The First Series
First 1 : First Time's a Bitch
By : Lady Sirona
Rated NC17 [Buffy/Angel] M/F consensual sex, oral and anal sex, blood
play, BDSM, Spoilers: Up to Bad Eggs then the universe splits off from there

First Series: First Time's a Bitch

Giles was scared. Not since the prophecy concerning the Master
had Giles been this scared. His Slayer was going to die and there was
only one way out that he could see, and she would hate him for it. He
sighed. He knew he had to do it and he hated himself for it but his
slayer was all. He made the phone call.

"Angel. I need to see you at the Library. It is essential" He hung
his head in shame as he heard the vampires agreement to come on the
phone. He had just signed Angel's death warrant.

Giles, Jenny, and Angel were gathered around the table in the
library. Giles had a very worried look on his face. Jenny couldn't
remember when he had seemed this upset. He had hurried them all together
moments before without any explanation.

"I need both of you here because we, ah, have a very serious
problem," Giles stammered.

"How serious Rupert?" Jenny asked. She was really worried seeing
him like this. The usually unflappable Watcher was rattled to his bones

"Is it that demon Arckrad?" Angel asked bluntly. He was still
sore form the run in with the demon the night before, and knew it was a
major playing piece in the chess game that was Buffy's Slaying life

"What demon? You two have lost me," Jenny said looking form one
to the other.

Buffy walked through the library doors. She saw everyone sitting
around the conference table with tense faces and initially had wondered
why she hadn't been called to the meeting. She realized it was because
it obviously concerned her and decided to stop at the doors and listen.

She remembered when the prophecy of the Master had come up, and how they
hadn't planned to tell her of her prophesied death. She usually got
more information by eavesdropping anyway it seemed.

"I have been researching the demon... he has never been bested
by a slayer," Giles said gloomily. He didn't say out loud what they all
heard in his unspoken words. Every Slayer who went up against him…

"The demon that Buffy fought last night... it nearly killed
her," Angel let out a soft growl as he finished his comment. His
stomach twisted remembering the battle and the fact they barely got away
with their lives intact.

"I didn't hear about that," Jenny mused. She looked back and
forth from Giles to Angel. They were seriously freaked. This did not
bode well for the Slayer.

"He doesn't go after just anybody. He only goes after someone
when called. Someone sent him after her." Angel continued. The growl in
his voice plain to all in the room. He didn't take kindly to people
trying to hurt his woman "She was pretty badly hurt... we barely got
away with our skins," Angel said slowly, his voice was almost a whisper
as he thought of how seriously the demon had hurt Buffy.

*It wasn't that bad. What's the big deal,* Buffy thought *God
Angel, I'm fine. Just a few cuts and bruises. Other than that, I'm
peachy,* Buffy thought to herself. Even when she said it in her mind
she knew she was bluffing herself. She had almost died last night and
it terrified her.

"I spent the night in research. I finally found some, ah,
vague references to him. The demon's other name is, ah, The Virgin
Killer... seems that he can kill any female he chooses, including
Slayers, ah, as long as they are, ah, virgins," Giles said, trying to
get back on topic. He looked down in embarrassment. He held his breath
and realized he was counting on Jenny to state the obvious, he knew he
couldn't, and Angel wouldn't…

"That's easy to fix then," Jenny chuckled. She looked at Angel
and saw it was slowly sinking in. She glanced at Giles and realized he
was needing her support in brining it up to Angel. They needed to end
Buffy's state as a virgin. Angel was it.

Angel's mouth dropped open. He didn't want Buffy's first time to
be like this. He wanted it to be in a moment of passion and love. Not in
a moment of fear and desperation. He prayed with all his soul it would
be him who initiated her in the arts of love, but was too scared to
admit it to himself, or even to hope that he would be worthy. He

*Oh shit! She's not thinking...* Buffy thought as the
ramifications of the conversation. She was a virgin. She faced the
Virgin Killer. Obvious answer, make Buffy not a virgin. *Oh God* She
thought. Angel didn't want to do it! She watched in growing horror as
Giles and Angel looked at Jenny.

"It isn't that easy," Giles finally said. He knew it would be
difficult for her. The ramifications for Angel lethal.

"Yes it is. Someone has sex with her, no more virgin problem,"
Jenny insisted. She couldn't believe they were that obtuse. No virgin
status, she could kill the Demon. She smiled as Giles just blushed to
started to stutter something incoherent.

"You want a dead virgin slayer, or a live slayer that has sex?"
Jenny asked pointedly.

Angel looked at the floor. It wasn't fair to her. Her first time
should be special with the man she loved. She shouldn't have to do it to
save her life from some demon. "She should be told," Giles said simply.
Calling Angel out of his reverie

"NO! You tell her, and she'll laugh in your face and then go
fight the demon," Jenny said with determination. The history with the
Slayer made that point obvious, even to her. She looked over at Angel.
He was noticeably upset.

"Why I called you Angel… I need to a know…You two haven't yet?"
Giles asked Angel. He prayed they had. He prayed his Slayer had made
love to her Angel and made the entire thing bad dream.

"No. I wanted her to be ready. To be sure. Hell, she's only 16.
I didn't want her to regret it and hate me in a year," Angel said. He
closed his eyes. He wanted her so bad it was a dull unending ache in
his bones. But he was immortal, and would wait indefinitely for her.
His soul needed her more than his body needed blood, but he didn't want
her this way!

