The three of you arrived Eryll's house. Flame was nowhere in sight, you guessed he already went home and just dropped the three of you there. It'll be suspicious after all if they saw you and the others with Flame, who is a teacher in Northern High.

Eryll's house is huge. It is your first time to see where Eryll lives. You never got a chance to go to her party because you were never invited. It was one of Eryll's scheme to make you feel like an outcast. Today was the first time she invited you.

You can hear a loud music playing inside. It seems like the place right now is so crowded, judging by the noise you hear.

"This place is huge," Kristine commented. She stared at the fancy front door with pure awe. "It is," agreed Elsa, who was beside you.

"Let's get inside," you said as you reached for the doorknob. But the door flew open before you can even grasp the knob.

Eryll emerged from doorway, stumbling as she make her exit. The three of you stared at her, suprise written all over your faces. It took moments for the girl to realize that the three of you are at her porch. She made a face and greeted all of you. "You guy came!" exclaimed Eryll as she draped her arms around your neck and gave you a sloppy kiss on the cheek. Your face scrunched up in disgust, Eryll strongly reeks in alcohol.

You wrapped you arm around her waist and took her inside. Kristine helped you with Eryll, while Elsa followed the three of you inside.

The platinum blonde girl scanned the place, disgust etched on her face. The place was filled with teenagers from Northern High. Most of them are dancing with drinks in their hands, some are talking on the couch.

You and Kristine tried to put Eryll on an unoccupied couch, but the drunk girl squirmed out of your grasp and decided to join a group of girls dancing. You shook your head, unamused.

"I'm going to find my brother," said Kristine, her voice hinted that she's getting uncomfortable of the place. "I'll be right back," she said before disappearing in the crowd.

You sighed and sat down on the couch, Elsa plopped down beside you. You threw her a quick smile. She gave the gesture back.

"I don't know how a party works," you admitted, wrapping your arms around yourself, embarrassed. Elsa held your hand, "Don't worry, I don't either." The both of you laughed.

Elsa is always a shy girl. Back in Corona, her classmates would invite her to parties. She would decline the offer and would rather spend her Friday night reading a good book in her room. Being the only heir of Arendelle Corp. made her one of the school's popular student but not the coolest.

She did went to other parties, like those formal parties her parents would held every anniversary of Arendelle Corp. But a formal party is way different than a normal teenager party.

"Want to go home and watch movies with me?" You offered after the laughter died out between the two of you. "I would prefer that than watch teenagers get drunk," giggled Elsa. "I'll tell Kristine we're leaving. She's taking too long," you said standing up. "I'll be right back."

You decided to look for Kristine in the kitchens. It wasn't hard to locate the house's kitchen since you saw where people go when they ran out of drinks in their cups. Knowing Kristoff, who's always hungry, Kristine would look for him in the kitchens where the foods are located. But when you arrived the kitchen you only found a couple of a drunken mess teens. Kristine was nowhere in sight, nor Kristoff.

"Looking for someone?" said a voice beside you. The voice startled you that it made you jump on your spot. The voice's owner is a familiar girl. She was familiar since you knew she was one of Eryll's faithful minions. The girl has a dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She likes to wear her red beanie with a familiar symbol of a dagger embroidered on it.

She must've noticed you searching the kitchen for the Bjorgman siblings. The girl was smirking as she drank the liquid in her cup, which you bet is an alcohol. There were no other drinks present in the party but beer.

"I'm looking for the Bjorgman siblings. Have you seen them?" You asked the girl who was still drinking in her cup. The girl took two large gulps from her drink before replying, "The new blonde kids in Northern Hgh?" She coughed for a moment. "I think I saw the girl upstairs hanging out with Marshmallow and the others." The girl shrugged.

You muttered a quick thanks before dashing upstairs to get Kristine. She said she would look for her brother. Why would she hang out with Eryll's minions all of the sudden?

As you reached upstars, you saw Marshmallow shoving Kristine inside a closet while the others are laughing. You caught a glimpse of Kristine struggling from Marshmallow's grasp before she completely got locked up inside the closet.

"Hey! What are you guys doing?!" You yelled at Eryll's minions, utterly confused on what's going on. All of their attention shifted to you.

"(Y/N)! You're just in time for Seven Minutes in Heaven!" one of them spoke as she reached for you. She took your arm and pulled you right to the closet.

"Wait-what?" You said even more confused now. You have no idea what Seven Minutes in Heaven is.

"Come on guys. I have to go somewhere else," you said as you tried to pull your arm free from the girl's grasp. Unfortunately, the girl has a very tight grip that you can't escape. Then Marshmallow shoved you inside the closet, you stumbled inside. They locked the door before you can even stop them.

"Damn it," you growled as you kicked the door, hoping it would crack open, but the door remained shut.

"(Y/N) is that you?" you heard Kristine's voice in the darkness. You want to use your fire powers but decided not to. You might burn something inside this closet.

"Kristine! I thought you went to look for Kristoff?!" you said through your gritted teeth. If it wasn't for her you wouldn't be stuck here inside the closet.

"Marshmallow invited me for a game of spin the bottle. I declined but they insisted," said Kristine giggling. She took a step and stumbled. Gladly she caught on something, more like someone since Kristine is now clutching on you for balance.

