A/N: Once again thanks to everyone who has been reading, and enjoying my story. Fair warning this chapter will be VERY explicit, picks up right where 3 ended, with that said Enjoy!

Karma: Are you sure Amy?

Instead of answering Amy catches Karma's lips, and pushes her tongue forward asking for entrance into Karma's mouth, Karma gasps but opens her mouth to Amy and when their tongue's meet electricity shoots through them both as they fight for dominance.

Amy: Does that answer your question?

Karma: Who knew you could take charge?

"That's nothing" Amy says as she flips Karma over and huskily says "sit up that shirt is coming off".

Karma does as she's told but is taken aback when Amy pulls her shirt over her head quickly and throws it aside. Amy then causes Karma to gasp as she firmly squeezes Karma's breasts one in each hand.

Amy: Humpf

Karma: What?

Amy: I wanna feel you, she says as she leans Karma forward and unclasps her bra and throws it out of the way then placing a hand on each of Karma's bare breasts.

Karma: ohh.

Amy: You like that? then you'll love this, she says she replaces the hand on Karma's right breast with her tongue and slowly licks and nibbles her nipple.

Karma: Oh Amy don't stop!

Amy just smiles and moves her mouth to the other nipple and bites down softly, rolling it between her teeth.

Karma: Fuck!

Amy releases Karma's nipple and they meet for a hungry kiss.

Karma: "My turn" she says as she literally rips Amy's shirt off causing a giant tear down one of the sides.

Amy: Hey! I liked that shirt!

Karma: Relax babe I'll replace it now come here so I can get that bra off of you.

Amy does as she's told and Karma unclasps her bra, Amy is however shocked as Karma immediately latches onto a nipple and sucks on it hard.

Amy: Oh my god!

Karma giggles and moves to the other nipple, first sucking it gently, then tweaking the other with her fingers, and popping the first out of her mouth.

Karma: Pants off now!

Amy: hmmm bossy Karma turns me on.

Karma giggles again as Amy raises her ass off the bed to allow Karma to slide her pants off.

Karma rises back up for a quick kiss before trailing down Amy's neck peppering kisses until she stops and sucks on her pulse point gently biting it.


Karma slowly kisses down Amy's body from the valley between her breasts down to her abdomen stopping to look at Amy before continuing, Amy nods her head giving Karma permission to go lower.

Karma gently trails kisses between Amy's legs, suddenly she stops, Amy looks down.

Amy: Why'd you stop?

Karma: Sorry, I was just admiring the giant wet spot on your panties, knowing I did that turns me on so much.

Amy: Oh yeah well what are you gonna do about that?

Karma: This, Karma says as she puts her mouth over the wet spot and licks, then sucks it gently.

Amy: Oh fuck Karma!

This time Amy doesn't even wait for Karma to ask she starts pulling her own panties down till they reach her knees, then Karma helps slide them the rest of the way off.

Karma: Someone's eager.

Amy: Karma please, fuck me!

Karma is taken aback by Amy's choice of words but obliges none the less slowly licking at Amy's folds.

Amy: uhhh more!

Karma takes her index finger and slowly slides it into Amy who shudders at the contact, Karma begins thrusting it in and out Amy gasps and yells give me more! with that Karma adds another finger, and moves her tongue down to flick Amy's clit.

Amy: Oh god don't stop, Karma right there!

Karma starts sucking Amy clit, all the while thrusting her fingers in and out.

Amy: Fuck Karma I'm close!

Karma speeds up everything she is doing, "come for me baby"

Amy: Oh Karma I'm coming!

Karma feels Amy's walls tighten around her as she rides out her orgasm.

Amy: Oh my fucking god that was amazing!

Karma just smiles snaking her way back up to Amy's mouth for a heated kiss Amy can taste herself on Karma.

Amy: Now its your turn.

Amy flips karma over before she can say another word she yanks Karma's pants down and off.

Amy: hm, looks like I wasn't alone in being extremely turned on, she says as she sees an equally big wet spot on Karma's panties.

Karma: Hearing you moan my name like you did is a HUGE turn on.

Amy just laughs "noted" Amy climbs on top of Karma for a quick kiss before leaning down to kiss and suck on her neck while rubbing her bare center against Karma's wet panties.

Karma: Fuck that's hot.

Amy: Oh Yeah well then you'll love this" she says while sliding down to remove Karma's panties completely, and then back up so their bare centers are touching, slowly Amy brings Karna's leg up and begins grinding against her

Karma: Fuck Amy that feels great, go faster!

Amy obeys and picks up speed, she knows if she does this much longer she will explode again.

Karma: Yes Amy, Fuck me!

Both girls scream in unison "i"m coming"

Karma: Fuck Amy, that was great

Amy: Hell yeah it was, but now I wanna taste you.

Karma smiles "well if you insist"

Amy: I most certainly do, before she heads downward she cups Karma's breast and they meet in a tender kiss.

Amy trails kisses down Karma's body, as she heads towards her center she lightly kisses her inner thighs before just grazing her tongue over karma's folds.

Karma: Amy please I need you!

Amy hears karma's plea and slides a finger inside as she nibbles at Karma's clit.

Karma: Amy more!

Amy adds another finger and thrusts fast while sucking Karma's clit hard.

Karma: Oh Fuck I'm close!

Amy: Karma, baby come for me, Amy says as she feels Karma's wall clench around her and Karma shakes violently as she rides out her orgasm.

Karma: My god Amy you're amazing.

Amy: your not so bad yourself darling.

Karma: I love you Amy.

Amy: I love you too Karma, more than anything in the entire world.

Amy pulls the covers over their naked bodies as they cuddle close together and drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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