I wanted to go deeper into the side story in 'Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch' in which Rose has moved there and meets DI Alec Hardy and tells him about her past. This story has more details about Rose's relationship with John Smith, a college professor who she meets after she has been left in 'Pete's world' and who is the spitting image of The Doctor and goes into much deeper details unlike the original story and in the original, Rose had not met The Doctor and this story has a different ending and a few surprises along the way.

Some paragraphs are used from the original story.


They were happy, looking for a house to buy. Dr Jonathan Smith was a college tutor who Rose had met in her final year just a few days after the start of term. Rose was just twenty when she was rescued by Pete Tyler from being sucked into the void. She had never finished school in her own universe and before doing anything else, Pete had insisted Rose enrolled in the local college and get some qualifications while he and a team were re-establishing a new Torchwood and Rose worked part-time at Vitex to earn cash to support herself. Pete had taken Rose under his wing and given her and her mother a home in the mansion, having more than enough spare rooms and his house had seemed empty since his wife's death and it was quite clear that Jackie and Pete were still fancying each other in any universe. Rose was now twenty two and John was thirty four when they met. They had planned to wait for Rose to go on study leave before they had started dating properly in public and she had to tell her mother he was a student.


Doctor Jonathan Smith, tutor of Science and Physics. That was the nameplate on his classroom door Rose passed three mornings a week on her way to her business studies class, having to ignore the fact that the man she loved was teaching a class of students behind the door. They had to keep their relationship strictly out of the classroom because he would have been dismissed and no amount of intervention from Pete Tyler, who was unaware of Rose's relationship would have saved John's job.

It had all started two days after the start of the new term, Rose's second and final year. He had asked if he could sit opposite her in the college canteen as she had her head buried in a business studies book and she didn't notice him at first. As she didn't reply, he sat there and ate his lunch, staring at her as she was oblivious to his presence.

"You, are not in my class, why not?" he declared as she totally ignored him and continued reading when he had finished the last of his sandwich.

That had got her attention, he was being a smart-arse and she was about to tell him so until she looked over the top of her book then she was lost for words. She could have been staring at the Doctor's double apart from the fact she knew it was impossible and he looked younger and his hair was different.

"What?" she asked, her mouth still open and putting her book on the table.

"I said, you're not in my class, we've not been introduced. I'm Doctor Jonathan Smith, professor of science and physics and you are?"

When she got over the initial shock she managed to say "About to go back to my class, I'm going to be late. Nice to meet you" and got up to leave.

He got up and followed her. "At least tell me your name, you're a student aren't you?"

"It's Rose and I really will be late for my business studies class."

"Well you can blame me then, tell them I delayed you," he called after her down the now empty corridor as she disappeared through a door. He was going to be late for his own class.

She had gone back to her class, thinking about him. How could he possibly look like the Doctor? Did this universe still have Timelords? Surely he would have known when they had been here before or maybe there were none on Earth but why would he be posing as a science teacher? There again, her Doctor had posed as a teacher, maybe Timelords in this universe didn't come to Earth that often and he was bored and wanted to experience life on Earth, well that's what the Doctor seemed to want, that and travelling the stars. With superior Timelord technology and brainpower, what better way to explore the human race and teach them something at the same time? She dismissed all thoughts of it, it was a daft idea, just because she wanted to still get back to him. The professor was cute though, despite looking like her long lost love.


John Smith had gone back to his classroom after his lunch break and was still reeling from the blonde student he had just met. It was only his second day at the college, his students seemed bright enough and wondered why his predecessor had given up but he had needed a job and moving to a new place, from Brighton, this college and one other had accepted him when he had made applications and accommodation in this part of London was slightly better than where the other college was, not that he was stuck up or anything but being brought up in Brighton didn't prepare you for the roughest parts of the City of London. That and he didn't fancy having to worry about his car being broken into or stolen every night and the area he had chosen seemed much better and it was near the home of his favourite band's old recording studios and he got to pass the crossing they had made famous every day, he could just picture them on it every time he went by but all he ever saw were tourists holding up the traffic to have photos taken and sometimes he just wished they would replace it, he had to set off earlier than he needed to get a spot to park his car near the college.

Sat at his desk, his students having been given their assignments, he turned his thoughts back to the girl he had met in the college canteen. She must have been in her final year but she was only about twenty or twenty one, maybe twenty two, it was difficult to tell and anyway, she was a student, not in his class thank goodness but it was forbidden to date students of the college regardless of whether they were in your class or not and he couldn't afford to lose his job. Later that same day, he had seen her waiting on her own in a bus shelter as he was walking to his car and asked her if she wanted a ride home. He was disappointed when she politely refused.


Trying to study in the class was difficult, she kept thinking about the professor she had met in the canteen and wondered just how many rules would actually be broken if he was to ask her out and she accepted. She said goodbye to her friends and made her way to the bus stop, wondering if the next thing she should do was learn to drive. Maybe when she was qualified and working for Torchwood but Pete gave her a ride to Vitex. She had just missed one bus, there were a few that stopped just around the corner from where she was staying, she saw the professor walk by on the other side of the road towards his car and he called across to her, making sure no-one from the college was around.

"Can I offer you a lift home Rose?" he asked as he stopped by his car, fishing in his pocket for his keys.

