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Marik was not sure what to make of this Hogwarts letter, but he had always wanted to go to a wizard school so he happily wrote his answer and sent it. He would be starting third year which may be awkward, but he didn't mind. His family had home schooled him on magic so he never met any wizard kids he wasn't related to.

Maybe he could at least live a normal wizard life. That would be nice, to be normal. Of course, with shadow magic and a psycho in your head normal is always out of your reach.

Yugi was excited. Professor McGonagall had come to explain to his grandpa he was a wizard and going to a special wizard school in England to learn magic. He was given a scholarship because he was a shadow mage so it was free.

He sat on his bed with the school supplies he had bought to double check he had everything before getting packed and ready to go.

"Excited Yugi?" Yugi turned to see Yami transparent and floating with a proud smile on his face. "Yup, I can't wait. Did you ever go to a wizard school?" The pharaoh shook his head. "No, we didn't have them back in my day. Everyone was ether got apprenticeships or didn't learn. Since I was a prince I had tutors."

Yugi nodded feeling nervous all the sudden. "I wonder what it's like." "I'm sure you'll be fine." Yami gave a reassuring smile. "We've saved the world from the apocalypse; a new school can't be much harder. Besides, Marik and Ryo are coming to so you'll have them to help you get through it." "Ya, I guess." Yugi did feel much better knowing a couple of his friends were going to be there. "At least Marik knows all about wizard culture and can help me out a bit." Yugi thought happily.

On the ride to England he felt comfort in the fact his friends would be their every step of the way.

Ryo looked around the station searching for his friends. "Why are you so nerves, you know they'll be here." He turned towards Bakura who was giving him a glare. Bakura couldn't stand all the nerves chatter going through Ryo's mind.

"I know, but what if they miss the train? What if I have to sit with some mean Stanger? What if they never make it to Hogwarts and I can't make any friends I and I spend the school year alone?" Bakura sighed. "I doubt the Pharaoh would let Yugi be late for anything. If anyone picks on you I'll take over and scare them off. And I don't think there's place in the inter world you couldn't make friends."

Ryo didn't look to sure but right then he spotted the people he was looking for and waved. "Over here!" he shouted at Marik and Yugi. They waved back and walked over to him. "I'm so glad you're here, I was afraid you wouldn't make it." "I wouldn't miss the train for anything." Yugi stated. Marik looked at the clock. "Um, guys, now we're all here, shouldn't we get on the train." They all looked at the clock in shock and rushed on board the Hogwarts Express.

Harry was watching them from the window. He felt like something was off about those kids. Hermione saw what he was staring at and exclaimed "Those must be the Japanese transfer students I heard about!" Ron looked at her with wonder. "How come you know that were getting transfer students before we get to school?" "A foreign exchange student told me a kid in her neighborhood and his friends were coming to Hogwarts this year." Harry turned to her and asked, "Did she say anything else about them." "Only that her neighbor is a famous duel monster player who was all over the news the last two years. They call him the king of games." Hermione gave him a confused look. "Why do you ask?" "No reason." Harry looked back out the window but they had already gotten on the train by then. "Must have been my imagination." He made sure the teacher was asleep again before telling his friends about Sirius Black.