She wanted to be swallowed down by a huge hole. It was horrible, her wheelchair being pushed by Lorna, on her way to Alex, and all those other inmates were staring at her, hushed whispers all around her. On their way though, a guard said to Piper that Caputo, the assistant to the warden, wanted to see her.

Lorna was about to turn around when the guard took hold of the wheelchair and said that he would take over. She was glad that he was one of the few nice ones and not Mendez. She was genuinely afraid of that one.

When they reached the office, the guard knocked on the door and was called in. He pushed Piper up to the desk, next to the chair, before stepping out and closing the door behind him.

Piper looked at her lap, fidgeting with the hem of her shirt.

"Inmate." She didn't look up. "Look at me."

She did. His voice was firm, but there was a genuine kindness about him. She only talked to him once before, and from all the officials she had contact with in this prison, he was her favorite, though his mustache made him look a little creepy.

"First of all, I am really sorry about your legs. It must be horrible."

He sounded genuine enough and Piper gave a half hearted shrug. "My own fault. Now I have to deal with it." She didn't feel half as nonchalant about it as she tried to make it sound but she didn't want to break down in front of him either.

"Now, there is one really important matter and I need you to be honest with me. Don't protect anyone because lying about this will get you in SHU and I really don't want to put someone there who just found out that she can't use her legs." Piper looked down again. "Where did you get the heroin from?"

"I…I honestly just found it under my pillow. Someone sneaked it there." She stared right at him. "I swear."

He sighed and leaned back, running a hand through his thinning hair. "Do you have any idea who it could have been? Do you know of an inmate smuggling drugs?"

Piper remained silent. She was scared. She wanted to see Alex. Usually, she would twitch a leg up and down in a situation like this; it was a nervous habit, deeply carved into her memory, something so natural and it didn't happen. It felt wrong.

She wanted to cry.

"Chapman." Caputo leaned forward. "Do you know something?"

His gaze was penetrating and she wanted to look away but she couldn't. He mouth closed and opened a few times when suddenly her shoulders sagged down and she slumped against the back of her wheelchair. She was tired of this, of her whole situation. She just wanted to curl up in Alex's lap, have her run her fingers through her hair while she slept for hours and hours, without any drama, fears, without prison and addictions.

Without disabilities.

"You wouldn't believe me anyway."

Caputo leaned back, adjusted his tie before folding his hands over his stomach. "Try me."

"I think it's the guard Mendez."

She would've laughed about the way Caputo's brows suddenly shot up if the situation wouldn't have made it highly inappropriate.

"Come again?"

"Mendez. The guard. When I…when I was in the middle of my withdrawal, he would escort me in the night to the nurse so I would get my medicine. He sneaked me a syringe then. Inmate…an inmate stopped me from using then…it wouldn't surprise me if it was Mendez." She shrugged. "I saw him getting a blowjob from another inmate for drugs. But you won't get any names of inmates from me. I don't want to involve any of them in this."

Caputo looked as if he was punched in his stomach. He slumped back in his chair, ran his hand again through his barely-there-hair again. "We don't have any real evidence on him aside from your word."

"What about the syringe I used? Didn't you have them looked at or something?"

"They were clean aside from your fingerprints."

"Then check out his fucking car tomorrow or something?"

Caputo considered it for a moment before nodding slowly. "Yeah…yeah, that's actually a good idea."

Piper shook her head in wonderment, finding it sad that she had to point out the obvious out at him. "Are we done?"

He looked confused for a second before nodding at her. "Yes…yes, right, we are done. Thank you for your cooperation."

He was about to call for a guard when Piper spoke up again. "Mr. Caputo, sir?"


"Umm…could I…could you assign me to a new counselor?"

"Why?" Dread already appeared on his face. It was obvious that he didn't want to have to deal with more problems on top of the matter with Mendez.

"I don't feel comfortable with him and he…threatened to put me in SHU in case I got close with another inmate."

"Well, you do realize you can't have sex in prison?"

She blushed a little. "Well, yes, but he doesn't like that particular inmate and he has this weird lesbian fetish going and I just…please?"

He sighed at her, giving up when she made those big bambi eyes. "Alright, I'll see what I can do."

Piper gave him a beaming smile. "Thank you so much sir. You are the best."

His ears took a red hue when he called for the guard to take her out.

She was still trying to get used to controlling a wheelchair. Never having been particularly strong, moving the wheels made her arms ache quickly but she didn't want to be pushed around from random people or from people whom she hardly knew.

She tried to find Alex but didn't know where she was and where to look first, so she stopped next to two young black girls, one with a shaved head and a pretty face and fit looking body and the other was thicker all around and had positivity all around her. Piper felt safe enough around them so she asked them if they knew where Alex was.

"Who?" The thicker one asked.

