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Yugi followed Harry, Ron and Hermione up the stairs to Gryffindor Tower and down to the great hall. He had been lost in thought until Hermione said something about Hagrid getting fired.

"What this about Hagrid getting fired?" Yugi asked shocked. When a student doesn't lesson to the teacher and gets hurt isn't the students for not lessoning? That's how it worked back home.

"No one's getting fired!" Ron yelled.

Harry was looking at the Slytherins table. Everyone appeared to be gossiping about what happened today. Which meant by the time someone came and asked questions they'll get a story of Hagrid trying to feed them to a fire breathing monster and how Malfoy pulled a magic sword out of a rock and saved everyone.

And for those of you that think this sounds ridiculous you have obviously never seen gossip in action. The story gets bigger every time you hear it.

Ron looks down at his plate depressed. "Well, you can't say it wasn't an interesting first day back."

Yugi sat at the window still in the boy's side of the Gryffindor tower thinking about all that had transpired that day. Marik's shadow powers nearly got discovered today.

"I know he was just trying to help a friend." Yugi thought to himself. "But I don't want anyone to get into trouble."

Yugi got up and went to his bed. He hoped that he could fall asleep in this strange place.

The next morning at breakfast Cedric saw Ryo sitting alone and decided to introduce himself. "Hi, I'm Cedric."

Ryo looked up in surprise. "Ohayo gozaimasu, I'm Ryo."

Cedric sat down next to him. "So, Ryo, how do you like England?"

"It's ok, but I miss japan. The food in England is so strange."

Cedric nodded in understanding. "Do you need any help with anything? Like finding your classes or having trouble with any of the students here?"

"Well," Ryo looked up at him hopefully. "I do need help reading my homework."

Cedric smiled. "I'd be happy to help."

"Great." Ryo sighed in relief. "I need all the help I can get."

"How about I see you in the library during study period?"

"OK!" Ryo answered excitedly.

Cedric then left to go to class.

"Yes! My first friend at Hogwarts!" Ryo thought happily.

"Don't get so excited. It was bound to happen." Bakura stated. "Your too nice. Even I grudgingly started liking your sickening niceness."

"Did you just give me a compliment?"

"Don't get used to it." Bakura snorted. "I still think you're a pain in the neck."

"Awe, I think of you as a friend too."

"… Shut up."

At potions class Malfoy appeared late with a fresh bandage. Marik walked in with him since he had volunteered to help Malfoy carry all his books to his class.

Malfoy actually looked slightly ashamed of himself for the first few moments he had walked through the door because Marik had scold him for exaggerating his injury earlier. It disappeared quickly because Draco didn't want the others to see it.

"How is it Draco?" Pansy asked. "Does it hurt much?"

"It stings a lot, and I'll probably get a manly scar, but that's just what happens when you get scratched by a wild animal."

Harry was kind of surprised by that answer. He had expected Malfoy to exaggerate and act like he had barely escaped with his life. Maybe Marik was good influence on Draco.

"Settle down, settle down." Professor Snape said idly.

They were supposed to be making a shrinking solution but Marik found himself biting his lower lip. He couldn't read a darn thing in this book.

"Is there a problem Mr. Ishtar?"

Marik looked up and saw Snape looking down at him with an emotionless expression on his face.

Marik looked down at his text book shamefully before quietly answering "I can't read my book, sir."

Snape nodded. "Weasley, help Marik with his text book."

"What?!" Ron didn't believe for a second Marik couldn't read English. Mostly because he didn't believe anyone in Malfoys group would say anything truthful to a teacher.

"You heard me." Snape gave him a cold look.

Ron got up to sit next to Marik.

"Sorry." Marik said quietly.

Ron was surprised that Marik had apologized to him. "Yeah, well, whatever." He still didn't trust Marik.

Ron looked over Mariks shoulder to see his notes. Ron couldn't understand a word of it. "What is that writing?" He whispered.

Marik answered "Arabic, it's my native language."

"It looks complicated."

"So does English."

"English doesn't look complicated."

"It does for more." Marik was getting frustrated with this red haired boy. Ron was quit rude.

"Sorry." Ron apologized.

"That's ok." It really wasn't, but Marik never told people he didn't know very well what he actually thought.

"Do you know any other languages?" Ron asked.

"Japanese and I can read and write in Egyptian hieroglyphics."


"Detention, Mr. Weasley!" Professor Snape yelled.


Then someone near them said "Hey Harry, have you heard? Daily Prophet this morning- reckon Sirius Black's been sighted."

"Who?" Marik asked Ron.

"A criminal who used to work for you-know-who." Ron answered.


"Voldemort!" Harry hissed at him.


"Where?" Harry asked.

"Not far from here." The boy telling the story got excited. "It was a muggle who saw him. 'Course, she didn't really understand. The muggles think he's just an ordinary criminal, don't they? So she phoned the hot line. By the Ministry of Magic got there he was gone."

"What's a muggle?" Marik asked.

"You call them the unblessed." Malfoy answered.


"Not far from here…," Ron looked nervous.

"Everyone gather around," Snape stood in front of Neville. "And watch what happens to Longbottem's toad. If he has managed to produce a shrinking solution, it will shrink to a tadpole. If not, the toad will probably die."

Snape fed Trevor the potion. The toad gulped, there was a small pop, and Trevor the tadpole was wriggling in Snape's palm.

The Gryffindors applauded and Snape looked disappointed. He cured Trevor, took points from Gryffindor, and then everyone left.