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Chapter 3

It's been almost a week since Sakura arrived in Konoha. However she only regained consciousness two days ago. She has yet to make any form of contact with others aside from Tsunade. If Sakura is not in her hospital room she is resting in Tsunade's office, occupying herself with the vast assortment of books and scrolls available to her. She made the couch near the windows on the right side of Tsunade's office her new home.

Sakura shifted from her laying position on the couch swinging her legs to the side placing herself upright. She was wrapping up a scroll on basic medical jutsu. She hadn't quite understood it, but it fascinated her nonetheless.

The sun's rays poured through the large windows behind her gently grazing her shoulders. It formed a halo behind her head giving her hair and skin a soft glow. Her hair was free of dirt and blood, cascading softly behind her back. The sun caused different hues of pastel pink to dance in the light giving the appearance of highlights. Her skin was no longer enveloped in purpling and yellowing bruises, and no longer a ghastly white color. It was smooth and creamy. She resembled a porcelain doll.

Her old ragged clothing had been discarded days ago and now she wore a loose fitted white v-neck shirt, black spandex shorts that were a little shorter than mid-thigh, and black ninja sandals that stopped three inches before her knees. She stood up from the couch and walked over to the bookshelf lining the wall on her left.

"Finished already?" Tsunade asked not looking up from the scattered papers thrown across her desk.

"Yes, although I didn't quite understand it," Sakura said placing the scroll back on the third shelf. She turned her head to look at Tsunade before continuing, "Since you are able to gather chakra to your hands, does that mean you can gather it to other areas of your body?"

Still looking down occupied with the paper on her desk Tsunade replied absentmindedly, "Yes it's possible, it's a similar idea to gathering chakra to your feet to walk up trees or over water. I've used it to enhance my strength in combat."

"hmmm…" Sakura droned bringing her eyes back to the bookshelf, "you have a lot of medical books….and you healed me very nicely….I take it you used to be an active field medic?" She asked.

"Yes. A long time ago," Tsunade said in a way that insinuated she was done with the topic.

Sakura shifted her gaze from the scrolls in front of her to her outstretched arm observing her new, no longer bruised, skin. 'A medic ninja…'

Tsunade lifted her eyes from the paper in front of her surveying the look on the pink haired girl's face. Her eyes were heavily lidded suddenly vacant of emotion. This girl fascinated Tsunade. One moment the girl would be gently smiling at Tsunade with a soft blush adorning her cheeks, the next she was like a lifeless container. Then again she could only imagine the terrors the girl must have faced due to that dreaded power she possessed.

On that note Tsunade brought her eyes back down to the paper that had previously been occupying her attention, picking it up as she leaned back in her chair. It contained every bit of information she could gather about the girl in front of her and the peculiar seal on her left shoulder. So far she came up with nothing other than the meaning of the symbols on each petal. The first petal on the top read the word 'birth'. And as you read clockwise it progresses: youth, adult, elder…. The last word sent a chill down her spine.


'I'm not sure if this is just to ensure that the seal will remain intact for the duration of this girl's life, or if it foreshadows a series of stages her ability will go through.' She hoped it was the former.

A sudden movement from the corner of her eye brought her attention back to Sakura. She had just picked up another medical text before sauntering back to her previous spot on the couch. At first Tsunade thought that the only reason the girl read the medical books was to pass time, but she genuinely seemed to enjoy them. She seemed eager to learn.

"Do you wish to learn medical jutsu?" She caught herself saying. Only after the words left her mouth did she register the meaning behind those words. 'Damn why'd I ask that?'

Sakura's head quickly shot up to meet Tsunade's gaze a sheer look of excitement dancing in her emerald orbs.

"Could I really learn? Would you teach me?!"

The look on Sakura's face made it hard for Tsunade to take back her words.

"I'm sorry….I….I don't know why I asked that. Your chakra storage is different from regular shinobi, which may not allow such a thing to be possible. Also I don't know what level of training you've had before coming here. Medical jutsu requires an amazing amount of chakra control and years of training."

The dejected look on Sakura's face made Tsunade's heart clench.

"But…. I suppose we could assess your abilities at training ground 7 later. After all I have been meaning to check upon your level of skill." Tsunade smiled at Sakura.

Sakura beamed at Tsunade, her radiating smile warmed Tsunade's heart.

'I need to be careful. This girl's beginning to break down some of my walls and that's dangerous. I can't lose sight of the reason I brought her here in the first place. I need to know what she is capable of and how she obtained that chakra in the first place.' However that became increasingly difficult when the girl came with a severe case of amnesia. All she remembers is her name and the week she spent at that base.

"When can we go?" Sakura asked eager to head out at that moment. It was quite cute, her excitement.

"We can head out now."

