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Chapter Seventy Seven


Peter was still sulking and it was beginning to get on my nerves, agreed we hadn't told him we were going to Greece, or that Sara might be there but we were back safely and it wasn't as if he'd missed an epic battle or anything. When I spoke to Charlotte about it she tried to explain,

"Peter is a law unto himself Bella. He sees himself as The Majors right hand man and being usurped by Darius really upset him. He'll come round in time, for now just try to ignore him."

That was easier said than done as he stomped around glowering at everyone including Charlotte which was really unfair, she hadn't known so she couldn't have told him. I was beginning to think our tantrum ridden teenager needed a swift kick up the backside when Jasper came to the rescue although he above all of us hadn't seemed to notice Peters mood or he just accepted it as part of his friends character.

We were sitting by the huge log fire Peter had lit insisting it was going to snow and none of us felt like arguing the point with him, it would only lead to a heated exchange, yet another one.

"Right Captain, you've had your sulk now get your head out of your ass, Darius has asked Sara to marry him, something he never got the chance to do before and we are organising the wedding"

This was news to all of us and both Charlotte and I started querying how Jasper knew this then seeing his smile I understood. Peter was the first to know and he was going to do the organising. He brightened up immediately.


"Here if its OK with you."

"Sure, why not. We did one I'm sure we can do another. Any special requests?"

"Yes one from me"

Peter looked at me suspiciously,

"Go on."

"Make it as special as mine Peter and they'll be over the moon."

You could almost see his chest puff with pride as he nodded grinning,

"Will do Bella. Right, you and Charlotte sort out the invitations and the dress, flowers, all that crap OK?"

"I thought you were organising the wedding"

He came over and patted the top of my head,

"That's women's work Bella, The Major and I have more important things to sort out. Just let me know who's coming OK?"


I knew this would kick Peter out of his bad mood and if I hadn't done something Bella might well have stabbed him or something, he was really getting on her nerves. I didn't let Peter get to me, I just accepted that sometimes when his pride was hurt he could be very childish but he was my best friend and the one I would trust at my side first every time, after Bella that is. The next day Peter and I visited his friend Saul and once again hearing about Sara and Darius he came up with the perfect wedding ring, the band was engraved with the symbol for eternity.

"Do you think your friend will like it?"

I nodded as Peter pulled out his wallet to pay, but again Saul shook his head,

"You can owe me Peter. One day I might want your help."

We left and I text Darius not to worry everything was under control. He and Sara had stayed in Greece for a month just making up for lost time and they were flying back next week. The wedding was going to be a surprise for her so we wanted it to be magical.

"Magical, now that gives me an idea Major."

"As long as it's not a bad idea"

"Hey I can do romantic, remember your own wedding? The way things are going I could hire myself out as a wedding organiser, do you think there's much money in it?"

"Peter you wouldn't last five minutes. The first time someone disagreed with your ideas you'd throw a tantrum and lose your customers."

He thought about this then nodded ruefully,

"Yeah I guess you're right, the worlds full of ass holes who don't know a good thing when they see it. Anyway, let's get going, we've lots to do Major and only a week to do it in."


When The Major told me Peter was the main organiser I started to panic but then I thought of the job he'd done on his wedding to Bella. I would trust him to do as good a job and if he didn't? Then I'd kill him later. I was in such a good mood I couldn't stay worried anyway. I had my precious Sara back and she'd agreed to marry me. We spent the hours we weren't making love talking about our time apart and I was relieved to hear that Athena had treated her kindly. Now she was dead the bond forged by Chelsea was broken but my sweet Sara still couldn't say anything bad about her saviour. I filled her in on Bella and her father and she seemed fascinated,

"It's a real love story and I can see its changed The Major, he's softer, kinder somehow."

"I think Bella has that effect on all of us Sara."

"What about Garrett and Charlie? Will they be at the ranch? I'd love to meet Bella's father."

"I have no idea, last I heard they were in London visiting a friend of Garrett."

"Its strange being free to travel and see old friends. I missed Charlotte, she was always so kind to you. I'm sorry Darius, sorry you were so unhappy for so long. I had Athena and Chelsea to take my pain away but you..."

I kissed her lips to stop her from speaking,

"The only thing that matters is you are here in my arms now my love. Lets try to forget the past."


Darius seemed uptight as we drove to the Whitlock ranch and it worried me,

"Is something wrong?

"No, how could there be? I have you beside me and the sun is shining, I'm as happy as I could ever wish to be"

Two people stood at the entrance to the ranch beside a Winnebago and I recognised Bella and Charlotte as they flagged us down.

"I think the girls want you to go with them Sara but don't worry I think you'll like the surprise"

I looked suspiciously at Darius and noticed his eyes were sparkling with excitement, something was going on. I kissed him then joined the girls as Darius drove on to the house.

"Hello again Sara, we understand you've agreed to become Darius wife"

Suddenly everything became clear and I opened my mouth in shock but Bella put a finger to her lips,

"Come in to our fairy grotto and prepare to become a princess."


I couldn't help a smile as I got out of the car which Emmett just as quickly got back into and drove out of sight. Standing in the front yard was a flowered arch with hundreds of twinkle lights threaded among the flowers and the floor was sprinkled with glitter dust.

"Don't say anything, just get into your suit."

I nodded at The Major and followed his directions to my room where Peter stood with a huge grin on his face,

"Never thought I'd see the day, congratulations Darius but don't think for one minute I've forgotten you left me out of the Greek escapade."

"I wont Peter but can we drop it just for today?"

"Sure, there you go."

He studied his watch ostentatiously,

"You have precisely forty minutes to get your ass ready."

I looked at the suit on the bed, it was different I have to say. I wasn't sure the red jacket with its gold sash was really me but at least the trousers were black although there was a thin red strip running up the seam. Oh well I'd asked for it getting Peter involved so I gritted my teeth and got showered and changed and I have to say once on the suit looked really good if a little Disney Prince Charming.

The Major stood by my side waiting for the bride as the sun went down and handed me a small box,

"Don't drop it. We haven't paid for it yet."

Hearing the sound of horses hooves I turned to see the most beautiful sight. My Sara dressed in a long white flowing gown, her hair hanging loose but threaded with red bows and white flowers, sitting side-saddle on a white stallion which was led by Charlie. I'd wondered where he'd got to, I'd seen Garrett when I came outside but I'd missed Bella's dad. Walking behind her, also in long flowing gowns but these were red with gold belts were Charlotte, Rose, and Bella. This was truly a dream come true for me. Charlie helped Sara from the horse and held out his arm for her to take then walked her slowly over to put her hand in mine with a smile. I don't remember much of the ceremony which was conducted by Emmett, all I remember was being mesmerised by the beautiful creature at my side, my wife Sara.