A/N: Daisuke and Ken, cutest Digi-couple EVER, making pudding in the kitchen. And then things get fun. ^__^ *perverted grin*

Daisuke's POV.

"Nothing To This"

Licking chocolate off my hands

(I spilled pudding on the table),

I glance up and meet your eyes

And you look anything but stable.

I suck on my fingers

(Mm, pudding is so good),

Not understanding why you blush,

Or why anyone would.

You moan a little despairingly

As I just blink at you,

Licking my fingers again

(Such yummy chocolate goo)

Uh-oh, there's pudding on your face!

Better clean it up, you know.

Napkins only waste the flavor

And upset the status quo.

Hey, stop squirming around!

Chocolate's my very fav!

So there's no way I'm gonna waste

Any of it I can save.

I'll just lick it off

Your face really quick.

(Oh, it tastes so good!)

See now, that's the trick!

Hm, little bit on your lips.

Well, can't leave it there;

Who knows what might happen-

It could wind up in your hair!

Um, did I miss something?

When did we start to kiss?

Never mind, I don't care-

Chocolate is nothing to this!

~*~ ende "nothing to this" ~*~

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