"No, I'm fine thanks, really, the bus will be here in a few minutes. Besides, you'll only get into trouble for offering me a ride home."

He knew she was probably right so he shrugged his shoulders and got in his car and drove off. He couldn't stop thinking about her though and was going to try again. He shouldn't though, he knew he shouldn't, it was too tempting.

Rose didn't want him to know where she lived, she might live at Pete Tyler's house but as yet, she was no relation to him although her mother might be working on that. Rose had caught them looking guilty on more than one occasion, it was up to them to get their act together. Rose knew the professor would get into trouble if she accepted a lift from him and had politely turned him down, to which he looked disappointed but knew she was probably right, he couldn`t afford any trouble plus she daren't tell her mother.

The next morning, she was talking to her friend Suzie about it. "He's quite cute, I could fancy him, he's really nice. Shame he's a tutor and not another student though."

Her friend warned her about the dangers of pursuing a tutor and he pursuing a student. "Rose, you're asking for trouble there, if he even looks at you the wrong way, they'll be down on him hard and you could get suspended."

Rose had protested. "I'm not even in his class so technically it doesn't count."

Her friend gave up saying, "Well don't say I didn't warn you."

It didn't help when he came to sit with her again during the lunch break and this time Rose introduced herself after he said to call him John.

"I'm Rose Tyler," she said as he shook her hand. "I'm doing business studies three days a week and working as a trainee at Vitex." That was perfectly true but she was really just training to go work at the new improved version of Torchwood.

He started making her laugh, teasing her. "Aw, you shouldn't be doing boring business studies, science is much more fun."

Rose retaliated. "Yeah, but it won't help me with my job, I don't need to be a science geek like you to work at Vitex," she smiled, teasing him back.

"OK, Miss Boring, you should try to live a little. I really wouldn't get into trouble if you accept a lift home Rose, as long as it's only a lift and maybe one of your friends comes with you."

"Well I'll think about it, next week, I'm back at Vitex tomorrow, I'm only at college three days.''

"So, what are you training to do at Vitex then? I would have thought you would have needed science or physics to work there," he joked.

"Not in the office you don't, I'm training to be an office manager, for that I need business studies." She was about to say 'smart arse' after it but decided she'd better not, him being a tutor but he had started it. It was sort of true, just in the office at Torchwood eventually when she had qualified.

He'd asked her which branch of Vitex it was, they had several locations throughout the London area and she told him not to dare to call and see her there. He swore he wouldn't.

Rose was slightly amused he had engaged her in conversation after she snubbed him yesterday, especially refusing a lift home from him. She supposed he could look up her file if he really wanted to but doubted he would. At home time, Rose was talking to one of her friends while waiting for the bus, inside the shelter as it was raining and she saw the professor pass on the other side of the road again. He waved to the two girls, they both waved back. Her friend nudged Rose. Her bus arrived but she didn't get on, instead she said goodbye to her friend, saying she wasn't going directly home, she was going to the shops first. She was left alone, staring across at John who was sitting in his car.

John had been unable to think of anything else all afternoon and he'd seen her waiting in the bus shelter again but she was talking to someone so he had just walked past and waved but sat in his car so he could still see her. He waited until the bus had gone and she was still there, she had seen him and just stood there, waiting to see if he offered her a lift. She knew she shouldn't. She knew it was wrong and everything was telling her she should resist but it was too late. Despite the fact it was raining, he opened the driver's window and beckoned her over without saying a word. She picked up her bag from the bench and walked over hurriedly and got into the passenger seat and he drove off.

"So Rose, where to?" he asked as she threw her shoulder bag on the floor of the car.

"Can we just go somewhere away from here so no-one sees us, please?" she asked.

She had only been in the rain a few seconds but her hair was wet. John thought she looked sexy, her hair sticking to her cheeks. He drove about a mile away and stopped at a coffee shop and they got out. It had stopped raining, Rose sat there and he went round to the other side of the door and he held the door open for her as she got out. It wasn't like she had been waiting for him to open it, she had been debating if she should even be there. Should she just have ran over and got in his car like that? Probably not.

He was smiling as she got out and he locked the car with the remote and held his hand out to her. Then he opened the door, allowing her inside first and gestured to a table in the corner away from the window and from prying eyes of anyone from the college who may have ventured that far. Rose asked for a latte and he went to get their drinks, coming back a few minutes later with two tall glass cups. Rose smiled and said "Thanks."

"So, have you got dried yet?" he asked, really not knowing what to say to her. He was good at flirting, he had proved that earlier but actually talking was something else. He had always been a bit clueless when it came to women. His last girlfriend had been shy, just like him but she was gone now, taken a post in New York and she wasn't coming back, had married out there he had heard from a mutual friend but that had been while he was studying and they had all gone off in different directions. He'd not had a proper girlfriend since, just odd dates and short romances with women on holiday but never with a student whether in his science class or not and they had all been back in Brighton.

Rose was eyeing him, sipping her drink. He was wearing a blue suit with brown stripes and a blue shirt and a pair of off-white converse shoes. He so looked like the Doctor to her but that was not what was attracting her to him. He was bold, he was cheeky, he wasn't shy and he was definitely interested in her – unlike a certain Timelord she knew of. She nodded and drank silently.

"Well you're life and soul of the party Rose Tyler, you had plenty to say earlier or were you just showing off?"