"haaaa," Naruto sighed as he plopped down on his back in the middle of the training ground. His chest heaved up and down as he tried to regain his breath. Sweat trickled down the side of his head glistening in the sunlight.

"When was the last time we all sparred together like this?" Naruto asked as he looked over to his right to see Sasuke leaning against a tree, Sai situated on the floor next to him. Kakashi stood off toward the middle of the clearing seemingly interested in something in the distance.

"Too long," Sai said with that fake smile plastered to his face.

Sasuke nearly grunted in reply.

"Hey Kakashi-sensei! What are you looking at?!" Naruto yelled across the field, catching the attention of the other two boys as they also looked in Kakashi's direction.

"Seems like we got ourselves a visitor," Kakashi spoke nodding his head forward.

That was when the boys noticed the figure approaching them. Tsunade strolled towards them, a clipboard in hand.

"Hey Tsunade-baachan! What brings you here?" Suddenly the boys noticed their Hokage was not alone. A small figure popped out from behind Tsunade, walking slightly behind the blonde woman. They'd recognize that long pink hair anywhere.

'What's she doing here?' Sasuke thought.

Tsunade strode up to Kakashi in the middle of the clearing surprised to see the boys were there. 'I really shouldn't be surprised, after all this is their training ground.'

"Hey. I've brought this one along with me to do some training assessments. This is Haruno Sakura," Tsunade said motioning to the girl beside her. The pink haired girl shifted slightly, uncomfortable being scrutinized by all these men.

Sasuke stared at the girl now getting a good glimpse at her eyes, 'green.' It wasn't the contrast he would have expected with such hair color, but it surprisingly suited the girl very well.

"Sakura-chan huh?" Naruto said bouncing up to the girl.

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto! Nice to meet you," he said extending his hand out toward the girl. She tentatively took it shaking it lightly. 'Wow she really is beautiful.' He remarked scanning her now conscious and clean appearance. He vaguely caught a sweet aroma from the girl as a gust of wind blew from behind her causing her hair to flitter over to the front of her body. He snapped out of his trance when he heard Sai introduce himself next.

"I'm Sai," he said also analyzing the girl.

"Hatake Kakashi." Kakashi said, his eyes crinkling at the corners slightly to imply that he was smiling at the timid girl before him.

Sakura nodded at each before her eyes trailed over to the raven haired boy that slowly approached her stopping next to Naruto. He stood a head taller than her, with a lean build. He had flawless white skin, deep onyx eyes, and hair that stood up slightly in the back. His bangs swept over his forehead with a few longer strands framing his face. It was a rather odd hairstyle but it looked remarkably handsome on him. He was stunning to say the least. Sakura could feel her face begin to burn, a light shade of pink tinting her cheeks. She quickly brought her eyes back to the floor before he could notice.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

His voice sent pleasurable chills down her spine, it was low and husky as it rumbled through his chest. She looked back up to meet his gaze. A small smile grazed her lips as she addressed him.

"Nice to meet you."

Now that she thought about it, each male here was actually quite handsome. She glanced at the other two boys. Naruto had vibrant blonde hair and a smile to match. His eyes were a gorgeous deep blue and his sun-kissed skin made them pop. He had three markings on each cheek that humorously reminded her of whiskers. The thought made her inwardly giggle.

Then there was Sai. Unlike Naruto he had very fair skin, deep charcoal eyes, and equally dark hair to match. Now that she thought about it, Sai and Sasuke actually resembled each other quite a bit, but Sai's choice of haircut was the exact opposite of Sasuke. It was cut short and fell down neatly around his face.

Finally there was Kakashi. His hair was a beautiful silver color and slightly spiked up to one side. The lower half of his face was obscured by the mask he wore and his hitai-ate covered his left eye. Although this gave her a limited idea on his appearance she had a feeling that with his relaxed manner and his mysterious aura, he was quite popular in his younger years.

"Sakura this is the team I sent to retrieve you a few days ago," Tsunade said bringing the girl's attention back to the woman beside her. Sakura's eyes widened as she glanced back to the group of men before her. 'So these are the people who saved me.' Sakura dipped her head down, bowing in gratitude.

"Thank you so much for saving me."

"It was no problem at all," Kakashi said. He brought is eyes back up from the girl to look at Tsunade. "You said you were here to assess the girl?"

"Yes, I'd like to see what kind of training she may have previously had, as well as her chakra control."

"Why don't you just ask her what kind of training she's received?" Naruto asked.

"If I could I would but this girl does not remember anything prior to the week she spent at the base you all brought her from. She could only give me her name." They all looked at Sakura surprised.

"Amnesia huh?" Sai mumbled.

"As far as training and chakra control, is it really safe to bring her out here to test that? How can you be sure that black chakra won't run rampant?" Sasuke asked, startling the others that the usually stoic boy decided to make an input.