Buffy was amazed and hurt at his apparent balking at the idea of
making love to her. *What's going on, I thought he loved me. Why is it
so hard for him?* Buffy thought. Pain chewed through her heart when she
thought he didn't love her the way she loved him. had she been wrong?

"Angel, you're the only one that can do this. There's no more
time," Jenny continued to insist. They had to fix the problem now!

"I love her enough that I'll risk her hating me for the rest of
her life. At least she'll have a life to hate me in," Angel concluded.
He hung his head. he would make love to her, take her virginity to save
her life and pray she wouldn't hate him for it when she realized he was
unworthy for the gift.

Jenny nodded at him. "I'm sorry Angel."

"I didn't want it to be this way. I wanted it to be when she was
ready... when she knew what she wanted," Angel said.

"I know Angel. But you no longer have that option," Jenny said

Buffy watched with tears in her eyes as Giles hesitated for a
second, and then handed Angel a book. Giles pointed out some text to
read, and Angel glanced at it. He looked up into the watcher's face and
nodded slowly. "I understand," he said without hesitating.

"Be careful Angel," Jenny said before Angel put down the book
and disappeared in his usual fashion.

Giles sighed. "No win scenario," Giles said to Jenny. Giles
looked down at the book and then up at Jenny

"Those poor kids," Jenny replied.

"Oh shit," Giles muttered under his breath as he looked up and
saw Buffy standing near the door in tears. "Buffy, How long have you
been there?" he asked.

"Gee, first it was Buffy's going to die. Now it's Buffy has to
fuck? So, Angel's going to have to have sex with me to save my life. .
Wonder if he can force himself to?" Buffy said coldly. She had a
depressed and confused look on her face.

"Buffy, it's not what you think..." Giles allowed his voice to
trail off. He didn't know what to tell her. She was actually right.

"Buffy, it's not like that at all," Jenny said.

"Well, I don't know what to think. I came in here and find you
all meeting without me. I heard you telling Angel he was going to have
to have sex with me. And on top of that, you had to talk him into it,"
Buffy said. Anger was slowly creeping into her voice as tears leaked
down her cheeks. The pain wasn't lessening, it was building.

"Buffy, he didn't want to force you. He wanted it to be on you
own time line," Jenny said, trying to calm the slayer.

"We are concerned for your life, Buffy," Giles said. He was
obviously worried, but Buffy didn't care. She was angry now. They were
meddling in her life AGAIN!

"My life? This is my life! And you guys keep messing around
with it!" Buffy screeched at them. She noticed that Giles was trying
to hide the book he was holding.

"We are involved in your life Buffy," Giles said, trying to
remain calm. A hysterical Slayer was a dangerous Slayer

"Giles, what are you hiding from me?" Buffy asked as she
advanced on him. Stalking the Watcher around the table.

"Nothing. Nothing at all," Giles said nervously trying to stay
out of her reach and keep the book and it's marked passage away form

Buffy was not convinced. "I've been ready since I met him. I
love him. I have since day one," Buffy said to Jenny as she held her
hand out to Giles. Giles just looked at her. "Tell me damnit! This is my
life. I have a right to know what's happening in it," Buffy said. Giles
knew she was right. He opened the book and handed it to her and braced
himself for the viotile response he knewwould occur.

Buffy carefully read the ancient text: "If the Chosen loses her
virginity once the Demon has chosen her as his target, the Demon will
kill her lover: the man that took her virginity."

She looked up at Giles horror dawning on her face.. "You can't
mean..." she trailed off. Angel would die if he made love to her!

"He loves you enough to risk making himself a victim of the
demon, Buffy. To save you," Giles said as he sat back down at the
table, a wearied tired man.

"You told him to die for me? You told the one man I love to go
out and die for me?" Buffy said in a horrified whisper. She was trying
her best to contain her anger.

"No, I told him if you remained a virgin, you would die. He
knows that the one who takes your virginity will be killed by the demon.
He has made his own choices," Giles said carefully.

Buffy made no attempt to hide her anger this time. She slammed
down the book with a resounding bang. "No he didn't. You did. The same
way you make all my decisions for me."

Giles avoided her eyes. He knew she was hurting, but he didn't
know anything to do. She was the Slayer. She had to survive. This was
the way it had to be.

"Buffy, you are the slayer. If I have to lay my life down for
you, so be it. Angel feels the same way."

"Well, it's not going to happen. I'm not going to let it
happen," she said angrily as she got up to get weapons. She was going to
kill this son of a bitch before he harmed Angel.

"How are you going to stop it? Let the demon kill you?" Jenny
asked frantically.

"Only if I don't kill it first."

"Buffy, you can't kill it as a virgin. It's magick power is it
cannot be killed by a virgin. But, if you lose your virginity, you can
kill it and it can't kill you!," Jenny said, trying to force Buffy to
listen to reason as Buffy tossed the crossbow and a few stakes
and other bits and pieces into a bag. "You can kill it after. And before
it goes after Angel," Jenny continued.

"And if I'm not quick enough? What then? It'll kill Angel,
that's what." She slammed the bag shut and rounded on them. "I love
him. Even if he doesn't love me… I love him and I can't do that to him!
I can't let him die for me!"

"Please listen, Buffy..." Giles managed to get out before Buffy
interrupted him.

"And if that happens, I'll never forgive you Giles," Buffy said

"Yes, and if it kills you, he'll die anyway," Giles said. He
backed off. He stopped short, he knew he'd said too much.

