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Remus couldn't believe it when the letter flashed in front of his eyes. Why now? Was Harry in danger? Where was Dumbledore and did he know about this? Did Severus?

He looked at the note again and swore. Severus was going to kill him. Hell if Lily was alive, no matter how much he loved her, Severus would kill her for keeping a secret this big.

He knew he only could do one thing and that was go to the man and beg for mercy. He wondered if he should get Lucius involve. Lucius could usually calm Severus in a way that only an older brother could, but would Lucius help him or would he help Severus rip him to shreds?

There was only one way to find out. Remus took a deep breath before grabbing a handful of floo powder and saying,

"Malfoy Manor."

Lucius looked up at the unwelcomed visitor, he wanted to yell get out, but years of etiquette and training had him saying,

"Lupin, what an unexpected surprise."

"I'm sorry to bother you Lord Malfoy, but I need your help and your promise to hear me out before jumping to conclusions."

Lucius raised an eyebrow in curiosity. What could the young werewolf be so afraid of? It was so unlike the younger man.

"I give you my word as a Malfoy that I'll hear you out before passing judgment."

"Thank you my Lord."

"Would you like some tea?"

"That would be wonderful," Remus said sitting down.

Once the tea was brought over, Remus took a deep breath and said,

"This is about Severus and Lily."

"Go on," Lucius said his interest peaked. His brother's love affair had been a sore spot during the war, but he knew Severus still loved the woman more than life itself. He also knew Severus' biggest regret in life was letting her go, even if it was to keep her safe.

"As you know Lily married James just six weeks after Severus left her."


"What you didn't know is, Lily was pregnant with Severus' son."

"I assume she lost the baby as she didn't tell Severus about a child and the only child she has is Mr. Potter."

"That's what I thought too, but tonight I received this letter," Remus said handing over the letter.

Lucius took the letter from the outstretched hand and started reading,


If you are reading this James, Sirius, and I are dead and Harry is just about to enter Hogwarts…

Lucius stopped reading and asked angrily,

"You've had this for the past ten months?"

"No I swear to you it only came tonight," Remus said.

Lucius returned his attention to the letter.

You cannot allow him to go, if the Headmaster ever learned the truth, Harry would be in great danger. I know you are loyal to Dumbledore, but the man you know isn't the great savior you think he is.

He took Severus away from his son and me. Yes Remus, Harry is Severus' son. I used a stasis spell two weeks after Severus left me. Did you never wonder why I married James so quickly? You knew my love for Severus was true. Yes I loved James, but that love was always as a friend.

Don't worry James knew the truth. He was the one that figured it all out. The Headmaster wanted us to marry and create the perfect weapon to destroy Voldemort. James wasn't going to have anything to do with that and cast anti-conception spells every night unbeknownst to me. I wanted Harry to have a father who would love him and not put him in danger. The night I told him I was pregnant; he sat me down and said that he knew the baby was Severus'. He also promised to love the child no matter what. James was a wonderful man. He even helped me with the potions and charms to hide the fact that Harry was Severus'.

The night Harry was born I realized why the Headmaster didn't want Severus and I together. I knew Sev's was half Dryade, what didn't realize was that I was half Sylph. That night it all made sense. Dumbledore knew and was afraid that any baby Severus and I had would be too powerful.

It was one month later that Dumbledore told us there was a prophecy about Harry and Voldemort. Harry was supposed to defeat the greatest dark wizard of all time.

My guess is if you got this letter, Dumbledore's plan worked and Voldemort believed the prophecy. More than that, our spells to protect Harry worked and he was able to defeat him.

So you maybe asking yourself, why I don't want Harry to go to Hogwarts? Voldemort should be dead and Dumbledore's prophecy was fulfilled. Harry should be safe, right?

No. Dumbledore will keep using Harry for whatever plans he had and I assure you he has many. The second Dumbledore met Harry he realized how much power he had and if anything Dumbledore loves power, almost as much if not more than Voldemort. I fear the day when Dumbledore discovers where Harry got his powers. You can't allow that to happen. You need to tell Severus the truth and you need to keep Harry safe.

Thank you for everything and know James, Sirius, and I will always love you. There is a letter in here for Severus as well. Please give it to him.



Lucius read the letter for a second time and asked,

"Did you read Severus' letter?"

"No, I knew it would be too personal, besides it's in a different envelope," Remus said giving the older man a smile.

"I also think it would lead to bloodshed," Lucius said smiling back.

"I still don't understand why I got this letter today. Do you think Sirius died?" Remus asked.

"No, I would have been informed. Narcissa is next in line for the Black fortune."

"So why today?"

They were interrupted by a pop.

"Yes?" Lucius said irritably.

"I'm sorry to bother you, but there had been a disturbance at the home of Harry Potter. He was just cited for the use of underage magic," Lucius' solicitor said.

"Please send for Severus Snape and make sure you use an official summons," Lucius said.

"Yes sir."

"Do you think Harry's ok?" Remus asked.

"My guess is no, but I promise you by the end of the night the boy will be here and safe."


