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The Wine Mistress
"Societal View of the Seductress.."

Elegant balls, full of all kinds of people: Lovers; Sinners; Porcelin dolls; Rag dolls; Kind people; Harsh people.

All of them the same to her.

Nothing but mindless idiots, parading around the stable ground of the planet. Nothing but souls full of need, despaired with pain, living in a life denied to be as hell. They were all casings of empty bodies, only full of every deceitful act and promises every created by man.

Everyone was... is, and she only found one other living creature who seems to think so.

Aeris was a woman who owned many souls of men. Gifted with beauty and body, she served well in her line of work, and was the first to ever respectingly own her own title and nickname as a Seductress. Although she acts to many praising for her work, and even advertise and boast about them, she found that her choice in life was much a mistake.

All the nights she stared up on ceiling walls after men she courted ended their sexual release, she would think of why she had to come to this. To come from a wealthy family of Barons and Baroness', into a highly paid prostitute used only to fulfill the needs of others. And the thoughts that multiplyed in her mind every night before sleep, it occured to her that they were now more than just thoughts, but concerns.

She was doubting her life.

She stared hard, the edges of her face sharp and precise, as the women who've come to the ball innocently with their husbands, gazed at her as if she reeked of spoiled eggs. Their nose crooked and aimed at her as she stood beside her unmoving partner, in which she regretted to take the offer from.

She moved the long chestnut strand of hair away from her eyes as the figure of the woman in the plum dress and her handsome customer swayed along with the instruments of the band, making circles as the woman's plum dress spun in a hypnotizing haze.

She scowled then, and turned away. Away to the women who eyed her like dirt; much rather prefering their spiteful sight than her rival and envy.

After a while of scowling at the hating wives of the ball, she grew tired of standing like a statue as she watched one by one, the wives and their husbands, join the many others gather in the center of the high-towered room to dance.

"Don't you feel like a moron? Standing here, the only couple.. If not dance, than tell me so I can just sit and glower the whole night," she seethed through her lips of ruby red to her partner who stood silent.

"Sit then, and end this fretting of yours. Like a schoolgirl, my god," he muttered to her in such rudeness she found, that as she sat at the nearest round table, she suddenly didn't care if the man brought her reputation to the ground. It was just her luck, to service the oldest brat of the whole Belai.

It was not only that the man was more of a child than, well, a man, it was also the fact that his attention has been wavering more to her rival. She rested her palm under her chin as she watched ellipses of cloth hover to the knees of women before falling slowly back to there ankles, and boredom consumed her as the woman in the plum dress laughed gayly.

Everytime she would see her act so natural and enjoyed during parties and balls, it always had struck her odd. Her rival, and deep within her, her only ally; Tifa was a mystery in a well-wrapped box. True she found her as a threat, but knowing that Tifa thought life as nothing more than a phase until death, she found a small connection of hate towards life, therefore found her as the only one who would understand her thoughts if she ever let them out.

Aeris knew the woman was very much a pessimist; scowling all the time, taking her life for granted; and the way the woman could fade into someone adorable in such a short time when with others was inspiring. She had never met a person who could turn to Life itself, easily flip them the bird, with no concern for punishment at all. She even got the point where she believed Tifa held a black hole in the area where her heart should be.

Tifa is a rival to her, and an idol. A woman she would gladly befriend, and yet her rash demeanor toward her popularity over exceeds in will. This was the truth. If given the chance, Aeris knew she would atone to the Courtesan, whom she despised for not caring a damn bit if her reputation was ever destroyed by her or any other thing. To this, Aeris wondered why the woman became a Courtesan at all, if not for the attention of all men and for the money.

To Aeris, this life she herself lived was nothing more but proof that she can be whatever the world had to offer. This being one of them. Being a Seductress was proof that she could be wanted. And money was just a bonus to it. And the sex? Nothing but an accomodation for the job. It was needed for the popularity, for the hording men and their needs. Not necessarily enjoyable in all occasions, actually she felt that it would fit her more if her work had the decision to have the sex in the end of the night or not (just like the Courtesans did).

Her eyes moved suddenly as her partner was crowded by other men, older men, who was now asking him of reasons as to why he was not dancing in the middle of the room with her.

"Aeris has requested to skip this one out; her feet had been bothering her all afternoon, as she claimed."

"Bastard.." she grumbled under her breath, but did not bother to reply to her 'dear, special' partner for she found it normal, and was used to being bossed around. Sighing she went back to watching the fantasy-filled dancing of the room, her mind absorbing her own small illusions of her and a sweet man who claim to love her forever twirling happily across the room.

"Would you care to dance, Lady Aeris? I've noticed you sitting in a great bored despair for a while now," she looked up in surprise as Tifa's handsome customer smiled kindly down at her. Flustered, she sat straight up and skeptically eyed him.

"Tifa's partner, asking me to dance? It's my lucky night," she moved her eyes to the woman in the plum dress sitting a little ways away sipping a glass of wine, "Won't the 'ever-so-lovely' Courtesan be upset if she spotted me dancing with you?"

The man looked at her with raised brows, "I believe she won't. It was her request that I ask you because she inspected that you had made a great mistake to be escorted by the young Shinra."

Shocked and confused, her eyes went to the woman in the plum dress again, this time she had caught her gaze and a small gesture of her glass of wine to her before the woman turned her sitting body towards the crowd of dancers. Tifa's face showed no pride in her work to shock her, or showed anything as far as expressions in the face for that matter; as if requesting her own escort to dance with her enemy was all but an act of uncaring charity.

Looking behind her as Rufus had not noticed that Tifa's partner had asked her to dance, she stood up with a sly smile in her flattered face, "I only hope she would still be okay with it if I happen to steal you away from her all night."

The blond man with elusive hair chuckled at her remark and stuck out his hand for hers, "Shall we go, Lady Aeris?"

Placing her hand on his, welcoming his warm and gentle touch, Aeris reflected his kind smile and nodded.

--End of Chapter 4--

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