This was happening very often.

He could feel the bed shake and he reached his hand out and settled it on the smooth skin. It was hot and sticky to the touch. "Alexander?" He whispered.

He jolted upright in the bed and stared around the room. Startled, he reached over the side of the bed to get his sword, but Hephaestion's strong hand stopped him.

"Alexander, its all right," he said softly.

Alexander turned to face him and felt the sweat on his own brow. "I... I... Sorry. I didn't mean to wake you."

"Don't worry." He smoothed Alexander's hair. "What was it that made you so startled?"

He shuddered. "I saw Cleitus sat on my throne," he muttered.

"What? Cleitus?" Hephaestion said as he studied his friend's perplexing facial expression.

Alexander looked at him and nodded. "He was dressed in black and was wearing my crown. You weren't there. I couldn't see you." His tone went dark and sounded worried.

"I am here now," Hephaestion reminded him.

Alexander nodded and lay back down in the bed.

Hephaestion watched him as he lay, waiting until he was sure that the king was asleep for sure. He studied his breathing and the battle scars which marked his perfect body.

During the remainder of the night, Alexander woke up, startled, again. Hephaestion used every word of comfort he could think of. When that didn't work, he stayed awake until he was sure Alexander was asleep. He let Alexander lay against him; their bodies touching. It gave them both comfort.