"And then you got drunk?" You said, annoyed. Kristine strongly smelled like an alcohol, which made you scrunch up your face in disgust.

"I'm not drunk! Just a little bit tipsy!" said Kristine still clutching on you. You rolled off your eyes, but then you remembered that the girl can't see you. You peeled her off of you.

"How the hell did you get into this mess anyways?" You asked her.

"I don't really know. All I know is that decided to shove me inside the closet."

You sighed and rolled off your eyes once more. You went to the door and pressed your ears on it.

There was silence.

You hoped that Eryll's minions already left you two locked up inside.

Focusing, you unlocked the door with your magic. It opened with a click, carefully you peeked outside. You let out a breath of relief to found out there was no one in sight.

"Let's get out of here," you said pulling Kristine out of the closet.

The two of you went downstairs, carefully avoiding Marshmallow and the others. They might lock you inside the closet again if they found you two.

The two of you reached the place where you left Elsa, but the platinum blonde girl is nowhere insight. Where did she go?

"Where's Elsa?" Kristine asked you. You narrowed your eyes at her. "Does it look like I know?" you said, really annoyed now.

"Hey guys!" said a voice behind you and Kristine. It was Anna with Kristoff behind her. Both of them have cups in their hands, you hope it's not alcohol.

"Hi sis," Kristoff greeted his sister. "What's up?"

"Your sister right here got drunk," you pointed your thumb at the girl beside you. Kristine threw you a glare and said "I'm not drunk!" Anna and Kristoff raised their eyebrows at the two of you.

"Look, guys. Have you seen Elsa?" you asked them. They both shrugged their shoulders, telling you that they haven't seen her.

"Hey, I just saw Elsa outside. I think she's waiting for you (Y/N)," said a girl behind you. All of you turned to her. She was the same girl you talked to from the kitchen when you were looking for Kristine. The same girl with a red beanie.

You wasted no time and left your friends. You quickly went to Eryll's porch hoping Elsa was outside.

But she's not.

You only found a guy sitting by himself on the porch. He wasn't from your school judging by his age. He looks like he's already thirty years old and he wears a very odd looking clothes.

You were about to go back inside but the man spoke up.

"Looking for someone (Y/N)?" said the guy, standing up.

"How'd you know my name?" you asked him warily.

He only gave you a smirk as a response.

His smirk gave you a bad feeling. You want to run back inside and find your friends, but you have a feeling he has something to do with Elsa's disappearance.

"If you want to get her back you'll have to come with me," said the guy offering you his hand.

"What did you do to Elsa?!" you had your hands in a fiist.

"Don't worry. She's fine, just tied up in a place."

"I swear if you hurt her..." Steam is now producing in your hands.

"Come with me and we won't hurt her," said the man extending his arm for you to clasp his hand. He's so calm and seemed not to be shaken by your menacing stare.

There's a voice in your mind that is telling you to not trust this guy. It told you not to go with him and you'll find a way to get Elsa back. But then a part of you said that if you don't go with the guy sooner you may not get to see Elsa again.

"How can I be sure that you have Elsa?" You said, still not trusting the guy infront of you.

He lowered his outstretched arm and took something under his cloak, a crystal ball that look exactly like Romolus'. The ball showed Elsa tied up in a chair, unconscious. Your eyes widen at the sight.

The man offered you his hand again, still smirking. You didn't hesitate to take it. Elsa's life is depending on you and you can't screw this up.

Back inside the Eryll's house, Kristoff is helping his twin sister to get her sober. "Drink this," he gave his sister a cup of hot coffee.

"Ugh coffee," said Kristine bitterly and took a sip of it. She doesn't like drinking coffee especially when it's black coffee. "We're not going home if you're still not sober," stated Kristoff, typing something on his phone.

"You're not texting Cleo to pick us up are you?" said Kristine. She doesn't like the idea of their cousin picking them up. She doesn't go well with her cousin's vibe.

"We have no choice," said Kristoff as he shove his phone back in his pocket. "He's the only guy we can call to drive us back home tonight."

"I told you not to get drunk!" The twins heard Anna's voice. She entered the kitchen with her brother who had his arms draped over her. Hans looked awful, his hair was a mess and his shirt has some wet spots on it.

"A drunk sibling problem too?" asked Kristoff as he helped Anna to place Hans on a kitchen stool. Luckily Kristoff made an extra cup of coffee, he gave it to a drunken mess Hans. Anna helped her brother drink his coffee.

"There you are guys!" exclaimed Elsa. "Have you seen (Y/N)? I've been looking everywhere for her."

"(Y/N) went outside. A girl told her that she saw you out there," said Kristoff. His gut is telling him that there's something bad that is happening right now. He doesn't like what his gut is telling him.

"Let's go check her outside," said Kristoff standing up. "You guys stay here!" He told Kristine and the Westergard siblings. Kristoff pulled Elsa with him. The both of them went outside.

The only thing they found is you disappearing with smoke engulfing you.

Elsa saw that there was a man with you and immediately recognized him. She would never forget the face of the man who tried to kidnap the both of you when you were little.

"No!" yelled Elsa.

It was too late, you already disappeared.

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