Stay With Me

A/U. Story title from the song "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith.

Sometimes what you want and need are one and the same. Finn wanted her. Finn needed her.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. Songs are the property of the writers/singers. Glee characters are the property of Glee.

Chapter 1

Finn Hudson really, really loved his life. He was at such a good place. After all of the heartache and disappointments of his past, life was really good now.

Finn had worked hard to get to this point. He was from a small town in Wisconsin. There were no large shopping malls. Just small specialty shops along a 2 block Main Street. There was a ice cream parlor, a 1-screen movie theater (that showed movies that were at least 2 months old), a small public library, police/fire station. Add a few small business offices and that was downtown.

A few blocks over was a small strip mall with a bowling alley, video game store, a family restaurant, printing shop, second-hand clothing store, nail salon, and a hardware store.

Needless to say, if you wanted to take a girl out on a Friday or Saturday night, "road trip" to the nearest mid-size town about 20 miles south.

The small high school he attended had a total of 500 students. His graduating class had 88 students. It wasn't really hard to stand out in such a small school but quite hard to get noticed in the region, state or nationally if you dreamed of a sports scholarship to a Division One school.

So, starting with Finn's junior year in high school, he decided to really work hard and dedicate himself to chasing his dream. He was the starting quarterback of the football team (since his freshman year) and the starting 1st baseman for the baseball team (won that position mid-season his sophomore year when the starter blew out his ankle). He had spent his first 2 years cruising on his extremely good looks, his popularity and athleticism. He had rarely paid attention in class. Got other students to do his classwork. He spent his lunch periods hitting on girls, goofing off with his best friends and teammates or making out with his chosen female companion of the week.

Finn was a very attractive young man. He was 6'4" with broad shoulders, strong muscular chest. He had tousled, thick, messy chestnut brown hair, strong jawline, gorgeous amber eyes, dimples, and small but plump lips, all of which drove the girls crazy with desire to be with him. All the guys either wanted to be with him or envied him.

But, during the summer before Finn's junior year of high school, he had an epiphany. Sure Finn knew he could continue cruising by (barely) on his assets but none of it brought him true enjoyment or made him feel good about himself. He stood looking at himself in the mirror. He saw a lazy, cocky, underachiever. So, Finn decided that he would start improving his conditioning, grades and overall person. He would assert himself his junior and senior years. He would make the recruiters noticed him. He reestablished his goals to excel in sports, greatly improve his grades. He wanted out of this town. He wanted to attend a Division one school and make his parents proud of him. And most of all, he wanted to be proud of himself.

And, he had done it. He graduated high school with a 3.6 GPA. He lead his football team to the state championship(and was the MVP for the game). He scored very high on the SAT (after grueling hours of studying and attending "How To Take The SAT" seminars). He dated only 2 girls his last 2 years of high school; the last one being a quiet, unassuming girl who helped him develop excellent study habits. He really liked her and they parted as close friends. They still emailed each other sometimes. She was attending college in LA.

And that's how Finn Hudson ended up where he was at this point. He lived in a student apartment complex for athletes. This section, the Hawthorne section, was for the football team. Finn was the starting quarterback for Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. He shared his 3-bedroom apartment with 2 of his teammates. Matt Robinson, who was Finn's favorite receiver, and Noah Puckerman, star running back.

The 3 of them were not only teammates but best friends, all rising seniors and looking hopefully to the spring NFL draft. Matt was from Charlotte, NC, the largest city in the state. He was an Educations major. He was dating a performing arts student named Keisha, whose campus was across town. Noah (or "Puck" as he preferred to be called) was a Music major, concentration on Acoustic Guitar. Puck had been in a relationship with Sara, a girl he met freshman year, up until May. Sara graduated and decided to go to grad school in Ohio so they had parted ways. Now seems Puck was trying to date every girl on campus.

Finn was a Communications major with a concentration in Broadcasting. His grades were good, not great. He was lucky to find a job his freshman year at a local nightclub. He started out as a busboy, advancing to a server/disc jockey to his present position as a bartender once he reached the age of 21. He worked in the summer and during school breaks now due to his heavy school schedule.

He had been with his present girlfriend since his junior year. Stephanie Dunning was a stunning 5'8" pre-law student. She was smart, blonde, and had a body that Finn really appreciated. They were in a comfortable relationship. They recently hadn't been able to spend a lot of time together because of their busy schedules. She was interning with a local law firm and worked part-time downtown. She was from Connecticut and had gone home for the early part of summer to decompress. But they still emailed, texted and tweeted each other daily. He really liked her and their relationship a lot. They were good together, in more ways than one.

Smiling at his luck, Finn turned over in bed, closing his eyes as sleep took over him. He had a long day tomorrow. Preseason summer conditioning was starting in the morning and he wanted to be well rested.