"If Angel dies, then I'd die anyway," Buffy said. Then the
meaning of Giles last words sank in. "What do you mean Giles?" She
turned to her Watcher with a calculating look.

Giles leaned back slowly. "Buffy, Angel's soul is locked onto
you. The day you die, will be his last."

"And my life is locked on his. The day he dies will be my last.
Either way, we both die. This way, I won't have to kill you first.
Because if this thing does kill Angel, I'll kill you." He looked into
the eyes of his Slayer and had an idea how a vampire felt when they
faced her. She meant it.

"Buffy, I know this isn't how you envisioned your first time,
but please, it is the only viable option," Giles stated as Buffy picked
up her weapon bag.

Buffy snapped. "Damnit Giles, you're not listening to me. I'm
not letting Angel force himself to have sex with me and to die for it!.
He hasn't even told me he loves me." Tears started to form in Buffy's
eyes. This was just too much for her to take. She brushed the tears

"Are you blind, Buffy? He loves you so much it hurts!" Jenny
said forcefully. Even she could see the deep and abiding love the
vampire held for the slayer

"Not blind, no. But I needed to know for sure. But I guess now I
never will. Goodbye Giles," she said as she walked out to face the
Virgin Killer and her destiny. She briefly wondered if Giles would have
as much problems with his next Slayer as he had with her.

"What do you mean, you never will? Oh shit!" Giles grabbed the
phone and hit the speed dial.

"This better be good," Angel mumbled as he picked up his phone.
He was setting up the apartment to seduce Buffy and felt sick for it.
She was an innocent girl and would never see it coming.

"Buffy knows. She was listening in the whole time. She only came
out when you left," Giles said hurriedly.

"What? Ah shit. Let me guess. She's going after the demon on her
own?" Angel closed his eyes. Damnit this was unfortunate.

"She read the book, and found out you would die." Giles cleared
his throat nervously.

"Giles, I'm already dead. I have to go find her." The phone went
dead in Giles ear as Angel hung up

Angel pulled on his battle clothes: leather pants and jacket. He
grabbed a few weapons and headed for the cemetery.

Back at the library Giles was pacing. "This goes from bad to
worse," he mumbled to himself

Angel stalked through the cemetery looking for her. He reached
the back parcels where the old mausoleums were, and he finally could
hear fighting, but he couldn't quite tell specifically where it was
coming from. He heard Buffy let out a short scream and he ran towards
the sound.

In the middle of a clearing in the cemetery Buffy was fighting
the demon. He was a 7 foot tall monstrosity. His skin was black
leather and horn's graced his head curving forward to protect his face.
It they her to the ground and was obviously playing with her. She was
badly hurt and couldn't seem to get an upper had on it.

Angel came out of the under brush and kicked the demon in the
head and followed up with a roundhouse to the face hurting his foot on
the horn but knocking the demon over a head stone to lie on the ground
stunned. "Buffy, are you OK?" he asked quickly.

"Yeah, just peachy really. A bit sore though," she said. She
seemed very tired. She must have been fighting it for some time. The
demon got up and was coming closer to Angel. It was very angry now.
Angel kicked the demon, knocking it into the mausoleum. He quickly
picked up Buffy and run full vampire speed out of the cemetery to his
apartment Thankful she was still alive.

When they were far enough away, at his apartment he set her
down. He didn't know if he wanted to spank her, kiss her or scream at
her. "Are you insane? You could have been killed!" Angel yelled angrily.

"Damnit Angel, why'd you come after me?" she said as she pushed
herself away from him.

"Because I knew you would go after the demon! That's a fight you
have no hope of winning!"

"Yeah, but neither would you. I saw the book. You would die
Angel! I'm not letting that happen. Now get out of my way."

"Buffy, please. I don't stand a chance against him alone. But
together, and with you out from under the magic block, we stand a
chance," Angel pleaded. Angel grabbed her arm gently and started to lead
her towards his apartment. She was too mad to even notice where he was
leading her.

"But you'll die if you go against him! Even together you may
die." Tears filled her eyes. She couldn't even bare the thought of him
dying on account of her.

"Buffy, please!" He was frantic. He didn't know what to do. They
had arrived at his apartment door , and he opened the door and walked
inside. Buffy stopped short at the door, not entering his apartment.

"Angel, I love you. I love you too much for you to sacrifice
yourself for me," she said as tears started to streak form her eyes.
Angel turned towards her. Blood tinged tears were in his eyes. "And you
don't think I love you? You don't think I love you too much to allow you
to go after the virgin killer the way you are now?" His voice was husky
with fear and pain.

"I'm not letting you do this, Angel," she said as she realized
where they were. She turned away from him. She blinked back her own
tears. "Angel, please..."

"Buffy, I won't force you. I want you to win. I want you to have
a chance to live." He stepped close and stroked her cheek. His eyes
were boring into hers and she could plainly see the love and passion in
them. Not Lust, like in the cemetery while making out like before, but
actual love.

"But I don't want to be alone if you die," she whispered. She
couldn't hold her tears back at all. They continued to trickle down her
cheek slowly.

"Buffy, you are my life, my world. Please don't take that from
me." He put his hand out in supplication. "Please Buffy?" His heart was
breaking and he was putting it all on the line.

"Angel, I'm the slayer. It's my destiny to die young. Why can't
you let me choose when?" She reached her hand out and placed it in his
and she allowed him to pull her part way into the apartment.