"Umm…Vause? Alex Vause? You know; tall, pale, dark hair, hot gla- um, I mean, uh, glasses. Just glasses." She blushed furiously at her slipup.

The one with the shaved head smirked at her. "I know who ya mean. C'mon, let me help ya."

"That's okay, uh, you can just tell me-"

"Shut up blondie and let a bitch help ya white ass out, man!" The thicker one interrupted her before breaking out in laughter, high-fiving the thinner one in the process.

"Alright…thanks, um…?"

"Poussey." The short haired one pointed to herself. "Taystee." She pointed to her companion.

"Thanks, Poussey and Taystee." Piper smiled at them.

Poussey pushed the blonde's wheelchair in a lazy pace, she and Taystee greeting other inmates every once in a while, when she asked Piper the question the blonde knew she was dying to ask.

"So, what happened to your legs? I seen ya walk around just like yesterday."

"I'm pretty sure there had to been rumors around here about what happened." Piper replied, her voice low.

Taystee spoke up. "Yeah, bitches said you od'd."

"It's true. First time I got lucky. This time it damaged some part in my brain and now I can't use my legs anymore."

"That sucks. You gotta stay away from that shit now though. Ya ain't have that kinda luck ever again, blondie."

"I know."

They arrived at the common room where Alex, Nicky and Lorna were sitting on a table, talking. Pipe couldn't stop the smile that was rapidly growing on her face. She turned back to the two girls who accompanied her. "Thank you both, I'm okay from here on."

"Not a problem." Poussey grinned at her as she and Taystee both waved at her goodbye.

Piper then wheeled herself towards the table when Nicky looked up at her direction. "Holy shit, Chapman!"

Alex nearly fell down from her chair when she turned and got up, all in one move, before rapidly closing the distance between the two.

The brunette dropped down in front of the blonde, a hand on one of Piper's legs, running a thumb over what was once one of Piper's favorite spots to be touched by Alex.

The blonde shrugged in frustration, her lower lip started trembling and her eyes started to burn rapidly as she felt them well up with tears. "I don't feel anything…" Her voice was shaking as she grabbed Alex's hand, stopping her.

Alex sighed, her eyes full of sadness. "I'm so sorry, Pipes…"

"Why? You didn't do anything." She scoffed. "This is my own fault."

Alex stared at her, a small laugh escaping her lips as a big smile appeared on her face.

"What?" Piper raised an eyebrow at her.

"You are alive, Pipes." The brunette looked up at Piper, a rare thing in itself, but what made Piper catch her breath was the amount of love and relief she saw in that one gaze she received from Alex. Just then it made her realize how scared Alex must have been, wondering if she was alive or when the doctors would make her wake up; if she would ever wake up. "You are alive." She breathed it out, a shaky smile grazing Alex's full lips. "I am pissed at what you did but I am so happy."

Piper smiled back and touched Alex's cheek, her smile widening when Alex leaned into the palm of her hand. "I'm so sorry, Alex."

"You better be. I am really so pissed at you."

"I know."

"You could have died!"

"I know…" Piper sighed. "Can we go to the table?" The blonde suddenly asked after looking around. All eyes were on them.

Alex nodded and immediately went to the back of Piper's wheelchair, pushing her towards Nicky and Lorna.

When they reached the table, Piper was greeted by a wide grin thrown her way from Nicky. The crazy haired woman looked almost teary eyed when she threw a weak punch at the blonde's shoulder. "I'm glad you are back, even if you had to be rolled here. But what were you thinking man?"

Piper looked down at her lap, her fingers fidgeting against each other. "I wasn't thinking…I just…I'm sorry."

"You realize I will take it as an insult that you told neither me nor Vause that you were struggling."

She nodded. What was there to say? Piper knew that she screwed up; big time. She made Polly and Cal go through her overdosing not once, but twice. She betrayed Nicky's trust and loyalty; she made Alex lose her almost again- although this time it would have been permanently.

"It's okay now, Pipes." Alex took one of her hands, interlocking their fingers. "Honestly, right now I am just relieved that…that you are here."

The blonde smiled at their hands, caressed Alex's with her thumb, drawing lazy circles over her smooth skin. They used to hold hands often, back in their glory days when the world was theirs to conquer and now, all these years later, holding hands with the brunette still was like second nature to her. It was marveling.

"So…" Nicky began. "Are you like, you know, disabled waste down or is it just your legs?"

Lorna slapped the bushy haired redhead on her arms and looked apologetically at the blonde.

"It's okay." She gave the petite brunette a reassuring smile. "It's just my legs, thank god. I don't have need of a catheter or something, but it's really annoying to have to sit all the time…sometimes it just gets to me, y'know?" Her voice started to waver and her grip on Alex's hand tightened. "I used to go on runs often, before I started using and…and I promised myself, that once I get out I would start running again and now…I can't do anything!"