"That's a good point Tsunade-sama," Kakashi said, feeling unsure as well.

"Yes, I was initially concerned of that, but seeing as you are all here I would like to ask for your cooperation with this task."

Sakura decided to interject at this point, something had been bothering her for quite some time now, "why do you keep talking about this black chakra I have? Is it really that dangerous? Am I really that different?"

This caught Team 7 totally off guard.

"You mean you don't remember?!" Naruto nearly screamed.

Sakura shook her head no.

"What the hell…." He said hunching forward slightly, brows furrowing.

"I thought you said she remembered the time at the base," Sasuke said.

"Yes, but that seems to be the only other thing she doesn't quite remember."

"Well we shouldn't be all that surprised," Kakashi spoke up, "after all she was unconscious when we found her."

"That's true," the boys agreed, thinking back a few days to the hidden base.

"Okay on that note let's get started shall we?" Tsunade said, placing her free hand behind Sakura gently nudging her forward as the group strode over to the side of the field.

"First I'd like to see how you fare with hand to hand combat. Can we start with that?" She asked looking over to Sakura.

"Yeah!" Sakura beamed.

"Naruto you're up."

"Okayyy!" Naruto grinned as he and Sakura walked back to the center of the clearing.

"This is basic taijutsu. No chakra!" Tsunade reiterated.

She couldn't deny that she was a bit nervous at the probability of the girl accidently bringing forth that chakra and harming Naruto. But that is why she chose him for hand to hand combat. If anything were to happen she believed the kyuubi's chakra would null any of the possible effects Sakura's chakra could have, should he come in direct contact.

Naruto got into a firm stance waiting for Sakura to prepare herself as well. Her body moved into a stance mirroring the boy in front of her. She didn't know how well this would turn out but something in her gut told her she could do this.

"Ready? Begin!" Tsunade yelled across the clearing.

Naruto was the first to react, as eager as always to dive right into something. He was careful to keep his pace low in the beginning as he swung his right arm towards Sakura's right side. She easily blocked it with her left arm swiveling to the right at an incredible speed.

'Okay then. Looks like I don't have to go slow with her,' Naruto thought picking up speed.

For a few minutes they exchanged blows getting into a steady rhythm. Tsunade had to admit she was pretty impressed. Sakura was light on her feet and very agile. With every hit Naruto sent in her direction she would fluidly move away with a precise counter attack. As they picked up the pace once more Naruto got a little too excited and sent a hard kick to Sakura's stomach sending her back about 20ft into a tree.

"Shit!" Naruto said momentarily lowering his guard.

For a brief moment Sasuke noticed the girl smile before she ran back into the fray sending a powerful roundhouse kick in Naruto's direction. She got a clean hold of the left side of his neck barreling him to Sasuke and the others position near the tree line. They swiftly moved clear of the blonde as he slammed into the ground in front of them, hard.

"Stop." Tsunade called, "good job Sakura," she said as the girl walked back to meet them.

Sakura walked up to Naruto leaning over him as she extended her hand in front of him to help him up. With a grin Naruto firmly gripped her hand bringing him upright.

"That was an impressive kick there Sakura," Naruto chuckled praising the girl.

"Thank you so much for not going easy on me," Sakura said smiling tenderly at the boy before her.

"hehehe," Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his head a blush creeping onto his face.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the exchange before turning his head in the other direction.

"Okay Sasuke, you're next," Tsunade said as she jot some things down on the clipboard in her arms.


Sasuke pushed himself off the tree he was currently leaning against to walk past Sakura, not sparring her a glance, as he made his way to the field. Sakura turned back around quickly trailing behind Sasuke's fleeting form.

"Next is ninjutsu." Tsunade looked up from her clip board to the two standing in the middle of the clearing.

'This is where things get tricky,' Tsunade thought.

"Kakashi be ready to intervene if necessary," she sternly said as her nerves increased.

'Hopefully nothing happens like her spar with Naruto.' Tsunade thought.

But this time no one, not even Sakura herself, knew how well she could or couldn't control the black chakra. Tsunade couldn't even get near the girl's chakra reserves to see if, like Naruto, she had two separate reserves, one for regular chakra and one especially for the other type.

Sasuke got into a stance, activating his sharingan. He began calculating every movement of the girl across from him. If he drops his guard even for a second like Naruto had done earlier, it could cost him his life. Sasuke knew he was not weak and under normal circumstances he wouldn't feel threatened. However, he's never come in contact with chakra like hers before, and he knew that killing her was not an option.

Sakura watched as Sasuke activated his sharingan. She didn't waste time in preparing herself. Taking a deep breath she quickly closed her eyes. When she reopened them they were glazed over, her face expressionless. Tsunade recognized that face. It was the same face Sakura made in her office earlier when she was standing at the bookshelf.