"Because I don't want you to die yet. And we have a chance this
way." He pulled her towards him and kissed her face gently.

"Angel, if you die, I will follow you. You know that don't you?"
she said in a whisper as her tears continued to fall.

"And when you die, I will follow you," he said simply.

Buffy reached a hand up and touched his shirt lightly. "Giles
told me about the soul lock. What did he mean?"

" Oh God, no, he shouldn't have. I wanted to wait to tell you
about it…. Until I knew you wanted me. Until you knew, and were sure…
Until you were ready. But I did it, and it exists. " he bowed his
head. He didn't want he to hate him for it.

"When did it happen?" she said as she ran her fingers along the
buttons of his shirt absently.

"The moment I saw you. At Hemery. When Merrick told you that you
were the slayer."

"You saw me then?" she asked. She had no idea he had seen her
before she came to Sunnydale.

He nodded. "I've followed and protected you since then."

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked softly.

He ran his fingers along her face lightly. "I wasn't supposed
to let you know I even existed."

Buffy turned her head and lightly kissed the tip of his finger.
"But you did."

"Yeah, I had to talk to you. I've been head over heels in love
with you since you knocked me on my ass in the alley."

"And I fell in love with you. More than I thought possible,"
Buffy said.

Angel kissed her face lightly. "I wanted to kiss you so much
that night you took me home from the battle with the three. I probably
would have if your mom had not come home. I loved every minute on the
floor next to your bed. I loved watching you sleep, listening to you
breath, smelling your scent….."

"I love having you there. So close to me. I could have just
reached out to touch you."

Angel ran his fingers up and down her neck and across her
shoulders. Light gentle, loving touches. Buffy relaxed into his touch,
hardly realizing what she was doing. "God Buffy, when I realized that
you were really interested in me, and instead of leaving I kissed you...
my whole world stopped," he said in a whisper. He wrapped his arms
around her and brought her closer to him, kissing her gently on the
forehead. "When I transformed in the kiss and you screamed, I thought
my world had ended," Angel said. Buffy leaned her head on his shoulder.
He stepped back into the apartment slowly and she followed. He closed
the door.

"I still loved you, even after I found out you were a vampire….
I didn't want you to leave," she said into his shoulder unaware that
they were actually in the apartment alone.

"God, I know that now. In the battle at the bronze, I wasn't
going to hurt you, I was ready to let you kill me. Until Darla showed
and tried to kill you."

"I knew deep down that you couldn't have harmed my mother. I
don't think I could have killed you even if you let me. And when you
killed Darla for me, I knew I was safe with you forever, and that I
could always trust you." She opened her eyes and looked around. The
apartment was alight with candle light and flowers. He had intended to
seduce her to save her life and possibly die for it and it terrified

"I have loved you all along, Buffy. But you're the slayer. You
deserve better than me. You deserve a normal man who can love you and
walk with you in the sun and give you children. You don't deserve a
demon vampire locked into the night, with a bloodlust," he said as he
started to kiss down her neck.

"I don't want a normal man. I love you Angel. And I'll always
love only you." She tipped her head back giving him better access to her
neck. She knew what he was doing, but she realized was unable to stop

"I asked you last week if you ever look at the future. Don't you
want a normal life? One I can't give you?" he asked as he continued to
assault her neck with his lips and tongue. Her skin was so soft, and
tasted like solid sunshine.

Buffy lifted her hand and rubbed the back of his neck. Angel ran
his fingers along her neck and across her collarbone. He followed his
fingers with his mouth. "I told you. All I see is you Angel. All I want
is you. Forever Angel, no matter what." She was losing conscious
thought. All that existed was his lips, touching her, tasting her..

"Then let me give you our forever, Buffy. Please?" he pleaded as
he ran his hands up and down her back. Buffy whimpered softly at his
touch. She couldn't remember why she was trying to stop him, and now she

just didn't care. Angel could smell her increased arousal and smiled.
She really did want him!

"Angel, I..." she trailed off as he continued to nibble and kiss
at her neck and collarbone.

"I love you Buffy. I always have, always will."

"I love you Angel." She let out a small moan. She couldn't
contain herself. It felt so wonderful to be in his arms. For him to kiss
and touch her. She had never felt so wonderful before.

"I'm yours forever. For as long as you want me," Angel said as
he pulled her into him tightly.

"I want you forever." She told him… and realized this was
forever… he loved her forever!

Angel kissed along her collar bone and slowly undid a few
buttons on her blouse. Buffy snuggled against him, trying to get as
close as possible. She trusted him with all her soul. She didn't try to
stop him at all. She just watched his large hands as they undid the
buttons on her blouse. Slowly, Angel dropped to his knees and continued
to undo her blouse. He kissed each piece of skin as he exposed it. He
felt Buffy start to run her hands through his hair, and he let out a
soft purr.

Buffy whimpered at the soft purr Angel made. That sound always
turned her insides upside down. Angel pulled her to him and before she
realized it, they were both lying on the bed. Angel was on top of her
undressing her with his hands and mouth. He ran his lips and tongue over
every piece of skin he uncovered. His voice a low purr as he uncovered
and then worshipped every stretch of skin

Buffy ran her hands up and down his chest. She really wasn't
sure what to do. She had no experience at this at all. "Angel, I'm..."
she trailed off, not sure how to say it.