Alex moved her chair closer to Piper and pulled the blonde into a hug, which the blonde accepted readily, her arms locking fiercely around Alex's neck, pulling her closer as she started to sob into the brunette's neck.

Nicky and Lorna looked sympathetically at the blonde before Lorna got up and pulled the redhead with her, wanting to give Alex and Piper a little privacy.

Alex gave the short woman a grateful smile before resuming her consoling of the sobbing blonde. Piper calmed down after a little while but kept her arms locked around Alex, her face still buried in her neck. "I don't know how I am going to do this, Alex." She mumbled into the brunette's skin.

"We will make it through this. I promise you, Pipes. I am not going to leave you alone in this."

It was a teary, messy grin she gave Alex when she pulled away. There were doubts and fears- she had to admit to herself- when she wondered if Alex would stick by her after this. Piper knew that she was fucked up, that being with her- especially now- was a dangerous thing to do. A relationship with her nowadays meant work, patience and an insurmountable amount of trust. No person she knew would want to be with a disabled ex-junkie who overdosed twice and needed a pacemaker on top of the wheelchair. She was a broken person, someone people would be better off without.

But then there was Alex. Piper just grinned at her, her hand caressing the smooth skin of the brunette's cheek.

"I love you so much, Alex." She had to say it. If she didn't, she would implode.

The brunette grinned; a wide, happy and innocent grin, so far off from the usual smirk guarding her insecurities. "You said it first."

A small chuckle left the blonde as she leaned forward but not before looking around for a guard. When she saw none, she closed the small gap between them, bracing herself on Alex's arm as the brunette grasped the wheelchair, keeping it from rolling away under the blonde.

It was a feeling so different and yet so familiar, when her lips touched the brunette's. Her heart still sped up the same way, her skin still tingled the same way, and her core still heated up rapidly the way it always did when she would kiss Alex.

When they separated, Piper threw a small teasing smile at Alex. "You have to say it back."

Laughing, as she remembered those words so vividly, Alex pecked the blonde's lips. "I love you too."

The blonde was grinning from ear to ear and she felt like she was about to combust. This was it. This was what she was waiting for, what she wanted to hear again since she left back in Paris. She was happy; genuinely happy without the help of drugs, without having to poison her body.

Piper bit her lower lip, hoping that this wouldn't be too forward, as she looked at Alex, her eyes filled with desire. "Let's go inside the chapel."

Alex's eyes darkened with lust as she got up wordlessly and pushed the blonde's wheelchair towards their destination.

"So, there's no problem down there?"

Grinned at Alex over her shoulder, Piper felt her cheeks heating up as a faint red hue was coloring them. "I already did a test run one night in the hospital. Everything works just fine."

A strangled chuckle escaped the brunette as she felt her sex heating up at the image of the blonde fingering herself. "Good to know."

Piper's legs were around the brunette's shoulders, placed there by Alex. She wished she could squeeze them, she wished she could lock them firmly around the love of her life but she had to make do with what she had and that was a lot.

Alex's tongue inside her folds, licking and slurping on her wetness, her lips around her clit, sucking and sending her mind reeling. She groaned as she felt two long digits enter her, her fingers tightening inside the raven locks. She knew she must be a sight to hold; her blonde hair a mess, her cheeks still stained with tear streaks as she broke down on Alex not even an hour ago. Her legs limb and lifeless on Alex's shoulders and Alex's face firmly buried between them.

She groaned as she felt herself inching closer and closer to the edge. Her body started to tense and she couldn't keep quiet. "I'm coming! I'm coming, I'm coming…"

Alex smirked up at her for a moment, her mouth and lips glistening with Piper's wetness. "Show, don't tell." And she dived back to her favorite place.

She clamped her lips firmly around Piper's clit and suckled and licked, her fingers pumping in and out of the blonde mercilessly, driving her over the edge. Piper's back arched and she sagged back down, a satisfied lazy smile on her face as Alex untangled herself from the blonde's legs, putting them gently down before crawling up to meet Piper's lips, making her moan as she tasted herself.

"Horrible, wasn't it?"

Piper giggled, her heart jumping at remembering their first time- though it ended badly- but it was amazing that Alex remembered everything, as did she. "The worst."

They both laughed together and suddenly Piper felt like everything was alright. She felt as if they weren't in prison, as if she could still walk, as if she wasn't an addict. She felt like 23 again.

Reaching up, she pulled Alex down again, kissing her fiercely before breaking it again, just so that she still felt they lips brushing against each other.

She smirked as another memory resurfaced; one of her favorites.

"I want to taste what you taste like."

As Alex closed in on her lips again, moaning into her and declaring her love for her over and over again, she knew that she would be okay.

With Alex, everything was always okay because Alex was everything.

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