'She's not with us right now, her mind is somewhere else.' Tsunade tensed. Kakashi noticed this from the corner of his eye and silently prepared himself for what may come.

Slowly Sakura brought her legs together digging her feet into the ground, her arms came up to the left side of her chest, 'My body is moving on its own,' she thought somewhere deep in the corners of her mind. Her hands clasped together forming the sign for 'hebi' before quickly shifting to 'tori' then 'kai'.

A hush fell over the clearing. The wind halted along with the sounds of wildlife. The chirping of birds and rustling of animals in the bushes ceased. The silence was deafening.

In the blink of an eye Sakura was right in front of Sasuke, kunai in hand. She swung at him, but he dodged it just in time. Jumping into the air a barrage of kunai rained down upon the girl. She successfully countered them but as the last one came into her field of vision she noticed the explosive tag on it.

'Oh no!' Sakura thought right when a large explosion erupted on the field. Chunks of debris rained down as the thick cloud of smoke began to clear. Sasuke searched for the girl through the smoke only to find a log where she'd previously been standing.

'Replacement jutsu,' he thought as he surveyed the area searching for pink.

Sasuke heard a whistling noise from behind him. It was the sound of a shuriken cutting through the air as it closed in on his back. He reflected it with his kunai causing a loud clashing sound as metal struck metal, the shuriken falling to the floor.

"You're gonna have to do better than that," Sasuke chastised the girl getting tired of this child's play. If this was really all she amounted to he was not impressed.

Suddenly he felt a sharp pain in his back.

'What the..."

Sasuke brought his hand to his back to feel the fabric of his shirt had been ripped open and blood was trailing down his shoulder.

Everyone looked in awe.

'How did she cut me? The shuriken was still an arm's length from my body when I reflected it.'

"That blade was chakra enhanced," Tsunade mumbled to herself, but the others heard her.

"Even if it was it shouldn't have been able to extend from the shuriken for more than a few inches." Kakashi retorted.

"Under normal circumstances yes," Tsunade said turning to her right to look at Kakashi, "but if she is a wind type user with the right amount of chakra control it's possible."

"So Sakura-chan didn't cut him with the shuriken but with her chakra?"


As those words processed in her brain Tsunade's and everyone's blood ran cold. 'She cut him with her chakra?' They all snapped their heads in Sasuke's direction alarmed. However, Sasuke just stood there completely unfazed.

'What's going on?' Tsunade thought. 'So Sakura does have another chakra reserve like Naruto?' That's the only thing she could think of considering Sasuke seemed fine and there was no black discoloration to his skin like there was on Tsunade's hand when she tried to look into Sakura's reserves.

Sakura finally came out of her hiding place with ten kagebunshins beside her. They ran at Sasuke engaging in an intense battle of taijustu.

'She's faster than she was before,' Sasuke thought as it became increasingly difficult to fend off her attacks, but he was not an Uchiha for nothing. Sasuke jumped back quickly forming an array of hand signs.

"Katon goukakyuu no jutsu!" Fire erupted from his mouth successfully covering the ground in a sea of orange and red. However, the moment he eliminated Sakura's kagebunshins ten more came at him from behind. One of them managed to graze his side with a kick, causing another sharp pain to rack his body. He felt one of the ribs on his left side crack from the impact as he was thrown across the field.

"Did you see that Tsunade-baachan?! Sakura just used enhanced strength like you!" Naruto screamed.

"How did she…" Tsunade trailed off eyes wide, jaw slightly dropping. She suddenly thought back to her conversation with the Sakura earlier in her office.

"Since you are able to gather chakra to your hands, does that mean you can gather it to other areas of your body?" Sakura asked.

Still looking down occupied with the paper on her desk Tsunade replied, "Yes it's possible, it's a similar idea to gathering chakra to your feet to walk up trees or over water. I've used it to enhance my strength in combat."

"hmmm…" Sakura droned.

'Don't tell me…,' Tsunade contemplated the probability of Sakura being able to put that knowledge to use so quickly.

Sasuke stood up flinching slightly as he wrapped one arm around his fractured rib. He looked up to see more kagebunshins sprinting toward him.

'Enough with the kagebunshins!' Sasuke screamed in his head pissed off. He glared daggers at the bunshins cursing their existence. 'Let's just get this over with.'

He started to collect a large amount of chakra into his right hand. The ear piercing sound of birds echoed across the training grounds. A large crackling ball of blue lightning illuminated Sasuke's right hand.

"Chidori!" He yelled charging forward eliminating every bunshin in his path. As he approached the last one he heard a loud scream from behind him.

"Sasuke stop that's the real Sakura!" Kakashi's voice boomed.

But it was too late….

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