Angel had finally gotten her shirt completely open and she lied
there in her lacy bra. "You're what baby?" he asked her softly. He
seemed distracted by her entirely…and she smiled. Her usually
unflappable vampire was having problems speaking…

"I don't know wha..." she trailed off again. She whimpered at
the look on his face. Raw love and lust filled his eyes as he kissed her

It broke his heart to see her so scared. "It's all right baby.
You just do whatever you want to." Angel kissed her gently again. This
time, Buffy returned the kiss. She opened her mouth slightly as she
moved to sit up. And he plunged in to claim her depths.

Buffy broke off the kiss and started to unbutton his shirt
slowly, concentrating on the task at hand. When it was half undone, she
slipped a hand inside and placed it over his still heart. Buffy took his
hand in hers and placed it over her rapidly beating heart. Buffy looked
at him with a shy smile. "My heart is beating enough for the both of us."
He stared at her while her heart beat in his hand like a frightened bird.

"You're so warm," he said as he smiled at her. He slid out of
his shirt and dropped it on the floor.

Buffy swallowed as she looked up at him. "I feel like I'm
burning up."

"I want to make your heart beat faster," he growled into her
neck. He placed wet kisses down her neck and chest. "You are so

Buffy groaned and her head fell back as she put herself in his
hands. "You make me feel beautiful," she managed to whisper. She felt
more beautiful now than she had ever felt in her life.

He kissed along her breast and sucked her left nipple into his
mouth. He nibbled and sucked as Buffy arched into his mouth and moaned.
"You are beautiful," he said before continuing on her other nipple. He
reached up and took her right nipple in his hand and massaged it slowly
between his fingers. He felt it harden under his ministrations.

Buffy brought her hands up to lightly run them through his hair.
He left her nipples and worked his way down her body. He kissed and
licked every piece of skin he came to. He could smell her increasing
passion. Buffy used all of her strength to lift her head and watch him.

Angel looked up at her as if to ask permission to proceed. He
licked her stomach and looked up at her again. He ran his hand up her
thigh gently, stoking her inner thigh. Buffy drew in a breath and
nodded nervously at him.

Angel took her skirt and slowly removed it over her hips. He
watched intently as her underwear came into view. He looked like a kid
on Christmas morning unwrapping a present. He finished pulling her skirt
off and he dropped it to the floor. He continued to lick and nuzzle her
lower abdomen. Buffy blushed and tried to close her legs.

"No Buffy… don't…. you smell so good!" Angel said, trying to
reassure her. He ran his fingers along the silk outline of her heat. It was
moist with her arousal. He smiled and slid a finger inside the panties and
gently stroked her outer lips.

"Oh God Angel, please.." she gasped, not even sure what she was
asking for. She started squirming. Angel slid a finger in a little bit
more, just enough to stoke her fires. She was hot and moist, almost
dripping. His touch was electric!

"Angel!" she cried out at his touch. She slid a hand down to
pull him away, not knowing what the feeling was… wanting more but afraid
to accept it.

"Yes baby, that's my name," he said as he hooked his finger in
her underwear and pulled them down, baring her to his gaze. "God, you're
beautiful," he said as he kissed and licked her slit gently.

"Oh, God," she shrieked as she instinctively tried to hide from

"No baby. Don't hide. You're lovely." He licked her gently again
tasting her juices and her flavor

"Angel, I can't bare it, it's too much." She squirmed. It was
too intense… she couldn't take it!

"Yes you can. It's all for you, baby," he said before licking
her again. He savored her flavor.

Buffy was right on the edge of her first orgasm, and was almost
afraid of the intensity of it.

"Come for me baby," he said before he took her clit in his mouth
and sucked gently while he fingered her inside, and felt her tightening.
He let out a groan as he continued to suck her clit. He could feel her
body tensing…

Buffy opened her eyes and looked at him as she feels something
break. Angel was licking her more roughly now and he was plunging his
tongue into her depths. He returned to her clit and sucked forcefully.
She screamed his name as the first orgasm hit her.

Angel held her as she rocked with the orgasm, smiling the whole
time. Buffy couldn't believe how she felt. The pleasure rolled over her
in waves. As the orgasm slowly ended, Angel crawled up next to her.
Buffy shut her eyes and let herself drown in the pleasure. Angel kissed
her deeply. "I love you, Buffy."

Buffy opened her eyes, still coming down. "I love you too
Angel." She could feel his hard erection through his pants as it pushed
against her hip.
"You are so beautiful," he said as he stoked her face and neck.

Buffy looked down at him, then quickly back to his face. "But,
you didn't..." she trailed off.

"Didn't what?" he asked, confused.

"You didn't," she repeated, still not completing her sentence.

"Take your virginity?" She nodded at him. "No, I haven't. Not
yet anyway. I want to pleasure you, let you know what loving is." Buffy
cupped his cheek and kissed him deeply. "We have all night. There's no
need to rush," he said. He kickedoff his shoes and they landed on the
floor with a thud.

"I love you more than ever, Angel," she told him, smiling.

"You have no idea how long I wanted to do that," he told her.

"Can I do that to you?" she asked with a shy smile.

"Not quite the same way." He smiled at his own joke. "I'm her
for your pleasure, milady."

Buffy smiled at him. "But do you want me to?" she asked as she
waved a hand down at his erection.

"I want what will make you happy," he said as lust filled his

Buffy smiled at him again. "I want you to feel pleasure too. But
I think you're a bit overdressed."

