When people mean nothing but to exchange pity, she is cryptic and harsh. She never liked people who had lesser faith and boasted. It was a mystery she carried within her that many men accompany her to find the reason out.

An 'intellectual demon of a Courtesan', one of the many descriptions of her, as men talked amongst themselves when balls and parties where being set up, and most of those parties and balls were held by high officials and prefected individuals.

But of course, when one is so highly noticed, comes the hissing of opression from society and others. Seductresses, who ran a whole different line than Courtesans, despise the other group all because of the jealousy they felt from none other than the most respected of them all. They felt that a Courtesan is no different to a Seductress other than a Courtesan was more picky to their suitors, and don't fulfill sexual desires of those suitors for that matter. The mere difference,they felt, wasn't enough to rate Courtesans respectable escorts that Seductresses.

Competition between the two groups of servicee by women, grew viciously in the past year (when the Wine Mistress came to business), and Tifa's higher competitor was a voluptuous Seductress named Aeris; nicknamed 'The Venus' to her customers.

Aeris the Seductress was most wanted of her kind. Also popular to many men, she was elite in her work, as elite as Tifa is with her own. But, beauty in Aeris, outstands her soul more. She was also dark, fierce, but overly competitive. Never did she care of the well being of her suitors, it was all for the pleasures for her and the large amount of cash she recieves for it.

It was safe to say that the competition between the two was close to a tie. Both of them talented in their own ways; both of them wanted highly in their society; both of them popular to the eyes of men. None was ahead than the other as of now.

Yet, the fight between the better choice of women flourished in the city. And it wasn't until the curiousity of one man, who made contact with both sides of the story, that the question of best of both women was answered.

...As well as the other questions brought along the way of his journey.

--End of Prologue--