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The doorbell rang and Amy jumped up from her spot on the couch, her shoulder length brown hair flying behind her. She threw back the door. "Hey ba....." Stopping mid-sentence as she realized who it was. "Oh. It's you." Anger clouding her mind, she left the door open for him to enter, if he must. He followed her into the kitchen. There were so many things she wanted to say to him, but even his name burned her tongue. "So, I haven't seen you in a while.How are you?" His pathetic attempts to befriend her only angered her more. She spun around to face him. "Listen to me now, because I'm only going to say this once. You might think you're my friend. You're not. You might think I like you. I don't. And if you think I like the fact that you and my mom are dating you better sit your ass down and think again. You killed my father and I will never forget that." With every word she spat out, Chris took a step back. Finally she pushed him down into a chair. "My mom has forgiven you, and as long as she likes you, I'll tolerate you dating her, but I will NEVER like you. Every night you stay here, I'll just be waiting for my chance to get you the way you got my father. So don't try to buddy up to me, because even if my mom can't, I can see right through you." With that she stormed out of the kitchen. Chris didn't movefrom the chair. Every night he prayed to God to forgive him what he had done to Stackhouse. Maybe he and Melissa shouldn't go out tonight. Without further thought, he stood up and walked out. In her bedroom, Amy lay looking at a picture or her father. She wiped away a tear. It was taken when she was four, a year before he was taken from her. He had been hom on medical leave, he'd broken his right wrist, and the picture was of Amy and him playing catch with a rubber ball underneath the weeping willow tree that had been in their backyard. It had been cut down two years after Stack's death and Amy had cried for a week. This was the last picture taken of her father. Amy set the picture down and grabbed a box of kleenex from the nightstand. She remembered the first night Chris had come around. It had been the one month anniversary of her father's death, her father's murder. The night she had begun talking to him. Melissa Stackhouse had been distraught and the only person she thought she could turn to, because a five year old child couldn't understand the real meaning of grief, was Chris Burnett. Amy had seen them talking. All that she felt about Jeremy's death boiled down to anger. She wanted to kill Chris he had killed her dad. Ever since that night, Chris had been coming around more and more. He had even begun to spend the night. Amy couldn't stand it anymore. Today was her fifteenth birthday and she was going to enjoy it. With or without her family. She pulled on her father's old NAVY sweater. It was a charcoal grey, and still smelled like him. She had taken it out of his closet the night after he died and had worn it every day since. Then she opened the window, and climber down the eaves. In her bedroom, Melissa stood, smoothing the black velvet dress. It still fit. Jeremy had loved this dress on her. She was sure Chris would love it too. The giddiness that had been swelling up inside her all day, melted away as she glanced at the picture on her dresser. It was a pictureof Jeremy and herself on their wedding day. She picked up the picture and sat down on her bed. Stakhouse had been dead for nearlyten years, but every memory she had of him haunted her. Especially how they had fought right before he left. The last time she had talked to him. It had been about that damn weeping willow tree. She was afraid that it would fall on the house, but he insisted it would stand. Such a stupid thing to fight over. She set the picture down. "I'm gonna make new memories tonight." She said. She paused going out the door and looked up. 'Wherever Jeremy is now,' she thought,'I hope he didn't hear that.' Chris sat on his couch, flipping through his photo album. He and Stackhouse on the Carl Vinson, he and Stakhouse at the reception on Stack's wedding night, Stack-Melissa-Amy and himself the day Amy was born. He slammed the photo album shut and threw it across the room. His head rested in his hands as the tears began rolling down his cheeks. He could had saved him. Why did he leave Stack there? When he closed his eyes, he could still hear him. "So where are we Mr. Navigator Man?" Just then the phone rang. Chris knew who it was. He couldn't talk to her, so , shutting the lights off, he lay back on the couch and drifted to sleep. Beneath the voice on the answering machine, he could hear Stack begging Chris to shoot him. And this was how he fell asleep. Listening to the intermingled voices of Jeremy and Melissa Stackhouse. "Chris, what's going on? I thought we were going out tonight. Are you ok? me when you get this, ok? I miss you."