"Then undress me," he said with an evil smile. Buffy blushed at
being caught. She looked down his body. She bit her lip, trying to think
of how to do this. She squirmed until she was at his waist. His chest was
bare. She could easily see the rippling muscles of his abdomen. His pants
and socks are the only things that he has left on. He watched her with
hooded eyes.

Buffy couldn't resist. She bent down and licked up his abdomen
from his waist line. She sat back and glanced up at his face. Her right
hand sneaked out and gently rubbed his rock-hard erection that was
straining against his pants, feeling him for the first time.

Angel groaned at her touch. He slightly thrust his hips. "Oh,
God Buffy..." Buffy pulled her hand away and looked up at him initially
scared and then with a small smile. He smiled back at her and invited
her to continue with his eyes.

Buffy looked back at his waist and used both hands to undo the
button and zipper of his pants. She was shocked at the size of him…
she never paid attention to it like that before and she was realizing
just how big it was! Angel let out a small moan and lifted his hips up
slowly. Buffy pulled his pants down and noticed how his erection was
making a tent out of his silkboxers.

She looked up at his face intently. He smiled at her. She chewed
her lip nervously and ran a hand over his erection very lightly. She
was scared of it… the size of it… "I love you Buffy." He told her as she
continued to stroke him. "Ohhhh. Buffy, if you don't want to, it's OK."

Buffy could feel how firm he was. It fascinated her. "No, I do
want to. It's just new to me. I want you to enjoy it."

Angel captured her hand and pressed it into his erection hard.
"It won't break, Buffy. Oh, God..." His head fell back and he laid there
feeling her touch through the silk.

Buffy gasped at the feel of it, the shape of it. It felt huge to her virgin
touch. She couldn't help wondering how it would fit inside of her. She
gathered up her courage and grasped the top of the boxers. She slowly
and carefully pulled them down. Angel thrust lightly into her hand.
Her touch was driving him insane. He popped loose as she uncovered him.

He was hard and erect. He was uncircumcised, so it looked
different than what she remembered seeing on the Internet with Willow.
She stopped and couldn't help staring at him. She blushed a little at
seeing him revealed. Seeing a live one was much bigger and nicer. She
ran her index finger up the length of it, loving how cold it was.

Angel looked down at her. She was staring at him. *Patience.
Ohhhhh, God* he thought. It twitched and jumped with her touch. Buffy
pulled back with a slight jump. "It moved, Angel," she said as she
blushed again.

"Yeah, it likes what you're doing," he purred. He dragged his
fingers up the sheets as she continued to touch him.

"Oh," she said as she reached down shyly and gently squeezed his
balls. She was fascinated with them… The were covered with a soft downy
furry hair and moved when she touched them.

"Oh, God," he moaned as she squeezed him. Her hair was tickling
the end of his erection as she bent over him. His cock jumped with the

"Angel, do you want me to use my mouth?"

"God, Buffy. You're killing me. Do," he managed
to get out.

Buffy frowned at him. *Why is he so bothered when I was barely
doing anything* she thought to herself.

"Please, Buffy..." He couldn't believe she had his cock in her
hand and her other hand on his balls and he was going to die right

Buffy bent down and licked her lips. She smiled, remembering a
site she saw on the Internet, and blew lightly on his erection. Angel
couldn't believe how she was making him feel. She was killing him!
"Ohhhh, God!" He grabbed the sheets tightly and held on for dear life.

Buffy kissed the tip of his cock. It was cool and soft against
her lips. She heard him moan deep in his throat. It only turned her on
more. She wondered at the taste of him, and lightly ran her tongue up
the underside of his erection.

The tip of her tongue felt like velvet as it ran up his straining
erection. Hethrusted his hips up and groaned. "Ohh, God! Buffy...

She pulled back for a minute, then continued to lick him. Angel's
head flew back and he started to thrust into her mouth uncontrollably.
He grabbed her hand and wrapped it around him. He showed her how
to stroke him and he thrust into her hand and mouth. "Please...please...
please," he chanted over and over again in Gaelic.

Buffy continued to stoke up and down on his cool shaft. She took
her hand away only to take the first few inches into her mouth. She
sucked on the head lightly. Angel grabbed the sheets tightly."Buffy...
please," he groaned as he started to pull her off. She just continued to
lick and suck his erection as she shook his hands off.

"I'm going to come, Buffy." He tried to pull her off again. He
didn't want to scare her. She responded by increasing the pressure of
her sucking and waving at Angel to let her be. Then she slid her other
hand down to caress his balls.

Angel's head flew back and he brought his wrist to his mouth. He
sank his fangs into his own wrist and came hard when the blood filled
his mouth. His seed spilled onto Buffy's tongue. She was surprised when
he came, but she quickly swallowed, milking him slowly. "Uuugggghhhh,"
he moaned as she sucked him dry. "Oh, God Buffy, stop!" He pulled her
off of his cock. It was too sensitive for this!

Buffy crawled up next to him and laid beside him. She laid her
head on his cool chest. Angel pulled her close and she became alarmed
when she could see the blood on his lips and wrist. "You're bleeding.
Angel?" she frowned at him slightly.

"It's all right." He looked ashamed. God he never had a chance
to discuss vampiric sex with her. shit.

Realization dawned on Buffy. "You have to have blood to have
pleasure." She looked into his eyes.

Angel avoided her eyes. "Yes. That is why I didn't..." he trailed
off, still feeling ashamed of what he was.