Harry sat in his room nursing the black eye his Uncle had given him before pushing up the stairs to await his punishment. He couldn't believe how much trouble he was in. Why had that stupid house elf shown up? His lie about being able to use magic had kept him safe all summer. His Uncle hadn't beaten him once, and now the man was going to make up for a summer worth of beatings in one night. Harry wondered if he would survive this encounter?

Every bone in his body told him to run. But where? He couldn't go to Hogwarts; Professor Dumbledore made it clear that he needed to spend his summer with his family. Harry had tried to explain why he did want to come home, but Dumbledore told him if he behaved himself that his Uncle wouldn't become violent. Harry wanted to argue that his Uncle was always violent and that his Aunt didn't care about him, he never had enough to eat, and that his cousin beat him as well, but Dumbledore handed him a lemon drop and sent him on his way.

The next place that came to mind was Ron's. He couldn't go there because he didn't know the way and he didn't think wizards had telephones. At that moment he wished he hadn't sent Hedwig to Hermione's for the summer, but the look on his Uncle's face when he saw the owl made him set her free before they even reached the car. He wasn't going to let anything happen to her. He knew she would be safe with Hermione… wait he could go to Hermione's. He knew she lived in London so all he needed to do was find a phone book. Harry made up his mind at that second. He was leaving Privet Drive, before he lost his life.

Harry packed a bag, but he needed his things for Hogwarts. He still couldn't believe his Uncle had locked them in the cupboard under the stairs. He knew he couldn't leave his stuff there, but how was he going to get it?

Harry smiled to himself and grabbed the invisibility cloak out of his pocket. He walked over to the window and climbed out, as he made his way down the trellis his heart was pounding wildly. He knew Dumbledore was going to be angry, but he had to think about what was best for him right now. Maybe in a few weeks it would be safe enough to return home, but tonight he had to get away.

Once on the ground Harry looked into the dining room window. His Aunt was cleaning up the mess while his Uncle was drinking from a bottle of brandy, which Harry noticed with a grimace that it was half gone. At that moment he knew he made the right decision. The last time his Uncle had beaten him when he was drunk, he had broken two of Harry's ribs and had given him a concussion.

Harry mustered up his Gryffindor courage and opened the door. He was positive that his Aunt and Uncle were going to hear the beating of his heart, his fear was so great. If they caught him out of his room, he knew he would be praying for death before they were done with him. He slowly made his way to the cupboard under the stairs and opened the door. He grabbed his trunk and put it on the rollers he was so glad to have. He turned to make sure no one had noticed before slowly making his way to the door.

Harry swore the twenty feet to the door felt like a mile. He was shaking so hard that he was having trouble pulling his trunk. The second he reached the door, he started running, tears falling down his face as he left the only home he had ever known.


Albus Dumbledore swore the second he heard the alarms going off at Privet Drive. What in the devil had the boy done now? It took him only seconds to realize the boy had left. It was the only explanation for the wards going down.

He didn't have time to deal with this. If he did, Harry Potter would be one sorry little boy. The boy would face the wrath of a poly juice version of him as Vernon Dursley. The last time he did that, it had left Harry with two broken ribs and a concussion. He smiled as he remembered Harry begging him to stop. The boy was just too easy to break. He had to keep him down or Harry would be more powerful than he was.

Well Dumbledore decided he would send the next best thing. Severus hated the boy and would likely punish him before taking him home to be beaten once again by his Uncle. Sure Severus would only spank the little brat, but getting the beaten after one of Severus' spankings would hurt the boy something fierce. He would have to write Dursley and tell the man to cane the boy on his sore backside.

Dumbledore sighed and called Snape, hating that he wasn't going to get a turn with the boy tonight.

"Yes Headmaster," Severus said smoothly as he walked into the Headmaster's office.

"It appears Harry has runaway from home. Would you please find him?"

"I told you the boy was out of control!" Snape snarled.

"Then reign him in before you take him home."

Snape smiled slightly and said,

"You realize I'm going to treat him as I would my Slytherins, right?"

"Yes and for this foolishness, he could use a sore backside to help him remember to stay home and not throw childish temper tantrums. Just so you know Harry was cited for using underage magic today," Albus added knowing he was just adding fuel to the fire.

"Don't worry Headmaster, Harry will be home with his beloved family before bedtime and he will be sorry that he ever left the house."

"Thank you Severus, I knew I could count on you."

Severus walked out of the Headmaster's office smiling. He had wanted to put Potter over his knee since the night of the troll. The boy risked his life too much and was flaunting the gift that Lily had given him by sacrificing herself so many years ago. He would not allow the love of his life's sacrifice to be squandered because a naughty little boy who couldn't do what he was told.

Oh how he wished Potter had been sorted into Slytherin. The boy would've learned early on that he would not allow Gryffindor foolishness. The boy would've been safe all year, instead of facing the Dark Lord all alone in that stupid trap Dumbledore had set to protect the stone.

His thoughts were interrupted by a summons. It was an official summons from Lord Malfoy, one if he did not attend to, could lead to sanction. His brother rarely used his Nymphai power, so this must be important.

