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James Cacciatore, QB; Chicago Bears:

"Are you fucking kidding me, Vic? My damn fingers are going numb during the game! What kind of fucking quarterback throws a ball when he can't feel his hands?"

"I'm not listening to this," she says, shaking her head. "You are a football player. I refuse to be married to … I don't even know what the hell else you can do!"

I look at my wife in disbelief. I've given her everything she'd ever asked for and the one time I need her to be understanding, she gets pissed off and says no.

"Victoria," my fingers start to tingle. I make a fist willing it to go away.

"Don't bother. You're not quitting." She gets in my face, looking into my eyes. "You are not quitting."

She walks out of the room, her heels loud on the hardwood floor.

I sit on the sofa, with my head in my hands.

********&**********the regular season*********&*******

a/n: I have been working on this while I struggle through my block with Not so Unexpected. I'll post a few more tonight. If you like it, I'll continue. If not - it will be my own little football love. lol.