"That's why you didn't want to make love to me." It dawned on
her. He needed to bite, to drink to come.

"I didn't want to contaminate you. You're better than that,
Buffy. Vampiric sex involves blood." He turned away. Ashamed of his
body, his need, his state.

"Angel, I love you. All of you. Will you do me a favor? When we
make love, I want you to drink from me." She still looked into his eyes.
The thought of him taking her blood aroused her.

"Buffy..." He realized she was serious. He smelled her arousal
at the thought. "What if I lose control, Baby? I haven't fed off of a
live human since I was cursed."

Buffy smiled at him. "I accepted you for who you are a long time
ago, Angel. That meant that I trusted you with my life. I still do."

"What if I can't stop?"

"You will. I know it," she said confidently. "So, you'll have to trust
me to be right.

Angel held her tight. "I'm scared, Buffy. I don't want to hurt you."

Buffy leaned her head on his shoulder. "You won't. Not now. Not
ever. I'm too stubborn to die."

"Oh, God Buffy." He kissed her deeply, stoking her face and breast.
Buffy returned the kiss, not holding anything back. She arched
into his hand. He kissed down her body and suckled her breast into his

"Again?" she squeaked.

Angel just purred. He nibbled his way down to a position between
her legs. He gave her slit one long, slow lick. He smelled her arousal.
"Do you want me, Buffy?"

She whimpered as she looked at him. "Oh, Yes!"

He climbed up her body. She could feel him at her entrance,
slightly pressing against her. She opened her legs wider, feeling the
size of him. Angel slid his cock along the opening, teasing and
tantalizing her. "This may hurt a little, baby."

She swallowed. "Angel, are you sure this will work?"

"I know it will work." He smiled at her virginal fear of his
size. She held onto the sheets as he pressed a little inside, and then
slid back out, and back in. He kissed her deeply. She gasped at the
feeling. The pleasure she got from such small thrusts. She kissed him
back, holding nothing back. He smiled and thrust a little deeper. In
and out, he continued gently. He felthimself slide in and out of her
hot, moist, tight core. "Oh, God Buffy! You're so tight!"

She reached up and touched his face. She smiled at the feelings
running through her body as he slid into her deeper and then out. Each
stroke going deeper gently. Finally, he hit her hymen and he stopped. He
looked into her eyes. Buffy tensed up a little and looked back into his
eyes. "I love you, Buffy. This is your virginity. You're gifting me
with your first time." He looked at her with adoration. "I love you"

Buffy cupped his cheek. "I love you too."

Angel leaned forward and kissed her deeply while stoking in and
out gently. He could feel Buffy start to relax again. He leaned forward
and bit her hard on the shoulder and at the same time, thrust deeper,
breaking through her hymen. He was in all the way to the base of his
cock before she realized he had broken through.

She cried out at the pain and tensed up. She was full of him,
stretched out completely. "Angel?" she whimpered.

He kissed her gently. "Ssshhhhh, baby. It's over." She wrapped
her arms around his neck holding him close. He was enveloped in her

"I love you, Buffy." He told her. Baring his soul to her.
Giving her time until she was starting to get used to his size in her.
She could feel the pain subsiding.

"I love you too. More than anything." She loved the feeling of
him inside her.

He slowly started to rock gently in and out of her tight
channel. "Oh, God. You're so hot… so tight..." His eyes were yellow as
he caught the smell of her virginal blood. He fought to hold back the
change. He didn't want to be a beast while making love to her…. Buffy
moaned as the pleasure returned, and the pain ended. She couldn't help
but run her nails down his back.

"Buffy," he groaned. He growled as he felt the nails on his
back. The pain stimulating him… the smell of blood increasing his lust.
Buffy watched his face every second. She was surprised at herself. She
realized that found the demon in him very erotic. .

Angel began to thrust harder and deeper into her. She moaned
and tried to thrust back up against him. He continued to pick up the pace:
longer stokes; thrusting harder against her. She slid her hands down his
back and buttocks. She held his buttocks tight and heard him moan deeply.

Buffy was whimpering softly at each thrust. He began to thrust
still harder. The thrusts were long and hard now.

Buffy titled her head to the side and nipped at his shoulder.
"Angel, please..." He continued to thrust harder and harder. He angled
himself so as to rub her clit with the base of his dick. She couldn't
believe the feelings in her. She met him thrust for thrust.

"Oh yes, baby. Give me it," Angel said in a growl. She didn't
know what he wanted but she wanted to give it to him anyway! Then Buffy
let out a scream and dug her nails into him as the orgasm hit her. She
thrust upwards harder as she came. She saw him transform over her and he
sank his fangs into her neck as she came. He joined her in orgasm as her
blood filled his mouth. She tipped her head back, surprised by the
pleasure she got from him drinking her. The bite causing her to come

Angel stopped sucking, but he couldn't pull himself away from
her neck. Buffy reached up and held the back of his head. He wrenched
himself away and licked her neck, purring as he did. Buffy groaned
softly. "I love that purr." She rubbed his jaw line with her small hand.

"I love you, Buffy," he whispered into her ear. "I only purr for

She kissed his head gently. "I love you too, Angel." Angel
pulled the blanket over them and they snuggled and fell asleep in each
other's arms.

Buffy opened her eyes. She had been asleep in Angel's arms. He
was holding her to him tightly. She watched him sleep for nearly an hour
before she rolled out of bed. It was late afternoon. She gathered her
weapons and smiled at him. She knew that if this didn't work, it may be
the last time she'd see him. She kissed him on the lips and smiled when
he smiled in his sleep.