He picked up the Portkey that was in the summons and said,

"The Noble House of Malfoy and Prince."

The second he arrived Severus said,

"Look Luc, whatever it is you need right now will have to wait. The Potter Brat is missing and I've been charged with finding him."

"Severus, sit down."

"Luc, I have…"

"Severus, I said sit down," Lucius said harshly.

In that moment Severus realized that they were not alone. He cursed himself for not giving his brother the respect he should and hoped that he would not get penalized for it later.

"Please forgive my rudeness."

"It is forgiven. I know you need to find Potter and I know exactly where to find him, but first there are things we must discuss."

"How do you know where he is Luc?" Severus asked his curiosity overriding his sense of propriety.

"We'll get to that later. First I need you to promise to hear Remus out and not interrupt until he is finished."

Severus looked over at a guilty looking Remus Lupin. What had the werewolf done to look so upset? And why was Lucius involved? There was only one way to find out.

"Of course, Luc."

"Sev, I owe you the biggest apology ever. I hope one day you will forgive me for keeping this secret for so many years."

"Remus, please get on with it. Mr. Potter is alone on the streets of London," Lucius said dryly.

"When you left Lily was pregnant. I honestly thought she had lost the baby and that was the reason she ran into James' arms. The actual reason was that she wanted to keep your baby safe."

"Lily would have told me!" Severus said angrily.

"She would've but she knew the danger you were in on both sides and knew that the baby was in danger as well. Dumbledore wanted another pawn to play his game, luckily he'd asked James to provide him with said pawn."

"I don't understand."

"Dumbledore wanted to create a worthy opponent for Voldemort. He tasked James with the job of getting Lily pregnant. James didn't want his son used in such away, so he cast anti-conception charms on himself each night. Lily didn't realize that and let the stasis spell she had preformed on your baby go two months after they had wed. James knew the baby wasn't his and they both realized that the baby was in even more danger. They knew Dumbledore had ordered you to leave Lily meaning that he did not want his pawn to be your son. They worked together to keep Harry's true identity hidden from the world."

"And you've known all along that my son was out there being raised by muggles!" Severus demanded.

"No, I honesty thought she lost the baby, but tonight I received a letter," Remus said handing Severus the letter.

He read the letter in seconds.

"Where's mine?"

Lucius handed him the letter.

My Dearest Love,

To be honest this is my fourteenth attempt of writing this letter. I'm glad I am not alive to witness the hurt you must be feeling right now.

I remember the night I married James and how you came to me in tears. I wanted to tell you that night about our baby, but I couldn't. Dumbledore and Voldemort were running your life and it wasn't safe. You told me that yourself when you said you understood and hoped that I would be happy with James.

I know there is no excuse for me keeping your child from you. My reasons extend from the danger you and Harry were in. The night I gave birth to Harry I found out that I am a Sylph.

I was so scared that night. James and I decided on a home birth. He had taken all of the classes and we knew he could deliver the baby. Going to the hospital would've been out of the question. I knew that Nymph births were different, what I didn't know was about the power the Harry expelled the second he was born. James was knocked on his arse.

At that second we realized that something else was going on. Two days later James did an inheritance spell on me. I found out that I was adopted and that I was half Slyph. To make matters worse my father was Voldemort. You are the only one to know this. I don't want the world to realize that Harry is the Grandson of Lord Voldemort. Dumbledore had to have known and that was why he wanted James to get me pregnant and not you. A double Nymph would be too powerful for him to handle, but felt that with James' training the boy would be the perfect match for his Grandfather.

Please take care of our son and never allow him to attend Hogwarts. The Headmaster will feel how powerful our son is and I'm sure he will try to destroy him.

Please forgive me my love and know I have never stopped loving you.

Love always,


Severus sat down and put his head in his hands. This couldn't be true. His son was the grandson of the Dark Lord and a double Nymph to boot. How did he not know that Harry was his son? He should've known the boy was Nymph blood at least.

"Stop beating yourself up Sev," Lucius said gently.

"I treated him with such disdain last year. How am I going to fix this?"

"Show him the true Severus Snape," Lucius said smiling.

"Quit being the bat of the dungeons," Remus added with a smile of his own.

"Did you put the family trace on him?" Severus asked.

"Yes, it appears that the boy is on a bus to muggle London. He will arrive at King's Cross Station in about an hour."

"Will you please prepare a room for him?"

"Of course. I will put him in the room across from yours."

"Thanks Luc. Remus, thank you for bringing me this news," Severus said giving the werewolf a rare smile.

"You're welcome."

"If you will excuse me I have a naughty child to pick up."

"Sev, make sure you listen to him. There may be a good reason for his stunt tonight," Lucius said.

"Yes, he's a spoiled brat having a tantrum."

"If you wish to change your relationship with the boy, you are going to have to change your thinking. Give him a chance to explain what happened tonight. If you feel he is being untruthful use Legilimens," Lucius said.

Severus nodded his head and walked out of the manor.