Buffy searched most of Sunnydale, the cemetery and the woods and
everywhere she could think of. She couldn't seem to find the demon
anywhere. When night fell and she still hadn't spotted the demon, she
started walking to the library to get Giles' help.

"Buffy!" Giles exclaimed at seeing her walk through the double
doors of the library. He hadn't expected her.

"Hey Giles. I need your help."

"What can I do for you? Where is Angel?

"I left him sleeping in the apartment. I can't find the Demon
anywhere, I need to find the demon, Giles. Where would it go?"

"I don't mean to intrude, but..." he trailed off, not knowing
exactly how to put it. "Did you, ah.." he stuttered.

Buffy blushed. "Yes, Giles. I am no longer a virgin."

"Oh, I see. Well then the demon's lock on you is gone. He will
not be attracted to you anymore. And you may not find him." Giles was
upset… that meant Angel was in danger.

"I have to Giles. Angel is in danger," she said frantically. Then it
dawned on her. "Would it lock on Angel? He's in the apartment."
The demon must have gone after him while she was looking for it.

"Holy shit!" Giles muttered under his breath as he reached for
the phone. He hit the speed dial and listened as it rang on the other
end. No answer. He looked at Buffy with fear in his eyes.

"It's my fault. If he dies, it'll be all my fault," she said
with guilt in her voice.

"Let's not assume anything yet. Come on," he said as he grabbed
her arm.

"Yes, the apartment. It might be O.K. Drive me to his apartment,

They drove to the apartment in silence fear building in them.
When they reached there, the door was ajar. They ran in to find his
apartment trashed. Tears ran down Buffy's face as she looked around.
There were vampire ashes on the floor. "Oh, God Giles." In the ashes sat
his Claddagh ring and his necklace "It's my fault, Giles. I did this."

Giles looked around slowly. "My God, Buffy. I never thought..."

"I let it go straight for Angel. While I was stupid enough to
hunt it, it killed him… my Angel." She sank to the floor and cried in
sobs. "I did this to him, Giles," she kept repeating over and over.

Giles looked around frantically. He saw Angel's knife on the
floor. He smiled a little. "Buffy, we need to find this thing and kill
it before dawn."

"Giles?" She got up and picked up Angel's ring and necklace. She
put them both on. "Giles, get out. Please."

"Buffy, don't do anything foolish! Please!"

"I'm not doing anything foolish. I'm keeping a promise," she
said with a strange calmness in her voice.

"Buffy, please. I beg you. We need to kill this demon before
dawn. Promise me. For Angel, Buffy. Please do that much for Angel," he

Buffy looked up at him, then at Angel's ring. She nodded sadly.
Buffy and Giles drove to the cemetery. They found the demon
waiting for them. Buffy smiled at it. "Giles, go home."

The Demon stood his full seven feet and laughed. "Like my
little present, Slayer? Your vampire boyfriend's ashes," he said with an
evil grin.

"Not really. You're a lousy wrapper," she quipped. "Giles, go."

Giles hesitated for a second, then did as he was bid and left. He knew
he would just distract her form the battle.

"He put up a lousy fight, Slayer," the demon said to her.

Buffy looked straight at the demon. "I'm going to kill you." The
demon laughed at her cold voice.

"You can try."

"And for once, I'm going to enjoy every second of it." She got
into her fighting stance. "Shall we dance?"

"I liked killing your little blonde man. He was easier to kill
than the other one you hung with. He screamed, a lot! " the demon
drawled out. He started to circle her

Buffy froze. *Blonde man? Spike?* She looked at the demon and
laughed. It attacked her. "Where was the other one I hung around with?"
she asked as she sidestepped him and kicked him to the solar plexus.

"I don't care," it said as it attacked again. It kicked out and
tried to gut her with it's claws.

Buffy found herself caught off guard, but she kicked out and
knocked the demon back. She tried to scan the surroundings for Angel.
Suddenly, a pole with a Celtic cross came out of nowhere and slammed
into the chest of the demon. The demon screamed and exploded into dust.

Angel was standing there holding the pole in his hands. "What do
you know? It worked," he said with a sly grin.

Buffy pushed the hair out of her face and looked at him. She
began to smile, but brushed the tears away instead. "I thought you were
dead," she said softly.

Angel opened his arms and hugged her tight. "I'm so sorry, baby.
I would have told you what I had planned if you would have woken me up.
One of Spike's flunkies that I could control was the bait. I put my jewelry
on him and let the demon think it was me."

Buffy hit him. "You let me think you were dead."

"I knew he would go after you to gloat. I was going to tell you, but you
left. I couldn't find you."

"Oh, God Angel. I thought something inside me had died when I
saw your jewelry on the floor." Her voice was shaking and she was trying
hard not to cry.

"I had to get the lance to kill the demon," he explained.

Buffy looked at him with a smile. "I love you, Angel. Which
reminds me." She took off his jewelry and handed it to him.

"Come on. Let's go home." He put his arm around her and put his
jewelry back on. "I dunno, I think I like you wearing my ring. So, shall
we let Giles know your not going to kill him?"

"I liked wearing your ring. Made me feel like I was yours," she
smiled. "We probably should tell Giles though. He's probably left town

"Nah. Let him sweat," Angel laughed. They walked arm in arm back
to Angel's apartment.